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Arguments for Messengership – Part 39

The Reasonings (page 137)- continuation

How can we establish confidence in Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), as a man to have received the message from God and deliver it to us?  The author pinpoints the following sentence that we should look into as far as the relationship between Sharia and justice is concerned: “you will see that the Sharia, comprising the principles of that justice, has the capacity to meet all the needs of the future until the Last Day.”

How should we understand justice here?  For example, where is justice in the prohibition of not eating pork?  Let’s say it is not harmful, so then what is the reason in not eating pork?

How can I see justice here?

The author makes a distinction between the physical laws and the sharia laws. Physical law (order in the universe) is what we observe in the universe and (they do not change) they are established by the Creator of the universe.  If someone is convinced that the physical laws are established by a Creator and their principles can be discovered by people, then they can say that this is what the Creator willed the universe to be as i.e. this universe is the will of the Creator.

We can see justice in the principles of physical law.  Example: relationship between things are well-established.  Everything is given due to its life-span.  Everything is created to their lifestyle.  Just like food is digestible based on our make, similarly, the stomach of a goat and appetite for certain food is adjusted accordingly.  Everything perfectly complements each other.  Nothing is accidental at all.

As far as the physical world is concerned, everything has its mate.  We cannot say that female developed like this accidentally or by chance.  Not only human beings but all living creatures are created in pairs and they are perfectly matching each other in order to reproduce.  It is impossible for the mind to accept this idea of accidental development.

Human beings want to have a satisfaction explanation to what is going on here?  While the Creator is providing satisfactory answers, we need to know the explanation to what is going on in the universe.

How about the Creator’s verbal explanation, what is new in it? 

Example: I am eating a grape and I know it satiates my appetite and the verbal explanation says that “I provided you with sustenance.” And I say that “I do not need you to tell me this.”  Why do you tell me again that I need to eat grape to satisfy my appetite?

Verbal explanation always speaks about the side of the physical events which is not observable in the existence of the physical events, but there are signs in it and we do not know what the signs refer to.  That is why this text mentions somewhere: “Verbal explanation (revelation) is concerned with the belief side which is your existential questions and getting the answers.

“By mentioning that the grape is provided for you by Me, it is an invitation to think about the Source of Existence of the grape that you are eating”.  Is it really coming into existence by itself?  Question the Source of it and see what possible answers are.  It is a guidance saying that you cannot attribute the existence of the grape to anything but the Owner/Administrator of the whole universe (rabbu’l-‘aalameen) i.e. you cannot find any other rational explanation besides this.  It guides you to an Absolute Source not within the confinement of this universe.  That is why guidance in human form is needed, a person who vocalizes the answers in verbal form.

The revelation says: “O human beings, after you understand now that your Creator is the Wise One and knows what is best for you, express your conclusions to Me.”

  • “Express your conclusions to ME as expressing, putting into practice what your conclusion is within your own capacity”. That is called prayer.  This presentation is a conclusion of your investigation under the guidance of your belief in God.  If someone does not believe in God consciously, then they cannot perform “salat” (prayer) for instance, consciously.

Do you see “justice” when you present your conclusion to your Creator?

Yes.  Look at yourself as you are created, it is justice to the way you are created.  You need to express your conclusions so that your human feelings will be attached to the Absolute Being eternally.  My human qualities must first be connected to the Source of my Existence.  If I do not become aware of the capacity that I am given, then I am not utilizing my human qualities which needs satisfaction in terms of Eternal Existence which is only possible by attaching my being to Its Being and be in communication with It. This perfectly fits my human nature.  I need to attach my everything to It.

If I do not pray, then I do not have a conversation with my Absolute Creator, then it means that I am not having a conversation with my Creator.  If I do not remind myself of this and renew my understanding, then I am not doing justice to my human qualities because I am not fully satisfied.  Not praying is making injustice to your human capacity, you are not using your human capacity to connect your being to the Absolute Being and make your existence fully meaningful and trust this Absolute Being as far as your life conditions are concerned which is death and annihilation.  Only if you are continuously conscious of It, then death is not the end of life and your humanity is fully satisfied in its existence (mentally, physically, emotionally and intellectually).

Those people who do not pray are doing injustice to their human capacitySharia reminds us of our reality because we keep forgetting and get involved in worldly life.  We need to use our freewill to remind ourselves frequently that I do not belong to this world only.  My body belongs to this world, but my feelings, intellect and emotions belong to another world that must be not transient and I can trust that It can take care of my existence, just as how I am being taken care of now.  That is how worship and other form of prayers are justified.

  • My spirit belongs not to this world.

When you are left alone, you do injustice to your human qualities.  That is why guidance is needed so I do not do injustice to my human qualities.  From the Quran, I learn that I have to connect with God when sunrises, sets and when it is dark at night.  At the same time, I know that at every moment of the important demonstration of the qualities of the Creator, a new day is created.  Now, the sun is coming out and you are receiving the news that “I am going to give you another day and send you life today at My will”.  It is a moment of physical reminder and I have to take it and put it into my human condition, practice it and connect myself to the Creator and be in conversation with It: “Thank you for giving me another day.  My existence belongs to You.”

  • Sharia comes and establishes justice in our lives.

Why does Sharia say not to eat pork?

It could have been goat. Looking at the health benefits is the wisdom.  We are not looking into the wisdom side, rather the reason why God bothered to tell me that pork is prohibited?

To remind me that everything here is owned by my Creator and so I utilize my freewill to question everything: “Are you the prohibited one?”  And so, we use everything in the name of the Provider.  Otherwise, if everything was permissible, then we would not question the Source of Existence of anything.  Sharia is used to stir belief perspective.

When my Creator speaks to me, He knows my capacity of knowledge.  When He wants to teach me something, it is within my capacity to know It.  I may think that it is not possible, and I am blocking myself, although, it is within my capacity.  If you do not understand It, then you cheat yourself saying that God knows better.  As far as attempt to understand revelation is concerned, we cannot say that Allahu a’lam (God knows better), don’t refer to God saying that I have solved the problem, rather thinking such is running away from your reality.

Sharia teaches me how can I be in Paradise while suffering from worldly problems?

Justice is that all my feelings must be satisfied i.e. I must be fully satisfied with my existence.  When I refer my feelings to an Absolute Source, reminding me the Source of my Existence, then everything is seen as an opportunity presented to me to remember my reality.

It’s a way to remember that this forest (referring to the story narrated in the Qur’an about the creation of man, namely Adam) has an Owner and It provided you and I with this forest/universe.  Notion of enforcing prohibition– If prohibition is stopped, you approach all tree without remembering the Owner.

Quran teaches from belief perspective (‘illah), not wisdom perspective (wisdom) which is relative to us.  If there was no prohibition for anything, I will be eating like an animal.  One prohibition enables me to take care of everyone of my actions.  Is it prohibited by the Owner?

Everything is his property and He can dispose it as He wants.  “Do not approach this tree, it is doing justice to my reality.”  As I am, if I am not reminded, I can live like an animal because I am not looking for an Owner.  If I do not connect myself to my Creator every moment, I am alone here with no satisfaction from my existence.  My existence can only be satisfactory to me when I refer to an Absolute Source of my Existence.  That is the purpose of sharia to remind me who my Owner is, rather than doing things.

Think about it, why are some people left needy?  Do you think He cannot give food to this guy?  There must be a purpose as far as I am concerned.  What is the point?  Where is justice there?

  • Do justice to yourself to remember that your Owner is the absolute being.

Purpose of Sharia is providing justice to myself.  I have to practice what is given to me in order to practice justice within myself.  We learn Sharia in order to have the opportunity to fulfill my human capacity while I am living in this world.  Asking for wisdom is another subject, luxurious.  Essential side of any matter is related to belief.  If someone miss the belief aspect of their existence, then s/he cannot make sense of physical aspect of Sharia.

Wisdom is in Sharia but it is not the purpose of one’s existence.  We must first understand purpose.  My business is to act according to the purpose of the Sharia.  Referring me to that which is permanent is the purpose of Sharia.  Even if you think you understood the wisdom of the sharia, then that is not permanent.  For example,10 centuries ago, people’s wisdom will be restricted to their life conditions.   A permanent notion is the purpose of Sharia.  Any interpretation according to wisdom is time-space bound, then that is not a permanent guidance.

Choosing and acknowledging the Owner of the universe is the purpose of my existence i.e. by connecting my existence to an Absolute Being.  Wisdom is time boundPractical side of Sharia can only be applied according to one’s belief.  As far as you are sure of your belief, it will give value to your practical side of Sharia and that much you can apply belief.  The value of my practical Sharia depends on my belief capacity.  Practical Sharia must be referred to belief system.  If someone does not believe, s/he cannot refer to practical side of Sharia.

  • Rituals gain value according to one’s belief.

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