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Chapter Duha – Part 4

93:6 “Did He not find you an orphan and give you refuge?”

What is an orphan?

Mostly understood as in its literal sense i.e. someone who does not have a mother/father. Do we realize that a baby is an orphan in the hands of even her/his parents? They can treat the baby as they want; the baby has no protector against the abuse of its parents when they abuse the baby. How about a tree? Can we cut it any time we want, who can protect it from our misuse of it? Human beings can even insult the whole universe by accusing it being a meaningless, stupid being. Who can protect the universe from the insult of some people?

In this world everything can be an orphan in the treatment of the human misuse. Who is going to protect the innocent creatures against human assault, misuse them, abuse them, insult their rights? One may ask what are the rights of creatures? They are functioning is such a perfect way that they all bring meaningful benefit to human beings. This needs to be acknowledged by conscious humans; they should not be insulted by accusing them as if they are meaningless, stupid beings, wondering around idly with no purpose.

However, the Quranic definition of “orphan” is any created thing that is not appreciated and not assigned its Creator because they are created to convey the Absolute Qualities of their Creator to conscious human beings.

Do you feel that you are an “orphan”?

Yes, when I do not attribute my existence to an Absolute Eternal Source, then I feel that I am operating on my own as far as my existence is concerned.  In other words, I am roaming in this universe like an orphan when I live in a state of heedlessness.

Human beings want security in their existence.  Only when I recognize that I am being sustained here by something not of the nature of this universe, then I find security in my being because I know that I belong to an Absolute Source who is taking care of all my needs.

Do you feel that you are being sustained?

Every moment we are given a new opportunity to practice our reality i.e. what I am, a totally needy and dependent being.  I am in need of an All-Wise One to sustain me every step of the way.  As a matter of fact, every created being and thing in the universe needs to be sustained at every moment.  The universe itself in its entirety is totally dependent on an All-Wise One for sustenance.  That is what expressing rabbul ‘aalameen (the Sustainer of all the Worlds) means.  That is also renewing our shahada (contract) with the Source of our Existence when we express such: “I testify that nothing has the power to give existence and sustain anything here and I belong to You, O Creator of the world.”

  • My existence only makes sense to me when I connect it to an Eternal Source of Existence.

With this understanding and being in recognition of the Source of our existence, human beings can never feel lonely.  Although, we may want a friend/spouse to share our lives with but know that the physical relationship between the two is only confined to this universe where each one will end up separately in their own graves.  What the human spirit yearns for is an Eternal friend, a One that sustains you and knows all your needs and takes care of you accordingly.

  • So, can you really be self-sufficient in your existence?

Also, we may think that we are self-sufficient when we choose options.  Note that these options are provided by the Creator of the universe and we are free to choose any path among the given options.  Verses such as “He has set you free to choose” means that we are free to choose among the available options presented to us.  These options are all within the order of the universe.  That is, if you choose yourself to disconnect from the Source of your Existence, then that option is within the order of the universe.  “We can only pick among what the Creator wills” also falls under such understanding.

There are various means to transferring answers to your existential questions which is within the order of creation:

  1. Through creation all around you which lets you know that we are all made.
  2. Through your own consciousness which knows the truth.

Finally, when you do feel an orphan and seek for help expressing your situation, then help is provided in the form of guidance and you get to know that the only way to attain Eternal Happiness is to attach your existence to an Eternal Absolute Source.

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