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Chapter Duha – Part 5

93:11 “So do not oppress the orphan,”

What is the fundamental right of every created thing?

-They have the right to exist.

As far as conscious beings are concerned, they must work on attributing everything to the Source of its Existence.  Failure to do so is similar to oppressing creatures which then becomes orphan i.e. without any reference to their Source of Existence.

93:12 “Nor repulse the petitioner.” 

If someone comes to you asking for the meaning of existence, then you should help him/her.  You can only help as much as you yourself are aware of the reality of existence.  If you are not secure in your existence, then you just pass down “imitative” religion which you are not convinced with as well.  Hence, do not bother and try to help yourself first.

 93:13 “And talk about the blessings of your Lord.” 

How many of us get lost in the object itself while having conversations?  Rather than acknowledging the Owner of the universe for all the wonderful food and bounties, we end up thanking people and things themselves.  What a dreadful situation?!  Everything that we experience here is coming not from anything of this universe, hence coming from a Source which is Absolute.

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