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Chapter Najm – Part 10

How can I benefit from revelation?  

  • How should I understand this universe?  
  • What are my responsibilities?
  • Do I feel any responsibility towards my existence?
  • Why am I here in this universe and what should I do?

I utilize my freewill for either:

  1. I just happened to be as I am, I do not need to know where I came from.  I have no time to consider where I am going.  When a person dies, he must feel nothing and so will I.  
  2. What is the meaning to my existence?

The human being consists of (more or less briefly):

  • Material side: Human body.
  • Feelings/Emotions: Consciousness/Wondering/Angry/Happy
  • Capacity: Intelligence/Human senses

However, matter is subject to change, feelings/emotions come and go, capacity may increase/decrease, but the nature of the human soul never changes.  There are two contradictory things here i.e. body changes in time (ages) but feelings don’t.  An elderly person can see his/her earth getting narrower i.e. taste and all other human abilities are degrading but the feeling/desire to taste is there.  Desire for anything is there but the ability is shrinking down.  Very realistic description of life!

Most people do not submit to the Creator because they do not want to face being taken into account.  They want to deny the Source of their existence as asking: how did you use my creation, as a gift or lost property?  Have you ever thought who was the agent behind everything you enjoyed?  Were you grateful?  Were you pondering over whether it has an Owner?   Don’t you see that whatever you need is prepared, and it needs a planner?  Neglecting ownership over existence is denying your reality.  

  • Since you don’t want to face being taken into account, you deny the Creator.

53: 27 “Those who deny the life to come give the angels female names.”
53: 28 “Since they have no knowledge to base this on: they merely follow guesswork.  Guesswork is of no value against the truth.”

Quranic understanding of Angels: “Everything glorifies God and is represented by Angels.”

This means that every single thing is willed by God to exist and is executed by Angels i.e. the transmitters/transformers of Absolute qualities of the Creator into a limited form of existence within this universe.

    • Everything is the will of the Creator and is carried out through the angels.  When God wills, It says: “Be and it is” and angels execute it.  
  • When we come to the universe, we see angels in the form of created things/beings in a limited form of existence in this universe.

Every created being has all the manifestations of God’s names i.e. Creator’s qualities.  It is amazing to see the universe as represented by angels rather than unconscious matter.  In other words, the meaning/qualities of matter is represented by angels.

Those people who do not believe in the life to come/hereafter (akhirah in Arabic) deny the Creator.  What is akhirah?  

  • The consequence of my life within the conditions of this universe.  
  • The consequence of how I feel about my existence HERE and NOW as an end result of my interactions with the universe.  

The universe is out there in order to teach me the qualities manifested in it which introduces me to the qualities of its Originator/Creator/God/Allah.  This is God whose qualities we are experiencing in the universe i.e. manifestations/reflections of the qualities of God.  Example: Reading this sentence is a manifestation of the qualities of the one who wrote this sentence.  These letters are what I see but it carries the meaning that the author of this sentence wants to convey to me.  Although I do not see the author, I can see the manifestations of Its knowledge represented in a material form on a piece of paper.  Similarly, the universe conveys the knowledge of the Creator of the universe.

  • Belief in angels is directly related to one’s belief in the Creator.
  • Belief in the Creator is directly related to one’s thinking about the consequence of his/her life (akhira).
  • Can I really think that I will not be taken into account for everything that is provided here?

Can you understand now how we see the universe, how we see the Origin of the universe and how we see the consequence of our life and accordingly we either submit our existence to our Creator or we don’t.  

    • To believe in God or not is not a simple matter.  
    • Universe is the result of the execution of angels.  
  • Basis of my belief is—why do I believe in what I believe in?

Some people do not want to see the link between the Will of the Creator and what is created because they take the universe’s creation for granted.  They say: “the universe exists by itself; I do not need to assign anything to it”.  They don’t try to see the meaning in the existence of things, get a perception of what angels are and they do not want to question what  all these things/creations mean for me.  They just say things are natural as they are.  They do not believe that things exist other than its material aspect.  They don’t believe that all parts of the universe in its existence has some meaning, they say it is just a haphazard happening.  They say the universe looks wonderful but meaningless.  If something is meaningless, it may look wonderful but good for nothing.  Just like a machine that looks sophisticated but has no essential value for me and I just use it for the sake of using it.  I benefit from it as much as I can but never think of the result of my life- What am I doing in this world?  What is the purpose of my existence?  Do I exist accidentally like this?  Am I the result of accidents?  Every feeling, emotion, intellect, wonderment, consciousness, reasoning, questioning abilities and all these qualities become pointless.  Am I just the result of matter?  Can matter be the Source of my Existence?  Does matter have these kinds of qualities as to give me existence?  

These people, which is really an attitude, disassociate creation from angels and mock about it, not serious thinking people.  Do I see the link between not believing in the hereafter is not believing in the universe must have a Creator?  

  • Not wanting to admit that there will be a consequence of my life results in denying the Creator.  

Denying the Creator results in taunting/mocking about existence of angels.  In other words, the following is at play:

  1. Not believing that the universe must be the result of a Conscious Will, therefore no Creator.
  2. Not believing the consequence of my life because I happen to be accidentally existing in the universe and accidentally disappearing from the universe.
  3. The universe has no meaning and purpose.
  4. Angels are nothing but mockery for me (Female angels belong to God)

Quran speaks to me right now and I must understand it now.  This is the reality of human attitude, not wanting to submit their existence to its Source.

God is represented as male in most cultures and we cannot describe God as a gender or created being attribute.  Naming God with female names is a mockery towards existing monotheistic religions.  They hear concepts of angels from those who believe in God and as a result, say that God needs females to entertain them.  Since they themselves prefer male personality, they leave what they do not prefer to God.  They do not really understand what the Creator is.  You cannot compare the Creator of the universe with any part of the universe (male/female).  

  • Making a discussion on equal terms such as God loves this, and I love this with the Creator of the universe means they do not have a right understanding of God.  

If the existence of the universe has no purpose, then why do you bother to oppose those people who believe in God then?  There is a confusion for the unbelieving attitude.  Rather than thinking, they mock about existing religious traditions.  They make excuses and justify their denial.  This is not a serious attitude about existence!

Think about it- the order is precisely established hereIs wind which you calculate blows accidentally?  It is blowing and given existence within an order and so, the order requires a conscious arrangement.  If there is no conscious arrangement, then there will be no order and there will be chaos.  Human logic says: “Even when I look at a simple well-arranged home furniture which is well ordered, I inescapably ask: who arranges this furniture?  It is human and I cannot attribute a well-arranged furniture to accidents.  Even if I say that conscious people put it deliberately and there is a human choice there.”  True, however, in the universe, in its existence and set up, I cannot see any human choice.  Everything is coming into existence and subject to change within perfect order.  Change is taking place in perfect order.  Existence is taking place in perfect order.  I cannot deny the order.  

No one can deny the order.  Even scientists say that they are doing research.  But how?  By finding how the order works.  Can they make a machine on accidents/chaos?  Can the machine work in a chaotic way without following the order?  Unacceptable contradiction!  We study order and make order and yet when it comes to explaining the universe, they say that the universe came out of chaos.  Show me an atom that is acting accidentally, rather than subject to an order!  

  • I may not be able to measure something now, that does not prove that it is happening accidentally.  

To get into micro-level, I may use approximate measures, but it does not mean that there is no order there.  My knowledge is short there to get precision and this ignorance cannot be used to claim that the universe is accidental.  Now, it is proved that the universe is within a perfect order.  

We never can prove accidents– if you say that the universe happens by itself, then prove it that the universe can come into existence by itself and has the quality to give existence to itself.  Universe must have been created from One Single Entity; the Quran says that.  Deliberately arranged atoms with energy, sequence of act of creation is what I see.  This does not mean that the atom must have happened by itself.  This is nothing but a guesswork, a surmise.

Guesswork has no value against Truth.  What is Truth?  

  • That, which is out there in the universe.  That is the Truth for me now.  Here is the universe, evidence in front of my eyes, go and investigate and see if you can say that the universe is self-sufficient or created by itself and doesn’t need a Creator?  Show me in real terms and I will agree with you!  

This is a common claim carrying confusion in innocent minds- they say show me that God creates the universe.  There is a logical discordance here.  The universe is given existence is what I see.  Can the universe come into existence by itself?  

Example:  Can the cells of a rabbit be the Creator of the rabbit?  Can the cells happen to be adjusting by themselves in billions of years and same for other species?  Can a perfect arranged rabbit be the result of accidents?  Is there anything in the cells of the rabbit happening accidentally?  Can the constituent parts of the cells give existence to the rabbit?  Show me any quality in the part which can give existence to itself or sustains itself?  Is there any will within the particle or is the particle subject to the order of the universe?  Does the particle exist there randomly as it is given existence?  If the rabbit can be the Source of its own existence then demonstrate the quality of creating, arranging, changing and choosing within the rabbit or anywhere in the universe.  No one can make the claim that God created the rabbit, it’s illogical.  

  • We can only say that the rabbit cannot be given existence by its component elements.  
  • The rabbit, in and of itself, has no power to choose and arrange the particles.  
  • Rabbit and its constituent parts are in need to be given existence and need to be arranged by a Conscious Will.  
  • The particles have no power and it’s just matter existing within the order of the universe.  There must be an external agent giving existence to the order of the universe.  

Like the rabbit, all creation needs to be given existence because they cannot be the Source of their own existence.  The whole universe in its entirety needs to be given existence by something which is not the same nature as the universe.  I cannot get out of the universe and show you God because my conclusion is that the universe needs a Creator with all its elements.  The universe needs to be created and so must have a Creator, God.  I cannot show it in the universe as it is the Creator of the universe.  The Creator is my logical conclusion as a result of observing the universe and saying: “There must be such a being.”  That is my explanation of the universe.  You cannot ask me to show God creating the universe, but I can show that the universe is being created.

Example: when you read a sentence, the paper/ink/signs refers to “earth” or creation based.  The meaning side is not material and refers to “heavens”.  Angel represents the meaning side of matter.

When Quran uses God is the creation of the heavens and earth (khalaqa samawaat-e-walard in Arabic), it refers to:

  1. the physical heavens and earth i.e. what I see in the material side.  
  2. it also refers to what I conclude as a logical conclusion about the meaning of material existence.  

These 2 are the acts of the Creator of the universe.  Quran has meaning within meaning because it is coming from Absolute Infinite Knowledge.  The language of the Quran is flexible in terms of which aspect I look into, earth or heaven.

“Heavens” (samaa Arabic) = meaning side of the universe or existence, roof but not material side, result

Two types of reminder in the Quran

  1. Guiding Speech of my Creator. 
  2. Meaning in the existence of the universe.

“They turn their back to our reminders” means that they  don’t see the meaning existing.  Example: I love mangoes, why is this fruit tasty?  Who is presenting the food out there?  Think about it- it’s a reminder for you!


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