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Who are You?!

I do not know who I am. 

The first stage of my life I thought I knew me.  I was so full of it.  How dare you talk to me?!  Do you even know who I am?!  I am the queen of my own world.

The next stage of my life I am struggling to get to know who I am.  I am disappointed to know that I am not what I thought I am.  Here, the only one I know is my egoistic self, and now I am deceived by it.  It makes me a weightless fluff. 

At this stage, I am struggling with death.  I know that I am mortal and that I am bound to die anytime tomorrow.  I am aging with each passing day and night.  I want to hold on to life, but it bids farewell with the blink of an eye.  What am I to capture here? 

Now, I have this need of discovering the real me by dusting off the fluff.  What am I really in my essence, beyond my muddy side? How can I unravel that clear side?  Keep dusting off the mirror to get some shining rays as that would be the only way to discover what am I in this desperate situation? 

So, what am I then?  A beam of light reflected in a mirror, nothing more, nothing less.  Where is light coming from?  Can anything of this universe be the Source of Existence of that light?  Now, that is left for you to figure out.  

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