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Arguments for Resurrection – Part 2

The Seedbed of Light, The Third Treatise

Arguments for the Resurrection (page 53)

“Has secret Perfections demanding to be manifested to those who fully appreciate them”.

Recap: Belief in resurrection is not based on belief in God, but belief in God is the first stage to establish the belief in resurrection. Without realizing or being convinced that the universe must have an Absolute Creator (first stage of belief), no one can believe in resurrection. The second stage of belief is that this Absolute Creator speaks to human being and so It employs some vehicles (i.e. messengers) to convey the news about Its existence and the reality of this life on earth. The news should be within one’s human capacity. That is, if it’s something one cannot observe, experience and be convinced about, then one will still keep their doubts about reality. You must be convinced i.e. the news must be experiential within your capacity and condition. The more you develop your capacity, the better you are able to experience the news.

Messengers need to be employed among human beings. From one aspect, the role of a messenger as a human being is important and from the other aspect, everything is a messenger. Example: tree is a messenger conveying the news about the Nourisher. Galaxy is a messenger conveying message to us that its Creator is the All-Powerful One. These messages which speak to human beings must also be sent through a human being and in the form of speech that the human beings can understand. This person who conveys the speech form of the message is a messenger. It should not surprise us at all.

How can I know that this person is the messenger?

Just look at the message. That is, if the message is consistent with your human capacity, heed to it. Messengers just bring the message, they are not philosophers. Their message is plain and simple: “Our Creator told me to look at the universe and I will understand that the Creator of the universe is powerful and its wisdom manifested in the universe requires something. That is, appreciate the qualities manifested in the universe”. We are created with the quality to “appreciate” the qualities manifested in the universe. All the things that attract our attentions is to be appreciated by us. We understand that the qualities of the Creator manifested in the universe are communicating with us.

How can I understand that Eternity is going to be accomplished?

Everything is perfect in the universe as far as the expectations of our material side is concerned. Example: stomach needs food and its provided, brain needs to extract meaning and its provided, lungs need oxygen and its provided, eyes need light and its provided. Everything is fully matching and accomplished except one thing. What is it? Eternity, the missing dimension in this physical universe. Within the conditions of this universe as it is eternity cannot be accomplished but when you look at the universe, you understand that the universe is demonstrating or witnessing that Whoever is giving existence to this universe can accomplish it. How so? Just the mere fact that you desire Eternal everything is evidence that the One that gives you this desire must fulfill it. Otherwise, why would It give it to you. It defeats the whole purpose of our being here experiencing transience moment after moment and thus desiring Eternity of everything. The universe says that It can do it. The messenger also verbally declares that It will fulfill its promise of giving Eternity. Since It made you with the capacity/desire to seek Eternity but Its not providing it here in this universe, then it means something. We call it “promise”. That is, It must fulfill Its promise. This promise we experience within ourselves aligns with the news we receive from the messenger. We say this message makes sense because most of the things within the capacity of the universe are provided consciously, wisely and deliberately for me. The Creator of the universe gave me so much capacity and it needs to be developed. As we develop it, we become aware of the promise more and more. Every individual experiences the conviction of the fulfillment of this promise within his/her own existence.

Resurrection has to do with the material side of our being i.e. body. What make us human being is our spirit (human side) first and foremost and then our body. That is, the spirit cannot function without the body. As our human capacity is being provided with the tools in a form that operates within this kind of creation, when we die, the body gets resurrected and so it must be given new tools appropriate to the conditions of the new place. The body is subject to the past and the future only. On the other hand, the spirit experiences existence i.e. here and now moment which is connected to the Eternal existence. Therefore, try to be grateful to the Owner of the moment.

Also, not having any conviction about resurrection is an accusation towards the capacity of the spirit , which in turn is an insult towards the Creator of the spirit. How can you suddenly stop trusting the One that has been giving you existence for a certain number of years only while It has created you with a capacity to desire the eternity of everything that we enjoy in this world? Do not let a few unmet desires ruin your sense of gratefulness towards the Owner. Watch out!!

How do I know that I am not body only?

When someone physically kicks you, you feel pain. When someone verbally assaults you, you feel hurt. How so? It means that we are spirit beings with an Owner communicating with us through the physical universe and the body. Example: if you lose your eye sight, the desire to see is always with you. The tools that we are given by the Owner deteriorate but the desire of experiencing the qualities with them remains with us eternally. We all desire to get satisfaction in everything we do. But the nature of the universe is such that it cannot give anyone permanent satisfaction. Through our feelings and desires, we search for the One that can give permanent satisfaction. It can only be the One that gives existence to the whole universe.

What does the author refers to by “secrets”? Since everything conveys a message, it is as if the universe manifests secrets that we need to decipher. Just as when we read a book, we get the meaning from what we read. This is the “secret” of the book. This secret has no material existence, but we experience that it exists. Similarly, the universe conveys to us meaning that reveals secrets about its Creator.

  • “Has peerless Beauty and incomparable subtlety of Benevolence that require being watched by others in “mirrors”, which, in turn, requires the permanent existence of those who will gaze on them with yearning, wonder, and appreciation-permanent beauty and grace are not content with impermanent lovers”.

Our human qualities are endless and the qualities manifested in creation are endless as well. This universe is like a mirror where the qualities of its Creator are manifested. Since the mirror reflects endless qualities, it is obvious to conclude that the qualities exist. Since nothing here gives existence to the qualities, we conclude that there must be a Source that gives existence to the qualities.

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