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Arguments for Resurrection – Part 3

The Seedbed of Light, The Third Treatise

Arguments for the Resurrection- (page 53)

“God has so much Compassion that He helps all in need, answers all who petition Him, and fulfills His creatures’ needs, no matter how insignificant. Given this, He will gratify His favorite’s need, especially if it is the need of all and easy to meet.” 

Who are the favorites?

-Human beings are the favorites. We are given freewill and consciousness as compared to other animate beings such as animals and plants.

For the One that gives existence to the universe, it is easy for It to bring into existence everything. For the one that is given existence, it is impossible to bring anything into existence.

We are given endless desires and we cannot guarantee their fulfillment at all: When I want something, I just follow the order in creation. Following the order in creation to get something is an easy task for me. But every step of the way, I need to be mindful that the result is not created by me. I just ask/beg for the result to be created. My expectations are that the desired result should be created.

  • Scenario A: If the desired result is created, then I need to be mindful that it is given to me. I just asked by following the order in creation for it to be created. The order is set for the conscious beings to show them how to ask the Creator to create the desired results.
  • Scenario B: If the desired result is not created for me and since that is contradictory to my expectations, then I need to be mindful of the fact that I do not create anything.

Both scenarios above are answers from the One that creates. That is, the result not being created when desiring something is an answer as well. It is important for us to make the distinction between our position as the created one in this universe and the position of the one that creates.

1. Define yourself: Who am I?

  • A created being with endless desires: I want everything perfect. I want to be healthy, happy and not go into annihilation.

2. What is the purpose of my being in this world in a contradictory desperate situation? That is, someone gave me and my desires existence yet without the ability for me to create anything.

  • In my existence and the existence of the universe, is there anything contradictory?
  • From creation, it seems that the Creator of the universe is wise. So why would It give me endless desires that I myself cannot fulfill?
  • The answer: To make me realize my position in this universe: I do not create anything.

If I do not create anything, then I have a Creator. So, as long as I am in need of something, that is good because it prompts me to keep in check with my reality. That is, I have an Owner. Then, my duty is only to acknowledge this reality. We are here to discover this reality i.e. Who I am and who my Owner is. We usually miss this point and when we get that something, we say I did it instead of acknowledging: “I obeyed the rule of the Creator in the order of the universe.” If there is no acknowledgment of who I am and who my Owner is then we become arrogant.

“It may happen that you hate a thing which is good for you, and it may happen that you love a thing which is bad for you. God knows, you know not.” Baqara (2): 216.

Everyone’s means of education here is different. You may see that some people get that something easily but you did not. You did not get what you desired because your Creator knows you better than yourself. That is why we say that there is wisdom when our expectations are not met. Your Creator knows exactly how you will learn. So by not giving you that something, It puts you in a training to learn your reality. But you desire to learn your reality by getting that something like everybody else. Again, your Creator knows, you know not.

“Man prays for evil as he prays for good; for man is ever hasty.” Isra (17):11

How can I pray for evil? What would be an example of that?

If I am looking to get something, I can only get it by following the order in creation. When I get it, it can be evil for me if I do not learn my reality from it which is I just obeyed the order in the universe. When I do not learn my reality, then that something harms me.

Man is ever hasty means that when we condition ourselves to want something, we tend to impose ourselves on the One that creates. I am following the order and I am expecting it to create it for me. It is absolutely right to acknowledge that only It creates, but by following the order I should be aware that I am not imposing my desire on It. I am only entreating It to create the expected result for me. It may not happen right away as I desire it to happen. Example: if you have a cold, you know that it cannot go right away. It will take a couple of days after you get ample rest for the cold to go away. It would be unrealistic to desire for the cold to disappear right away.

How can one see Compassion in something that they desire and it is not given to them?

  • Compassion lies in realizing that not getting that something is an opportunity for you to get to know your reality and the reality of the One that creates.
  • Question: who made me in need of desiring that something?
  • Relate your needs to the One that creates you.
  • It made me in need of desiring things.

The purpose of the teacher is to teach you what you are missing. Expressing your need is expected from you (i.e. petition) but being mindful of your reality is your ultimate duty.

An extended reflection:

First Point– Doesn’t our materialistic needs make us realize our human needs?  Example: you are waiting for the bus and there is no traffic and you are in need for the bus to come right away.  How come the One that brings the order of the universe not bringing the bus right then?  I am asking for help, I am in a desperate situation.  Where is compassion here? Compassion lies for me to realize my reality. I do not create the moment that the bus arrives, which makes me realize that I do not create any moment that is given existence.  I am in need to breathe and I am given air.  I am thirsty and water is available.  Example: The day there is no water coming from the tap, I question the need for getting water and water being created.  That is how our materialistic needs make us realize our human needs.

Second Point– Should we even categorize human needs and physical needs?  If so, what are physical needs and what are human needs?

  • Physical needs: being financially secure, getting married, getting a job/house/degree.
  • Human needs: want to exist forever, want to be happy and healthy forever.

Third Point- Part of getting to know our reality is to know that our needs are given.  We are not producing them.  We need to be careful if these needs are from our given nature or from the fantasies that imposed on us by artificial sources. An example would be materialistic needs such as desiring to own an apartment with a roof top in the heart of Manhattan.  Or beautifying yourself as portrayed on the cover of Fashion Magazines Or the desire of getting that sports car.

What needs should we cross out from our list? We are created with all of these physical and human needs. We only need to question whether they are the needs that we are created with or artificial ones. The needs have two aspects, one physical and the other non-physical (meaning); I should keep the need to get to the non-material side of it.  Now, it seems as if the needs get introduced to us as a material need but then with the right reasoning, it can get transformed to a human need which points to the meaning of things.

Also, in the bus example above it is unrealistic desiring for the bus to arrive right away when you expect it; similar to wanting your runny nose to stop right away. These are needs given but unrealistic. How can runny nose stop right away unless there is a way to stop it right away within the order of the universe? We cannot expect anything to be created if it is not within the order of the creation of the universe.

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