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A Staff of Moses

Fasting is a staff of Moses. Once it touches, it undoes all the magic, swallows up all sorcery.

You thought bread sustains you, turns out that it does not. With fasting, you see how the food bites all fall helpless. You thought water deceived you. Now you see, it cannot; it cannot even reach out to your lips. You saw the reality of things through fasting. Water gave up its apparent claims to be your quencher. You thought friends could take care of your hunger and thirst; they are also helpless now. Whatever they do, however much they try, they cannot help you out now. “No one can help anyone, except with His permission.”[Sura Bakara] Friends, parents, children—all their hands are tied up.

And, you thought you deserved things when you purchased them. It turns out that it is not the case at all. Fasting showed you that what you have is not yours. You realize you were not the owner of what is in your hand, and what is stacked up in your fridge. All is a bounty revealed onto you with His permission. And, you have assumed that your lips are yours, your tongue is yours, your throat is yours and your hands are yours. Now, see how all the magic disappeared when fasting touched it like a staff of Moses! Even a drop of water cannot touch your lips without His permission. You see now that you are not yours…Moses let down his staff and all the sorcery ended.
Did you now see the truth? Enjoy the new vision of your fasting eyes!

Senai Demirci
(translated by Isra Yazicioglu)


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