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Be as much as You Intend, Not as much as You Look

Ramadan is a time that transforms spaces. During Ramadan, every place is imbued with holiness. All towns become sacred. Each city becomes Mecca. Our homes are transformed into Medinas. Each face reminds of Kaba. And, all eyes host the tension between yearning and meeting.

In Ramadan, one lives according to his intention. Fasting is intention embodied. No one can actually witness your fasting since your intention is invisible. In Ramadan, one is measured with his intension, not with his apparent actions. Thus, Ramadan prioritizes intention over appearance. It welcomes intending, postpones being seen. This state of being is a peace that human spirit longs for, and a serenity that human heart searches out for.

Hence, leave behind all abodes where you are measured according to your appearance… Hence, move away from the shadows of the eyes that are blind to your intentions…

Senai Demirci
(translated by Isra Yazicioglu)


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