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From the Hassle of Obtaining to the Serenity of Witnessing

You withdrew your claims. You gave up ownership. You turned away from possessions, from things. You are about to learn how not to run after things to appropriate them. You declined on getting full. You started your day with the courage to say “no, thanks.” You said to water, bread and flesh: “I can do without you!” You turned away from the things. A transparent curtain descended between you and the things. Your appetite is gone. Your desires melted away. You do not run after bread and water anymore.

And you watch the ones who do not fast. Perhaps with sadness. You see how people are running after things which you do not bother with anymore. You just watch. You are not part of the game any more. You have left the arena long ago. In fact, you are not sad. You are happy. You are not jealous of those in the game. You are actually sorry that people can get caught up so much in running after things.

You smile. You are happy that you voluntarily gave up running after things helplessly. You are glad that you are out of the game. You are content. You do not long for what others hunger for. You are able to say, “I can do without it” about things that people are consumed after and give into. You say: “All I care about is my Sustainer’s pleasure. I shall wait with dignity till He gives permission. I exist because of His permission and will!”

Now you realize that the aim of life is not to own things, it is to witness how the things point to the One. You gave up the hassle of “let me own it!” You are a witness of the world. In fasting you experience a unique, unmatched, dignified and honored satiety!

Bon Appétit!

By Senai Demirci
(translated by Isra Yazicioglu)


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