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Practices in Reading the Quran Here and Now: Chapter Qalam (Pen) – Part 10

Recap: “What is the matter with you, how do you judge?” Pen (68):36

Do you really think that the one who uses his/her human qualities to strive to get to know the Source of his/her existence be treated equally than the one who does not? Think about this matter seriously! How are you interpreting this matter? Wake up!

“Or do you have a book which you study.” Pen (68):37

Contrary to popular understanding, the Quran does not teach anyone religion. It teaches the conscious one how to train them to utilize their human qualities to get to know the Source of their existence.

When someone attacks your ideology, what do you do? Here’s what the Prophetic message teaches us. Instead of defending yourself (i.e. sign of insecurity within yourself), assess why your ideology is being attacked. If you still agree with your ideology, look for a solution to help people find true guidance. Only when someone attacks you physically is when you should protect yourself. It is said that is the reason why the Prophet took refuge in a Mount and then migrated to another city after 13 years or so of revelation i.e. when he was physically attacked by the Meccans.

The early chapters of the Quran are to help people understand their humanness i.e. they are created and so they must have a Creator. This creation is transient, life is given to us to get the know the Creator by using our human qualities. The rest of the chapters helps one be on the path to becoming a believer.

“And in which you find all that you may wish to find.” Pen (68):38

Is there anything in this universe that can satisfy us eternally? No. We live in a materialistic world and practice our culture under the name of religion. Religion comes as a result of one’s own investigation and questioning that leads to a personal conclusion i.e. belief. When we interact with the universe, we interact with the physical aspect of it and non-physical aspect of it. Since matter is transient but its non-physical aspect (i.e. the message they carry to conscious human beings about the qualities of their Creator) points to its Creator, in the non-physical aspect of matter we get meaning which can help us find what we wish for. What human beings wish for is to seek Eternal happiness. However, one cannot find Eternal happiness from the object itself but only from the Creator of the object/event can one find Eternal Happiness.

Finally, the scriptures need to be read for its own purpose which is to help human beings get trained in connecting or finding the purpose of their existence. Here are some questions to ponder on:

  • What is the purpose of my existence?
  • Why am I experiencing a need to seek Eternal Happiness?
  • Who am I?

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