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Pillars of Belief – Part 2

The Seedbed of Light, The Third Treatise

The Necessity of Resurrection (page 48)

“If people awaken from their ignorance and analyze their unbelief according to true scientific knowledge, they must acknowledge that they have attributed functions and missions to one minute particle that it cannot fulfill. For example, they will have to admit that each atom contains millions of machines and can produce all subtleties of art found in all creatures. Each air particle can enter all plants and flowers, trees and fruits, and work therein. If it is said that these particles do not work in the name of One in Whose Hand is the kingdom of all things, then each particle must have full knowledge of whatever it enters.

Consider a fruit. It is a miniature of the whole tree, and its seed is like the page upon which the tree’s life history is inscribed. Also, it is connected with all members of its species as well as the whole Earth. Therefore, by virtue of the greatness of its art and meaning, the art of one fruit is as great as that of Earth. Thus, the One who creates a fruit with all its art and meaning can create and govern Earth.”

Is it possible to be free of dogmatism? If someone dogmatically follows an atheistic ideology or a religion, then in his practical life he is bound to take existence for granted.  In other words, s/he ultimately attributes existence of objects/events to itself, even though a dogmatic believer’s tongue may say otherwise.

We have to be free thinkers, only then can we see that things are being created. Otherwise we block the possibility that there may be a Creator because we are busy with attributing Divine qualities (qualities to give existence to itself or to another thing) to the universe. That is, we would not get to the point of asking the Source of existence of anything.

Domino effect: Domino 3 is moved by Domino 2 and so on.

Questions to ask:

  • What is the source of existence of Domino?
  • How do you explain the existence of the action of the domino?

Notion to think about:

  • If the action that you are observing is not attributed to an Absolute Creator, then it must be regarded as the creator of itself. If something is the creator it must be Absolute, i.e. it must be all over. That is unity of the Creator, God. Otherwise, if you find anything in this universe possessing the power to create it means it is attributed a Divine Power, then that is “shirk” or not being aware of what Divine unity really is.

As long as one attributes existence of anything to something outside the universe, then there is no room to get into an infinite recession. Example: tree and seed.  Question the quality of the seed. See the qualities of the tree and think what qualities are needed to be the creator of the tree. Can the seed be the producer of the tree, or the seed as well as the tree are created together by the One Who creates the whole universe within an order?

Who created the Creator? By definition, the Creator cannot be part of the universe because It is the Creator of the universe. The Creator of the universe cannot be defined with any word which is used to define the things in the universe. Thus, you cannot define the Creator with any vocabulary used for any part of this universe. We cannot describe anything out of the universe because our capacity is only working to describe within: “There must be a Creator because in the universe I cannot see anything which has capacity to give existence to anything”. We cannot describe the Creator but we can conclude about the necessary existence of the Creator and certain qualities i.e. whoever is the cause of existence of action or qualities must have an absolute Power. Then it must have a quality of Knowledge, Will, Beautifying etc.

  • Existence of a quality is not a description of the Creator.
  • Example: Akbar (Great)=not kind of this universe.

What we call “Natural Law” is choice of Maker. We learn/use laws according to our experiences of the universe. Everything in the universe is for us so that we may learn how to ask the Creator to create for us what we choose.

Aabd (Worshipper) = following order: “ it’s Your principle, I am applying. Please create it for me”= beggar.

How should one avoid “shirk” i.e. associating partners with God? By being aware that even the simplest things in the world are created. Gravity, actions and movements of things need to be created. We have to conclude that everything is a miracle. What is your evidence? Can anyone show one particle as source of existence of another particle?

  • Miracle=cannot be attributed to anything in the universe.
  • In the universe, there is no static repetition of events. Everything is a miracle.

Practicelearn-when you question, you learn.

Our observations are relative to our expectations. One cannot say that existence of an object/event in and of itself is bad. There is a distinction between one’s relationship with the objects and one’s conclusion about the existence of that object.

Well, when you label something bad, this labeling is according to my human expectations, not according to the existence of that thing. Example: you know that a python is dangerous and you have to keep away from it. It is bad for you according to your expectations. However, your interaction with it in any ways (i.e. dislike) allows you to practice your freewill.

We are in need of our freewill i.e. we need choice to go this way or that way. We get to know the Creator through the manifestations of the qualities we experience in the universe. The qualities are in existence. However, there are differences in perspectives which do not mean that the qualities do not exist. Example: At any moment, you may feel an object is ugly or beautiful. Everything in existence is necessary. While you may perceive the python to be ugly, another person may perceive it to be beautiful. Your preference towards the object is a different matter but you cannot say that existence of something is bad.

  • Existence of the qualities of any object/event needs to be questioned otherwise how you would know it exists.
  • When you get to know that this python needs to be given existence by Something necessarily not of the nature of this universe, you then will be inclined to say that it is a perfect witness/sign to the qualities of the Creator that you can see.
  • Can you define beauty quality in the python by attributing its beauty to anything in the universe?

When you see objects/events from an existential point of view, you may not like it but you appreciate their existence. That is the difference between a believer’s attitude towards creation and a non-believer’s attitude to creation (which is according to one’s own benefit i.e. in fact subjective view). Existence of anything is perfect but one has to understand the value of its existence which points to its Creator.

  • Every object has the right to exist because every object in its existence is a perfect sign to its Creator.

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