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Pillars of Belief – Part 9

The Seedbed of Light, The Third Treatise

Arguments for the Resurrection (page 52)

“Consider the irrefutable arguments for the Resurrection and the afterlife. A just ruler must reward obedient subjects and punish rebellious ones. This is even more true when the ruler:

Is infinitely munificent, controls infinite treasures, and whose awesome might is the source of infinite honor and dignity.”

After comprehending Unity of the Creator (Absoluteness), human consciousness requires understanding the necessity of Messengership. Is there life after death? From one’s observation of the universe, it seems possible. Let’s try to conclude together by answering the following question:

  • What is the Source of existence of the universe?

We see billions of different kinds of creation taking place in this universe, including our very own existence i.e. coming into this world. The One that gave us existence gave us existence when we did not exist. It is so obvious. Why cannot It give me existence again? The One who gives existence to the universe must definitely be able to create another type of creation. Why cannot there be another type of existence?

Let us try to understand our observation of this universe one step further:

Tree dies and the seed is preserved. Just as the tree dies, its body rots, its seed decays but a new tree comes out of it. That is how the cosmos is presented to us. This arrangement is a conscious arrangement. Human beings can understand that whoever is demonstrating this act is letting us know that It can preserve all qualities of the tree in one tiny cell in the seed. In some cases, the seed dies as well but the cell grows, how come?

The order in the cosmos is showing us something interesting. This system of creation in the cosmos makes us feel confident about the Creator of the tree that It can create another tree out of the seed. It is not a big deal to say that It can give existence again. What bothers people is that we see that the Creator of the universe can create another type of creation but is It going to create us again? How can we be convinced that after we die It will give us another kind of physical body?

When we die, the body rots but our human side does not know what will happen to it (that is, if we are conscious that we have a human side).

When we start thinking of resurrection we need to concentrate on one fact i.e. human body has a limited existence but human senses have unlimited existence i.e. not of the same nature as the body. We have never diminishing emotions and endless human feelings. The way things are arranged in this universe intellectually makes sense to us. When we see this creation as consciously prepared for you and I, we understand what creation is. That is to say, the nature of the body is different than human senses but they work together. Capacity of one’s human side goes beyond what this universe offers.  For example: You want to be able to see perfectly forever but you know the tools of your body do not allow for that. Although, one’s eyesight gets weaker but the desire to see perfectly forever never gets weaker. The nature of human senses go beyond the nature of the body. One’s life as they get old becomes limited but one’s human side does not want to have any limits or restrictions in its existence. Example: My body is subject to a limited time of existence, we can extend it to a 100 years maximum with a healthy lifestyle but at the end the body realizes that it cannot be sustained anymore. However, human senses never say that they want to come to an end. There is a contradiction between the way the body is created and the way human senses are created. So the question becomes: Will there be another body which will accommodate human feelings as they desire to exist?

Possibility of resurrection is easy to understand. How about conviction of definite existence of resurrection? Is it going to really exist? How can one make sure that It is going to do it? When we make a distinction between the body and human side, it is inevitable not to fail to see the contradiction: How come I am given unlimited human senses to experience within a limited body? What does it mean?

My human side definitely goes beyond the limits of my body. My human side does not accept to come to an end in its existence. Body will come to an end for sure but the human side demonstrates a capacity with never ending expectations which does not work without the body. Example: I may have the desire to taste but if I do not have my tongue, I cannot practice tasting. I cannot practice anything without the physical body. Another interesting contradiction: How can I explain the relationship between my human senses and their need of a body to operate? Who made me and then put me in this conflicting situation? I cannot attribute the existence of my body and human qualities to accidental existence of matter which does not have any power to choose or arrange. We see our body made up of particles in a meaningful form. This body cannot be explained by attributing and reducing it to its component particles because particles have no qualities to make the structure of the body. This is a perplexing aspect of our existence. We see that something interesting is going on here. That is, these elements of construction of the body do not have its Source of existence in this universe.

Analogy: A painter is exhibiting his art-work. It is open to everybody. Art is in the painting but art is not composed of the painting. Painting is made up of paint (matter). Paint is employed in order to demonstrate the quality of art. Although art is demonstrated but painting themselves are not actors. Those admirers that come to see art see that it is continuously changing.

  • Some people may ignore the painter but they may appreciate the art.
  • Some people say it is the power of the paint which is making art beautiful.
  • Some people may realize that the paint is unconscious and cannot be the source of art. They appreciate the art as well as the artist though they may not see the artist present in front of their eyes. Their consciousness acknowledges the necessity of the existence of a conscious artist.

People who appreciate the art and the painter deserve more demonstration. Similarly, this universe is displayed for the conscious being to recognize its Creator. If you recognize your Creator and wish for more, the Creator gives you more. That is Paradise, a kind of existence which corresponds to human side.

If you petition your desire to your Creator, there is no reason why It should not give it to you.
Paradise simply means a kind of creation which provides human senses with tools appropriate to their human capacities as long as one has desires to fulfill their desires: “I want to entertain my human qualities at the highest level”. One’s human capacity never accepts limitedness. If you are honest to yourself, you sow the seed of Paradise. If you are not honest to yourself (i.e. wearing dark glasses), you see the world dark. That is, if you are unhappy, you see the world as unhappy.

  • Hell: denying your reality
  • Paradise: trusting your Creator that It will provide you with another type of bodily existence that is appropriate to the capacity of your human senses.

Human beings do not want to submit because we choose to be proud of ourselves and become egocentric. How do I see myself? Am I the Creator of my actions or am I created with my actions? One needs to answer these questions in order to establish a trust with the Source of their Existence (the Creator). Never ignore that we have freewill to choose. Always acknowledge the reality that there is a Giver which provides me the opportunity to invoke It. One’s modesty lies in being proud of their Creator by NOT attributing qualities to themselves. Be realistic!

Instead of judging about other people, we need to study ourselves! Everything is going on within us. Quran encourages us to stay consistent within ourselves i.e. not contradicting our reality. Example: How do you see death?

  • Everyone and everything is dying.
  • Death is the beginning of resurrection.

We need to use each other as evidence to confirm our existence: “I see you as an element in my universe.” Living universe is the Quran. Without being convinced with what the Quran presents, believing in Muhammad (phuh) as the messenger is baseless.

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