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Chapter Qiyamah – Part 7

Qiyamah, part 7

Recap: If someone does not accept his/her faults, then this person cannot be a “man of truth”.  If something is not acceptable to my human consciousness and feelings, how can I confirm it?  This is what we understand from the sequence of the teachings from the beginning of this section of the Quran and now we are reaching the end to this process of acceptance.  In other words, if man is not honest within himself, he/she cannot be a man of truth because very likely the person is unaware that whatever he does is recorded and has consequences.  That is, all the experiences that I have had in this world, have been recorded within my developed talent/capacity i.e., whatever capacity I have (little or more), it is recorded in my memory.  In other words, the capacity to practice what I have learned takes gradual development and improvement.  

  • If I stop practicing, my talent stops growing; that is how we are created in this world.  

If man does not notice the creation out there and the limitless signs presented to him and does not think about it but only think about his benefit and egoistic expectations, convincing himself to satisfy himself by following an arrogant way (thinking that I alone exist and I do not need anyone else, I am self-sufficient), then this person takes the most arrogant attitude.  Can you expect such arrogant behavior to be a man of truth, one that would confirm the truth?  

  • If someone does not confirm the truth, then it is inevitable for such a person not to ask for guidance (and pray) because he took his own stance as the self-sufficient one.  
  • With this arrogant attitude, why should I feel the need to go ask something else to fulfill my needs?  
  • Who can fulfill our needs?  
  • I may say that I can or the wealth/property that I have can satisfy me and wealth is under my command and control for it is my property and I can use it as I want.  This is my property; it is so obvious.  This view is made clear in the following verse.

75:32 “but denied the truth and turned away.”

Again, with an arrogant attitude, it is inevitable to reject and turn away from the truth.  This hasty attitude will not make one reflect on their behavior and such an attitude cannot give the possibility of considering the truth.  The truth points emphatically to the person himself and the truth tells him/her that you must accept your reality.  We should not confine the meaning of this verse to literally denying religion or the message of God as a spoken verbal message brought by the Prophet of God.  

We must understand that the Arabic word “kazzaba” means denying his own reality deliberately and contradicting himself consciously by using his free will. The human free will has no limit within the conditions of our responsibility (our responsibility is within the limited options available to us i.e., either I confirm or deny the truth.  Of course, we do not have the option to stop the rain from coming or stop nightfall).  Within my given area, I am free to make choices.  

  • Kazzaba means to deny.  
  • What am I denying here?  
  • The truth (saddaqa) and denying the prayer (i.e., not accepting and contradicting my reality).  

Our human reality declares the truth openly, not only in our human feelings but also in our bodies.  It is miraculous to see how everything here is prepared for the needs of the body and the body is satisfied, without me doing anything.  I may say that I am working 10 hours a day, laboring and making my living. “Excuse me, you are not bringing anything into existence, rather you are consuming what is already given to you”.  The reality is out there, and you just use the tools and things given to you.  Even your clothes and your belongings.  What is your shirt made of?  Perhaps cotton and wool. It’s all provided for you.  Plants are created for you to utilize them and wool is created for you on the skin of an animal.  You did not create them, but you use them because you need them, so why do you contradict yourself and turn your back to your own reality?  

  • If someone does not accept that he is in need of something or does not question who is preparing all the provisions that he benefits from, then such person is not the man of truth.  
  • Human beings must question: can the animals come into existence accidentally by themselves?  
  • Can things exist with no purpose at all by themselves?  
  • This is the main question that we must live with to get the answers.  

If someone takes the existence of this universe for granted, they know that they are given the things as they exist in the universe.  Just as if I am in a place with lots of things and I find something that I like, then I just start using it or eating it, without thinking about who put it there for me and how are these things prepared in such a way that fit my needs.  Right now, we are just speaking in terms of bodily existence.  We are not talking about human feelings yet at this stage because this is an early revealed section of the Quran and people’s minds are not ready to think of human feelings, human expectations, and satisfaction.  The first audience is at the beginning level in this chapter of the Quran, and they need to be pointed out about their bodily lives.  

We have been following the chronological sequence of the Quran as revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).  The first section of revelations (or verse) starts with “read in the name of your Creator i.e., Lord who created”  (Qur’an, 96: 1).Think about the beginning of your life and the very material existence of your being, you were just a cell with no quality, and it grew and continuously grows i.e., you have to say how am I growing out of one cell?  The cell is combined from two opposite species.  How can you deny that you are being taken care of and subject to someone else’s will and that you are prepared to grow in the perfect way, so you will remember it and reflect on it?  

  • You did not come into existence just like this out of nowhere; rather you came into existence with a conscious gradual development at every moment. The One who gives you existence keeps reminding you that you are being taken care of by a conscious Being. Things are deliberately well organized, perfectly arranged with purposes full of wisdom for you so that you cannot escape thinking of your reality. 

Starting from the material aspect of existence, the Quran starts slowly and step by step penetrates into the human feelings and psyche.  After roughly 8-10 years of the message, the Quran starts speaking of the soul and the human feelings and how we are communicating with the world which has not only a seemingly material presence but a spiritual aspect as well.  Example: if something comes to my mind, then I have two options in front of me (accept or deny its reality).  Again, at this stage, we are concentrating at the level when our mind is occupied with material existence and the Quran also acknowledges and admits to this material reality and starts teaching the soul according to the level of the material existence i.e. the bodily existence of everything including the universe (we are not at the level of the meaningful side/Angelic side of the universe yet, and we cannot ignore our material side by going into a subject alien to us which takes our experiences beyond the material aspect).  

This Quranic teaching is excellent to develop ourselves and we must follow the development in this section of chapter Qiyamah (Resurrection), which has taken us into a process of: how the universe exists, how it is precisely arranged, and what is the human attitude towards his own self i.e., how one may choose to ignore the reality of his/her own self?  This process of realization is introduced to us in the Quran by drawing our attention to a specific period of human development from an embryo to a baby and then an adult.  Can all these meaningful activities be for nothing?  If a person does not accept his/her reality, then who is to be blamed really?  

Our problem is that we don’t straight away accept the reality and confirm it, we must reflect and think. If I prefer not to reflect on my own existence (including the bodily existence), I am bound to deny the truth and turn away from my reality and stick with what I have been running after (things of this universe) to satisfy myself by myself without acknowledging the Owner of the bounties.  

75: 33 “and then he went arrogantly back to his people.”

Who are the people I go back to?  I go back to the same worldview and attitude.  Why do we do that?  It is the only way to have comfort in one’s own view if that view is not consistent with one’s reality.  Seeing like-minded people with the same understanding, attitude and the same ideologies in order to justify ourselves with the common rhetoric and thus feeling comfortable in this area: “I am not alone, a lot of people around me are following the same type of life and ideas”.  

Is this our reality? If someone decides that this way is right for me then it is within human nature to find a community of like-minded individuals, that is a human need (and no one can deny that). That is why God says that “We have created you in communities, you are not left alone” (Qur’an, 49: 13). Why?  That is a human need.  The people who reflect and share their conclusions with other people like to have a community they feel at ease with because they will feel more comfortable as far as the practical side of this understanding is concerned and they want to live with a certain community. This community will be appealing because it has the same ideas as yours.  Although community life may be useful, it can become harmful if it prevents the members from thinking about their personal responsibilities as far as belief matters are concerned.  

The denier also went back to their way of life and people arrogantly.  Why?  The denier says that I see everybody sharing the same ideas and so I may be right.  That is called “comfort zone”.  We must check ourselves and reflect on our creation.  Is it legitimate to look for a community?  Yes.  I am created with the need of a community and I want to have my community. However, I must always stay on guard and evaluate the values of the community.  A disbeliever does not feel the need to watch out because he ended up in his community because he did not really do any thinking and reflection on the meaning of existence, rather he has been feeling self-sufficient in his own power and thus, being arrogant.  

Where do we notice arrogance?  All material minded scientists claim the same thing and present the same findings that A is causing B and so on.  We must think deeper into the claims.  Is it true?  Can I honestly confirm it or not?  Not that many people get out of the scientific community if they are not satisfied with the claims or look for another option to explain their existence.   Again, we all must be careful with ourselves i.e. I want to be with my community, that is my need and I find myself created like this.  

My human nature requires me to always keep questioning my reality.  I should never stop questioningYes, this is my community, and it is my right to be in a comfortable zone, but from time to time, I should ask: “Am I truly right?” and question “what I deem to be right?”  Otherwise, without deeply thinking and not refreshing our conclusions with new evidence, I cannot be a man of truth.  Creation is continuously changing and presenting new evidence to me.  I must take a position and confirm this new evidence and always stay alarmed and alert: “that is why I concluded this or said this”.

Again, if I just find myself into a community without questioning and going along with the community, I feel comfortable there because I am used to it.  There is a slippery slope here where I choose the arrogant attitude.  

  • Community is necessary but we must watch out, for it may be a harmful thing for us.  
  • Should I leave the community?  
  • Not necessarily but keep questioning.   

Belief confirmation needs a positive attitude based on evidence.  When my evidence is renewed, I must renew my confirmation of the evidence as well because the evidence is my creation and my life which is continuously renewed.  Also, the universe around me is continuously renewed.  Example: season changes, day and night change, your youth changes, then your middle age changes… These are all radical changes that we witness.  You get hungry and eat something and get hungry again.  When you are cold, you wear something to keep you warm or look for a warm place.  Why does the creation keep changing is the main question for me?  Although I need a community and remain in the community, I should not use the community as a comfort zone for entertaining my prejudice.  That is not the solution, rather it is an exploitation of one’s reality.  Exploitation means that I am not questioning whether something is true or not.  Example: Every day, I need to eat something.  Every day, I need to take the bus/car/bike/walk, that is how I am.  We must question the existence and meaning of all these activities, that is the only way to refresh our conclusions with new evidence.  

Nowadays, people go to science i.e., science will explain and satisfy me.  I must question what science proposes: How can I develop by myself?  What can develop by itself, let alone coming into existence by itself? 
Can you say that a pencil developed by itself out of trees and soil, and at the end a pencil came out perfectly working?  Can you say it is possible?  Ask yourself!  Can you ever believe that?  Another scientific claim: Things keep renewing themselves because they have life. 
I ask: Where did the thing get its life? 
science: It must have happened in the atmosphere one billion years ago and it developed like this. 
I ask: Ok, if it is possible within the order of the universe, why don’t you repeat it?  Essentially, the order does not change, so why don’t you renew this? 
science: We will try. 
I ask: Ok, is there any way to bring something like “life” into matter because matter does not have life? 
science: There is nothing apart from matter within the whole universe and so life must come out of matter and the universe consists of matter only. 

What?  The matter has no life and matter cannot produce life because it does not have life by itself. Life is given to matter from somewhere not from the universe.  For science, the universe consists of matter only and thus science does not accept what the meaning in things refer to such that there must be something that brings the material side of the universe into existence while setting everything in perfect order, arrangement and provides everything that it needs (this is religion/revelations).  However, material science says that revelation is just a story, legend, and mythology.  And at the same time, science says that life happens but there is no explanation for it.  Every claim here is contradictory. 

75:34 “Your ruin has come close, still closer.”

The more we live in this condition, the more we experience the torture of meaninglessness and purposelessness i.e. I struggle to satisfy my needs daily momentarily.  This person in this position tries his utmost effort to satisfy his temporary pleasure in this life but he is getting older and the time to depart from this world is getting closer, can it stop?   No. He says that I existed by myself as a result of this universe that produced me, and I cannot stop my own destiny i.e., death, that is the end of my existence.  The more he wants to satisfy himself, the more he loses hope for his future. The more he accumulates wealth, the more he realizes that he will lose all of them, even his existence.  Example: Today I had a wonderful dinner and enjoyed lamb chops.  Where did the lamb come from?  It’s a living being. Do the cells of the body of the lamb act according to their own choices? The lamb did nothing, and it is given life and just grows.  Lamb eats grass and out of grass comes out the qualities of beauty, design, meaningful activities, and consciousness?  You roast the lamb, and it becomes meat for you by itself?  Is it reasonable to say that the lamb comes into existence by itself or the grass is providing the beauty of the designs on the lamb?  The lamb is a living being, and life is consciously given to it. When you choose to kill it, that is included in the order of the universe; the living conditions of the lamb change where there is no life.  One must question the existence of life, and other qualities that manifest in that lamb – can they come from the thing itself?

75:35 “Again, your ruin has come close, still closer.”

You are continuously torturing yourself more and more with this arrogant attitude as if you are satisfying yourself temporarily in a constant loss of satisfaction.  If you are satisfying yourself, why don’t you stop your aging and give life to dead things?  If matter acts by itself, why does it destroy you?  If matter develops life, why would matter develop death?  Does matter have the consciousness to choose?

  • If I think of my existence given by myself, would I like to give existence to kill myself?  

Someone may say that God also kills; yes, God says: I will transform you from this existence to another world as I created you here, I will create you in another place. Why?  I created you for training and preparing you for the new creation which will be of a much higher status than here. You can grow into this higher status of existence by developing your human side, not the physical body side. If you keep watching and feeding your body side, inevitably your human side will dwindle, i.e., get smaller and at the end, you will think that you will disappear from existence because such an attitude thinks of its existence only in terms of his body.  The body is going to rot, and such a person does not think of himself in terms of the human side, feelings, and soul.  This attitude results in suffering; because on one side he wants to accumulate more to secure his future and from another side, he is torturing and oppressing his human soul because he knows that he will lose his future completely.  There is no hope for this person because his hope right now is matter and matter is going to be disintegrated completely into the soil.  How can one live such life?  That is why people keep themselves busy with different activities and not think of death.  This is unbearable torture to the human spirit for it is worse than being in a prison.  May the Source of our existence protect us from such torture and situation!

If you want to awaken someone who denies the truth, say only one thing: “whatever you do, you are going to die”.  That is true, but I am trying to make my life better by struggling for it and the end is zero.  If he admits his reality then he will be an honest man, honest to his reality and he will be a man of truth and not deny his reality.  

We are all here with the good intentions to look for the solution for how to understand our reality i.e., how can we handle our living and existence?

Comment: We must keep questioning, especially when we are part of a community i.e., why am I comfortable?  We grow up within various communities such as our family, school, and social circles…  How would I question a community if I feel comfortable in it?

It’s a psychological and sociological case.  That is, it has something to do with my attitude and my relationship with my environment.  It is necessary to be part of a community.  The Quran keeps emphasizing “to keep your family ties strong” (Qur’an, 4: 1).  This news tells me that I must live in a community and I cannot seclude myself and live a hermit lifestyle.  I need to be in a community and be actively engaged. How can I NOT turn this opportunity into opium that just makes me feel numb?  Choose a community where people are likely to question.  

Example: we are not far away from Ramadan and we are excited for its coming as it is an opportunity to bring and refresh the Quran again into our lives, a yearly cycle.  Ramadan is the opportunity for me to welcome the Quran for me.“It was in the month of Ramadan that the Quran was revealed as guidance for mankind, clear messages giving guidance and distinguishing between right and wrong…“ (Qur’an, 2: 185). This  verse is referring to the fact that we should make the month of Ramadan a means of letting the messages of the Qur’an reveal themself in our lives. 

 We cannot reduce to historical facts that the Quran was revealed during the month of Ramadan.  If you think about it, the Quran was revealed in 23 years’ time frame (one week revelation, then stopped for a day, then revelation resumed for a month, then stopped for a month…)  God gave me the opportunity to experience this month and be devoted to welcoming the Quran into my life, that is why I should keep away from engaging into the worldly side of my life (i.e., talking about food, gatherings or analyzing the price of the new car…).  Are these questions that bring value to my existence and help my spirit progress or is it just numbing me about the reality of life we are all experiencing as members of this community?  

As a believer, Ramadan is to be used to get the revelation of the Quran come down upon us and talk about its meaning and the message it conveys or reveals to us, rather we talk about the spices in the food, the soothing recitation of the imam at night prayers (taraweeh).  Is that your comfort zone to apply the message of the Quran with baseless talk?  Which kind of community is this?  Am I in the wrong community?  When you are together with fellow believers, you must talk about the belief side of the iftar food, eating and our friendship as a means of bringing the Quran into my life.  In society, Ramadan is an example on how most of our lives are spent on food and iftar preparations, and businesses love Ramadan because they know that people will spend money resulting in increased revenues.  

Be honest with yourself and ask yourself, how many times did you welcome the revelation of the Quran while you are having dinner?  We must choose the right community and we must look for an opportunity to discuss, renew and refresh our belief with new evidence.  Practically speaking, as an example, while you are doing your produce shopping, you see all sorts of fruits and vegetables (i.e., whatever God creates for us), and you must experience His generosity: “how Generous my God is!?”  Another practical example, if a friend comes to you, you should all look at the beauty of the food (e.g., pineapple), and experience beauty: “how beautifully this pineapple is designed and decorated and especially made for me, presenting itself to me with a stunning appearance”.  A pineapple is so nicely decorated, with patterns and crowning leaves presenting itself to us as if saying: “Come and welcome me as a special gift from your Creator, especially packed in a beautiful packet for your enjoyment, isn’t this meaningful, how can I cut it for it’s so beautifully prepared!?”  If we are careful and admire everything presented to us, we don’t want to rip off the beautiful wrapping.  After acknowledging the Sender of this gift, the Craftsman of its beauty, and the real Supplier of this pineapple, I slaughter it in the name of my God the Greatest, the most beloved One (bismillahi Allahu Akbar).  This is like sacrificing something beloved in the name of God, just like how Prophet Abraham (puh) tried to his son.  Since God says, eat it, I must eat it.  If God did not say kullu washrabu (Eat and drink,) we would hesitate to eat it.  God says: I created this land for you, and I can create more, it is so easy for Me, it’s My will “be and it is” and you will see pineapples all around you, look at the universe.”  I say: “You are so Generous, and this pineapple is a witness to that, now you ask me to slaughter it, I will sacrifice it with this recognition”.   We usually say bismillahi Allahu Akbar while slaughtering an animal, why don’t you say “bismillahi Allahu Akbar” while slaughtering an onion or other fruits and vegetables?  An onion is also a living being and given to you as a gift.  We should sacrifice anything in the name of Allah, it is a command, and He says: “Don’t worry about it for it is my property”.  This aspect of life must be shared in my community if I claim that I am a believer.  

  • Belief cannot be taken for granted, it needs reflection and at the end, being satisfied with your answers.  

Don’t take your belief for granted, practically you will see how meaningful and pleasurable your living becomes with belief. You are prepared for the eternal life because the more you mention God, the more you will feel the love to be in His presence: “I want to be with You and I want to directly address you and receive Your message directly, rather than indirectly from creation”.  This is paradise.  You can live Paradise and you can share your Paradise with the fellow community members.  The problem is that we don’t take a stand and we do not want to stick out from the masses.  This is a psychological issue, not being confident in your belief.  What are we doing here?  Are we getting together to eat or entertain God’s presence in our food?  That is, “how generous He is, how merciful He is, he is not only Ar’Rahman but Ar’Raheem, eternally merciful with no end”.  What we eat here has an end and it is just a manifestation of Rahman, not Raheem which is an awareness that He is inviting me to His Eternal Presence and Court in the form of the creation of Paradise.  Again, the problem is that we forget about the Sender of the food, the Razzaq and we only mention the Real Provider at the beginning bismillahi Allahu Akbar and at the end Alhamdulillahi i.e. I really appreciated the dinner, it was delicious. How about the One who created and provided for you the sense of taste, which is not created by the cook?  We praise the cook, or the host more than we praise God in our gatherings.  Most cooks mention how they tried their best and try to be humble waiting to receive more compliments.  The point in all our affairs is that God deserves to be praised and the cook/host deserves thanks because he was kind and did not distort his feelings created by God to be generous and serve you.  In other words, the cook/host is a good passage of God’s Mercy because the mercy in the cook/host loves to entertain us and this feeling is created in him by God. The cook did not create his feelings rather he found it there ready to be used.   Remember that I am just using God’s creation, however, I have the option not to use it.  There are some people who are stingy and don’t use it.  Now, compared to that stingy attitude, a nice host/cook should be thanked in a kind way.  The talk should not be centered around the talent of a person and the quality of the food, rather the revelation and guidance from the Creator.  That’s what a community should be like, otherwise it’s just a gossip circle.

Comment: It seems that the emphasis of a community ought to be on what should be the focus when we bring people together?

The education system emphasizes on leadership skills and positions, and we need to embrace it.  Just like the Qur’an advises us to supplicate God: wa jaal na lil mutaqeena imaamaa i.e., “and make us leaders to the conscious people” (Qur’an, 25: 74 ).  If you don’t take the leading position and try to be modest, the community will be left to the people who don’t speak on how to uplift the spirit!  If you want to be modest then take the leading position.  Otherwise, it means we are justifying their attitudes.  Just as a famous 17th century scholar mentions: “I don’t blame the people but scholars who are not leading the people in search for the truth”.  

Our focus should be:How am I going to welcome the Quran?”  Doing rituals together is common among the practicing people, but studying the Quran is not that common.  The Quran must be studied for my practical purposes i.e., how should I implement the Quran in my life?  People study the Quran for different purposes (derive rulings, studying the grammar and its eloquence…), at least keep yourself busy with the Quran, don’t alienate yourself from it or send it away, otherwise the Prophet will complain about his community and say: “O my God, this community of mine has drifted away from the Quran (mahjuran) i.e.  thrown away out of their life” (Qur’an, 25: 30.)  Keep yourself busy with the Quran as much as you can and if you need help, go seek help from experts/scholars.  Don’t try to reinvent the wheel, it is a waste of time!  We should benefit from the available resources and at the same time, we should be careful on what my focus should be and which kind of scholars I should follow? All this depends on my expectations from the Quran.

75:36 “Does the human being suppose that he would be abandoned to futility?”

Am I here for nothing!?  At the end, will I be left alone without any purpose? Is it possible?  Don’t we think that everything is prepared for me!?  Even if I think that I am the result of natural development, which is a perfect production, do you think that nature has produced this perfect human being for nothing!?  It would mean that nature is stupid, this factory of nature will produce me as the most highly developed production and then throw me into a trash can.  Whoever established this factory of the universe, must be a stupid man if he does not take the result of his actions into considerations and expects something.  Just like a car manufacturer does not create a car for nothing?!  Is the SOE of the universe a stupid being and will leave me alone?  Does it make sense to you that your existence is futile and without any meaning?  “My existence is so meaningful, I have conciseness and feelings, my body is perfectly designed to function in the most perfect way, at the end I will be thrown into my grave and get rotten there”, can you accept this?  “O nature, you must be a stupid thing for how you can manage to produce me as a perfect being that is consistent within its existence1?”  It must be a wise nature and so, what must be my end?  Nature says you will disintegrate into the soil!  That does not make sense!  Can we be left purposelessly and rot in the grave?  We need to think seriously on this, coming from the soil and going back to the soil, what’s the point then?!

If someone does something mean to you, you feel offended and you take action.  If someone asks you to do something that does not make sense to you, would you do it?  No.  You are full of meaning in your being, so how can you reduce yourself to meaninglessness?  That is self-contradictory. You will have to take out your brain and heart to say that my existence is now as a body without my consciousness, feelings, expectations, hopes and fears, wants and desiring pleasure.  How can matter desire pleasure by itself?  I want to entertain myself on a daily basis.  This need to get pleasure out of my existence – do you think that matter can be the source of existence of this feeling?  You are contradicting yourself and you deserve to get nearer to destruction and falling into non-existence!  How can you bear it as a human being, even if you kill your human side and live as an animal, you are going to die!?

75:37 “Was he/she not a single cell of sperm emitted?”

This verse is kindly reminding the material minded man who does not think about the immaterial side of his existence (and the meaningful side of the universe) that he was practically nothing.  Even if you forget thinking about your human feelings and expectations, at a simple level, you were a single cell of sperm thrown away (yumnaa).  Just like when you eat something that is rotten, as soon as you feel the taste, you throw it away because it is dirty.  That is, you are created out of this dirty damp thing.  You are made up of this thing, so how did you become a perfect human being full of feelings and perfect arrangements in your body?  Every member and cells of your body works so perfectly.  How can you come from the dirt thrown away, the smallest thing?  Can it happen accidentally by itself?  Use your human mind and think about it.

75:38 “Then he was a blood clot and he created and formed [in a way to fit the purpose of existence.]”

We are consciously and purposefully arranged, and we are given so much in this body (of flesh and bones).  And in this body, we are worrying about the future, about the children and everything around us.  Example: if someone kills an innocent tree without any purpose, you feel disturbed. You want the tree living.  Let this beauty stay here and you are in love of pleasure, beauty, and tasteYou are in love of goodness.  That is, you want to be with people who are happy, and you don’t want to be in a gloomy atmosphere.  You want to be in open air, with pleasant conditions and good company.  That is what I am created for. 

For as long as I understand my creation, it has a purpose.  The purpose of my existence will come to an end in a perfect way that I can comfortably understand it without forcing or conditioning myself. The purpose in my existence is to fulfill this aim.  

  • What is the aim?  
  • I want my expectations to be fulfilled perfectly. That is why I need to acknowledge my Absolute Creator and refer my expectations to Him alone.  

75:39 “And made of him pairs, male and female.”

The creation of the human being has been realized in such a way that two contradictory qualities are clashing with each other but never causing any harm.  On the contrary, making perfect harmony, helping each other, completing each other, perfecting each other while these two opposites grow separately.  The best example is that of man and woman, complementing each other and having different qualities (both in physical terms and sensual terms as well).  Even the plants have opposites and attracting qualities.  Also, when you study the galaxy, you will always see two opposing sides complementing each other.  How can you say that it is accidental?  A man and woman come together and grow separately from each other, and they perfectly contribute with each other (via procreation) and existence continues in this way demonstrating that things cannot become aware of the opposing qualities and supporting each other accidentally?  Nothing has consciousness on its own.  This amazing creation cannot be attributed to accidents.  How are the planets perfectly intact with each other?  And the order is smoothly continued to fulfill the purpose of existence.

75:40 “Does He who can do this not have the power to bring the dead back to life?”

This piece/verse is the purpose of this section of the Quran for it hits the heart of the subject.  Apparently, the body is dying.  How does man come into existence with a complementary relationship and perfectly designed qualities?  We are not talking about the meaning of the universe here; we are just talking about the matter itself.  “Whoever it is, can He not do the same thing again?!”  Every day and a new moment, this One is bringing thousands of new babies into life and thousands of people are given death.  This means that whoever is doing this can do both at the same time.  Isn’t it reasonable to confirm that the One who is creating the universe this way, can do this again, can He not?  


  • Every moment He is renewing this universe, so how can you say that after I die, I will disappear from existence?  
  • How did you come into existence in the first place?  
  • Think about this matter seriously.  
  • Even if an accident is your Source of Existence (SOE) then the same SOE must bring you back into existence again, no?  
  • Even if you are a blunt Atheist, you cannot deny existence!


There is nothing here in the universe that can give you existence.  Only the One who gives existence to the universe possessing Absolute qualities can renew the whole universe and give you a perfectly meaningful life according to the desires and feelings that He has endowed and instilled in you or (with the language of the Quran), breathed in you.  This source of breath will give you another life according to the capacity you developed here, it cannot be an accident.  

The reasoning that the Quran presents to us is so consistent that even the atheist cannot deny.  If an accident brought me into existence, then an accident will bring me into existence because an accident gave me the feeling of wanting continuity of my existence in perfect form.  It’s a rational human question to ask this, can an accident be the SOE?  It is obvious that my existence is a deliberate action which must be my evidence.

Comment: Coincidence has no exception for if my existence is a coincidence, then it happens only as a result of one million options.  

Whoever gave existence to me must give me existence again because my senses are arranged to expect this existence from the One who gave me existence.  I am created by a Conscious Being and I am expecting this Conscious Being to do something conscious in my next creation. That is why resurrection is inevitable and must happen and it must be inevitable.  Today’s existence is the witness of the reality of resurrection, that is called “Qiyamah” which means resurrectionIt must be easy for the One to bring me into existence again as He brought me into existence from the very beginning.  That is how the Quran teaches us how to understand resurrection and the stages we need to go through.


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