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Chapter Najm – Part 9

53:26 “There are many angels in the heavens whose intercession does not avail at all except after God has given permission to whom He pleases and chooses.”

Man in Arabic= used for conscious beings
Maa in Arabic= used for unconscious beings

Why does it mention “heaven?”

  • Things are not what they seem to be.  There is meaning to things.
  • The universe is brought into existence not by itself but by a conscious will.

Why “To whom He pleases”, not “to what He pleases”?


  • Creation is created and is given existence.


What is Intercession?  


  • Interceding between recipient of the message and source of the message.


What does it mean for something to be Interceding between me and my Creator?  

  • Let’s take a practical example because something is interceding between what I need and the One who must give answers to my needs/satisfy me.

What do I need in this world?  Who is going to satisfy my need?

  • Immortality
  • My ultimate goal
  • Basic: sunlight, cure for illness and ice-cream

What do I do for ice-cream?  I mix milk, sugar…  In order to have milk, what am I supposed to do?  Go to the cow and get milk.  Who is creating the milk?  Cow?  Sheep?  The Creator of the sheep is giving existence to the animal in such a way that the animal will produce milk.  Who can create milk? (I am skipping steps by assuming that Absolute One will give existence to something in created form).  An Absolute Being reflects Its qualities in created form.  That must need a serious transfer.  

How do I transfer knowledge in physical form when I sing/speak?  Singer is not giving part of Its body but transferring Its talent through sound waves.  While transformation is taking place, I hear the song and the song has nothing to do with the essence and body of the singer, but the singer’s qualities are reflected into sound waves.  Similarly, when I speak, I have knowledge in my mind, and I transfer that knowledge which you appreciate.  Only my quality is reflected in another form of creation. Example 1: I reflect my qualities of cooking into the food, not my essence/part.  How about the Creator who has nothing to do with this created world, but qualities are manifested here, how is that taking place?  

Example 2: Furniture is different from the carpenter and I cannot say that the piece of the furniture is part of the carpenter and at the same time, I cannot disconnect the two.

Similarly, Absolute Being reflects Its qualities in created form.  I am a created being and the furniture is at the same level of existence/createdness as me.  Are created being and absolute being in the same level of existence?  Type?  

  • There should be a difference between me and the Absolute Being.  I do not choose to exist; but  I exist in this form and I have no control over it.

So, how is transformation going to take place?  

  • Through intercessors/angels/transmitters.

Intercession: When thirsty, I drink water.  Through water, my quench is satisfied.  Is water interceding between my need to satisfy thirst and the Creator of the water?  No. Water does not know me.  When I need water, I am in need of something to satisfy my need.  The Creation of the water (giving existence to water) is realized by the Creator of the universe.  Absolute Creator is giving existence to the water and is satisfying me!!! 

  • The quality of the Creator is transferred into the form of created water.  
  • This transformation is what I refer to as “angel” which is an intercessor/shifaa.  

Angel cannot intercede for me unless God, the Creator wills so i.e. transform Its quality into created form. 

  • Sun is interceding on behalf of the Creator of the universe between my needs and the One who creates the sun.  Sun needs to be created through permission of the Creator through angels.
    “Giving permission in the heavens” (Absolute Source with endless qualities)
  • Angels cannot transfer Will of the Creator unless God gives permission: “Go and execute my will”.  

Universe is given existence by a One who is Absolute Being.  I only ask the Creator to give existence to what I want.  I follow the order and ask the Creator to create the result.  I extend my desire to the Creator by obeying the order.  Water by itself cannot satisfy me, it is created.  Also, mother/cow does not know what is going on in their body, but milk is produced.  Body is created with the ability to produce milk.  Creation of milk is transformed by an angel.  Permission is given to produce milk.

  • Angels have no physical form.  

Angels always glorify God declaring: “I am not acting on my own”.  They don’t create or claim that this is their work.  Is the goat or mother claiming that it is the producer of milk?  Mother is glorifying the Creator of milk saying: “It’s not me, my body is producing milk without my body knowing it.”  Some say that I am created like that, but a conscious mother glorifies the Creator through this reality because I am made like this.  The sun says that I do not know how to produce light/heat, and this is exaltation of the Creator of the universe.  Rays of the sun reflect light through the sun.


  • Angel says that it is not us who is creating, I am just employed to transfer things in created form.


How do I understand intercession of the Prophet (pbuh) between believer and Creator?  

  • Is the Prophet interceding between me and my Creator?  Yes.  
  • How?

When I receive messages through Prophets, this message makes sense to me.  I get to know my Creator through message the Prophet delivers to me on behalf of the Creator of the universe i.e.

  1. I am not an accident
  2. My existence is meaningful
  3. I belong to Him.

News from Prophetic message: “When I die, I will get another existence.”

  • If there was no Prophetic message, I will go crazy with existential questions.  
  • Hear the message->follow it->confirm Prophet and his message of God->intercession happens on behalf of the Creator of the universe. 

How do I explain the existence of my feelings?

I cannot understand the essence of love, for example, I just practice it.  Nothing can give existence to itself.  Can I give existence to my feelings myself?  Did I find myself with the ability to love and speak?  Can I explain how I get consciousness?  I am aware of what I am feeling and the same goes for the cow/sheep… The creatures are created like me, with feelings of love, anger…  

Like I am writing this, similarly angels are made to execute God’s command consciously. The One who creates me must be the Source of my consciousness.

Through spirit, I get to connect with my Creator.  How can I communicate with something that is not conscious?  If a conscious author writes a book, do you communicate with the author through the book?

  • The meaning I extract is conscious i.e. angels.


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