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Chapter Najm – Part 12

53:33 “Have you considered him who turns away”

Turning away from what?  Turning away from what is reality and turning away from guidance and acknowledge their Creator.

I am reading my own story and I need to read it in the present tense for guidance.  Quran speaks without time limitations because it is from the Creator who is not bound to time.

Why past tense? So, I may take lessons from my consequences. When the Quran uses the past tense it is  to express the certainty of the matter.  That is, it happens and that is for sure and it is valid for every time.  

  • The Speech of God speaks on a larger scale not a segment of time.

53:34 “And gave a little giving grudgingly”

Whatever I experience, I need to give it back to its Owner.  It is easy to give back to the Creator, because claiming that the universe does not have a Creator is a difficult task.

In my domain of possession, it is not easy to give it all back (I give a little).  Example: My brain is created but feelings are mine.  Another example, if I had not arranged these provided causes/means, there would be no production/results.  Hence, production is the result of my labor because this is my domain and now, it is difficult to give back.

  • While I am not claiming my potentialities and emotions, I claim my freewill to be Creator of my emotions.  Rather, the outcome/result/production belongs to the Creator of the universe.

I need to question the Source of Existence of my domain including my given freewill.  I am just using and directing my freewill to a certain action.  Can you own the abilities of the universe and your abilities while using the universe?  Example: The driver steered the steering wheel of the car using his/her consciousness and brought you here.  Excuse me! In this example, the car is responsible to take us, not the driver.  Does the driver have no share in the creation of the result driving from A to B?  No, as the driver, I just used my created freewill in the right way, the way it ought to be used.  I did not create anything.

What is the usage of the freewill then?  It is a tool which makes choices and begs results to be created.  Freewill cannot create, it only asks.  Who is going to create the result?  The Creator of the universe will adjust the universe accordingly.  The order of the universe does not change (He keeps His promise). But whatever comes out of the order, continuously changes.  

  • Act of creation does not change but the result changes i.e. order is stable.  

I know what I am supposed to do to get results from the stable order.  At the same time, the Creator keeps demonstrating that He has Conscious Free will to change everything.  Everything continuously changes in the sequence of creation.  I cannot claim anything at all but use free will to communicate with my Creator and ask to create results.  Everything we do involves free will, example, I want to speak, I want to go out, I follow the order to stand up or I study to learn.

Free will either gives me a good or bad result according to my expectations.  If good, then I should be thankful.  If bad (according to my expectations), then I should ask for forgiveness, that means I should correct my choice by learning how to act in accordance with the order of the creation.

I must confess my needs for help to my Creator: “Please do not make me misuse my trust you gave me.”  

  • I am consolidating my relationship that the trust -whatever is given to me by my Creator- does not belong to me.  
  • I must acknowledge the Creator in order to get help from the Creator to use my free will in the right way.  

We should never turn away from our reality.  Give all domains I possess back to their Owner willingly: “I am only the one using them, all belongs to you.  I need to watch out for free will and all opportunities You give me.  I do not want to misuse the trust You give me.”

53:35 “Is the knowledge of what cannot be perceivable (ghaib) with Him so that he sees it.”

Knowledge of ghaib is different from its essence.  Everything that exists has an aspect of ghaib.  If I think knowledge belongs to me, then I won’t turn it away.  Creator= ghaib.  One aspect of this creation proves the existence of ghaib.  

  • Everything is a sign pointing to the Creator.

53:36 “Or has he not been informed of what is in the scriptures of Musa?”
53:37 “And Abraham who fulfilled his duty.”

Prophets have fulfilled their duty.  It must be God’s principle that He sends Prophets because without the Prophets we cannot get the message and without the message, we cannot go beyond the limits of this universe and get answers to our human questions.


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