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Chapter Lay’l – Part 3

92:6 “and testifies to the truth of the ultimate good.”

Testifies refers to confirm or accepting the truth.

What is good? In other words, what is meaningful here?

Comment: I like banana because it is prepared for me and the love for the banana goes to its Source.

Comment: The ultimate good is the desired reality i.e. what I want it to be.

Everything in our existence starts here in this universe and goes back to Its Origin which is the Origin of my existence and the universe.

Everything in existence is good. Therefore, never get angry with the existence of any event. Example: good is in the existence of both the ripe and rotten banana. Although, we do not want to eat a rotten banana, but its existence is good. Let us take another example. An acquaintance keeps you waiting for a long time at a bus station. You get frustrated but NEVER get angry with the existence of the event and what you are feeling. The event is created to see its meaning, which points to its Origin. The EVENT makes you realize that:

  • You are not independent in your existence.
  • You are totally dependent on the Source of your Origin.
  • Nothing happens by accident.
  • You just have to take care of your responsibility which is to acknowledge the Origin of the event.

Mostly, when something unpleasant happens, we frown at it. Instead, we should smile at it because in Its existence the unpleasant event is perfect. There are some Hadiths that narrate that the Prophet (PBUH) used to smile at his opponents even in the battlefield. That is the human nature one has to attain or preserve in order to follow their innate human nature which connects one to the Source of their Origin. The Quranic teachings is nothing more than letting you know what you are as far as your human side is concerned.

Comment: People may get more offensive when they see you smile.

Genuine smile coming from realizing your reality as depicted above should not only put your being at ease but also should diminish the other person’s anger outburst towards you.

Also note that one should not get angry at an unbeliever because you yourself carried that attitude a couple of years ago. There is verse that goes along as follows: “O you who believe, when you go forth [to war] in God’s cause, use your discernment, and do not – out of a desire for the fleeting gains of this worldly life – say unto anyone who offers you the greeting of peace, “You are not a believer” for with God there are gains abundant. You, too, were once in the same condition but God has been gracious unto you. Use, therefore, your discernment: verily, God is always aware of what you do.” (Nisa, 4: 94.) It means that I do not have the right to kill an unbelieving person just because he does not share my belief.

There is another verse that goes along: “and neither sky nor earth shed tears over them, nor were they allowed a respite.” (Dukhan, 44:29.) It means that the believing person was reading the universe, the meaning it conveys, testifying the beauty in its existence and benefitting from it. In other words, the believing person was fulfilling the mission of the whole universe. The universe is created by a Conscious Choice and the Angels represent glorification and qualification of the qualities of the Origin. The universe is continuously emitting messages to conscious beings. If we do not pay attention to the angelic side of creation, then the universe is dead for us generally speaking. However, the universe is alive, and everything here is in correspondence with your human qualities. We should be saying Salaams or Peace be upon you to anything that we encounter. That means that you are appreciating its creation and so you are appreciating its Creator. Even when you enter an empty room, a conscious “Salaams” should mean that you acknowledge that the room is created, and, in its creation, there are meanings represented by conscious beings called in the Scriptures, angels. Otherwise, the universe will remain dead for us and we will not build any relationship with creation. In that circumstance, a moon is just out there at night shining its light, nothing more and nothing less.

Figures such as Pharaoh, Moses, Aaron… is within you. You just have to see which figure/attitude you are feeding for yourself. We all have the Pharaoh grains within us. Therefore, each one of us needs to check for themselves what they are developing.

Comment: If someone outburst towards you and you are discontent with their choice, then how should you deal with such events.

First of all, say thank to the Creator of this event for making you realize this and acknowledging that this is a human behavior and you do not want it. Secondly, smile at the person and the event and defend yourself if you have to. Also, take pity on the person for his/her wrong choice. However, NEVER criticize the creation of the event and the person itself.

When you are happy with creation, then you are in good relationship with creation. This in turn means that you are happy with the Creator, in turn, the Creator is happy with you. There is a verse that goes along: “Their reward [awaits them] with God: gardens of perpetual bliss, through which running waters flow, therein to abide beyond the count of time; well-pleased is God with them, and well-pleased are they with Him: all this awaits him who of his Sustainer stands in awe!.” (Bayyina, 98: 8.)

If one keeps brewing on any negative feeling, then they are criticizing its creation which leads to distress, unhappiness and depression. Depression becomes like an addiction, similar to when people get addicted to caffeine for example. In this psychological state, people fail to see the existence of things and thus cannot connect with the Creator. They may even connect with the Creator but with an approach that is criticizing existence. Again, when you criticize existence of anything, that means you are severing it from its Creator, thus. you cannot see Its Origin.

There is a distinction that we need to keep in mind. The existence of rotten banana is good, but I do not like the rotten banana. Similarly, the existence of death is good, but I do not want death to be given. Do not confuse your sense of disliking a thing with its existence. NEVER criticize the Existence of ANYTHING! It is easy to understand theoretically but when it comes to applying it practically, it is not that easy.

Another point that we should bring up is that mostly people accept what is given to them saying that it is created by God. Again, here if they are unhappy with the existence of the unpleasant situation, most probably they may be using belief in God as a coping mechanism. This is dangerous because one is criticizing the existence of the event.

Let us take another example. An erupting volcano relates to me as far as my existence is concerned. No one should criticize its existence. Disliking volcano is very human. What about denial of the truth, can we like it?

Comment: Sure.

Well, the content of denial of the truth does not exist.

92:7 “We shall facilitate an easy way for him.”

When we are in acknowledgment of the creation of things, then the easy way is created for us. That is how the order is established in the universe. The Creator of the universe is just telling me how It creates. That is, in the creation of everything lies happiness. Therefore, do not expect for an extraordinary event to make you happy. The Creator of the universe is telling you to study the universe through these verses. If we have a happy relationship with creation, then we have a happy relationship with its Creator and ourselves. Otherwise, if we are depressed, then that habit becomes a way of our lives and we cannot properly reason. The same goes with jealousy. In these psychological states, people cannot use their ability to reason.

Therefore, in any situation, we have to react in the best way. Everything is the Source of happiness for you. In our relationship with creation, we have to be happy. It means that we are happy with the creation, ourselves and, thus, our Creator.

When you say Peace be upon you (salaams) to a tree, it means that: “I am happy with your existence.” With consciousness, you are then acknowledging its Creator.

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