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Chapter Balad- Part 5

Balad, part 5

Recap: There are many ways that we can liberate ourselves from slavery.  That is, freeing ourselves from the assaults of our egoistic tendencies, and free ourselves from social oppression, political oppression, economic limitations, war conditions (if someone physically attacks us, then we should defend ourselves) and body desires.  We must serve the needs of our body, our creation necessitates that, but we should avoid just devoting our efforts to worldly gains and body desires only.  Another understanding of liberation has to do with freeing us from the wrong interpretations of the universe i.e., insulting it in such a way that as the universe is just meaningless, and I see you (the universe) as a stupid thing turning around with no purpose.

This section of the Quran was revealed during the 5th year of revelation.  Around that time, it was not easy to convey the message because people were shocked that an illiterate man is an envoy of the Creator of the universe.  The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) was just known to be an honest shepherd person.  “I have received the message from God”, when that was claimed, people thought that he was crazy.  Won’t you react the same way if someone from your town comes to say that?!

The message was slowly educating and training the people, training them to use their human qualities.  First, encourage people to use their human qualities, such as to be honest, helpful, and compassionate to other people.  These are common publicly accepted qualities, no one can oppose them, and no one can say that I do not care about other people.  Can you say that I do not care for my siblings?  Even the most atheist person cares about his/her family members.

The Quran was particularly emphasizing on the above-mentioned points.   There are 2 aspects of human activities that are related to each other.  One aspect is that human inborn tendencies must be appreciated and encouraged to preserve the human side because the revelation/God’s guidance will speak to the human side.  If a corrupt person does not take pity on the poor, needy and elderly, then this person cannot not be a righteous man.  That side must be educated, prepared, satisfied, straightened, put on the right track, then speak to him, so he can listen to his consciousness and human feelings.  If someone’s human feelings are corrupt, then you cannot speak to him.  Belief addresses human senses.  At the same time, to perfect our human nature, we must realize that we are created beings, we have a Creator who takes care of us, who is our Sustainer, Ruler over our existence and we are responsible before Him. He gave us life and will give us death. This type of creation provides us the opportunity to exercise the transient side of our creation and see how we are not satisfied with it, and search for the permanent existence for which our feelings are yearning.  We have to be honest with our human side. In order to be successful in this field of training we must be introduced to the belief side of it, i.e., the right interpretation of the purpose of the human beings on Earth, and the right preparation for the end of our life.

The Quran emphasizes the fragility of the transient nature of this universe. We must understand that this transient world needs Someone to take care of it.  Human beings also need to be trained in their spiritual side, so that their human elements (sense of care, love, compassion, justice, respecting the environment…)  can be practiced rightly.  In order to perfect our human nature, we have to understand that we are here on a training and educating ourselves to improve our potentialities into capacities.  The potentiality is in us to learn anything, but if we don’t work on them, they do not become our capacity.  Example: we can all study and practice medicine, if we do not educate ourselves, then this potential dies away.  Similarly, we must educate our spirit and body as well in this world, so that our potentiality acknowledges the Divine Being and grows in this endeavour.  However, if I do not educate myself, I just suffice myself with “the universe must have a Creator”,and the question who is that One remains unanswered.  This needs education and the Supreme Teacher, God comes in and employs  the Prophets as instructions.  The Prophets tell us how we can get to know and communicate with this Creator, and how we can relate our existence to Him.  This Supreme Teacher prepares the guidance and the instructors practice in the lab of this world, in human life.

  • The mission of the Prophethood is to put the textbooks, that is, the universe, the Revelation and human feelings (soul/spirit) into practice.  Spiritual needs are not known and unacknowledged as they deserve to be in the secularist societies, but only the physical needs are known and emphasized.  

90:14 “to an orphaned relative”

All the hardships that we go through (physical, psychological stresses) are mentioned in these verses, that We must provide the needs of it.  Even the plants we must take care of.  The tenderness in the heart is trained and practiced by liberating the needy creatures from our aggressive treatments of them.  

Who are the orphans? 

People who have no one to protect them, is a common answer.  The plants and animals are also orphans if I do what I want with them without any consideration about their Source of Existence they will suffer under my capricious transgressions.  If we burn a forest for no reason, isn’t that my mistreatment of the rights of an orphan?  We can insult the universe as well saying that it is a haphazard happening.  Hence, be careful and not to mistreat orphans.

90:15 “or to give to near of kin”

90:16 “or to a poor person in distress,”

Again, we must also help with the spiritual and body needs of other people who are in need.  If someone suffers from lack of connection from their Creator, and of awareness of the meaning of their life, they may think that their life is purposeless, what are we going to do for them?  We must help them and extend our helping aid.  We need to talk and have a compassionate friendship with them, speak to them kindly, because they are needy, and they do not know what they need. This is the way to help people gain their liberation.


  • Physical needs are known, but spiritual needs are not known especially in this modern age.


If people knew what they needed, they would try to find out.  That is the Prophetic mission which intervenes here.  The Prophets are here to demonstrate to you how to help people and demonstrate how to live their lives by freeing themselves from the stresses of meaninglessness, purposelessness here on earth.  First, introduce to them their Creator, their purpose of life, the transience of the universe, reminding them of the reality of death.  We should always remember the moment of death, that everything that we value will become nothing.  We may realize that all our lives have been spent on accumulating wealth, all was for nothing.  One thing that remains with us is realizing the purpose of our life: Why are we here?  Who sent us here?  What are the “magical” (miraculous) things going on here?

That is why the Prophets were employed to give satisfaction, security to the people for their existence, and give an honorable purpose to the human being.  “You have the capacity to get to know the Creator of the universe potentially.  Let’s try to discover and develop in our practical life so that we can connect our existence to the Most Powerful and knowledgeable Creator of the universe.”  

We must understand the message of God at a universal scale.  Example: How do you understand the tree?  Isn’t it a near of kin?  Isn’t the sun related to you?  Do you just think that you are related to your family only?  Brothers and sisters (near of kin) need to be understood on a universal scale.  The whole universe is within me and near me.  Nowadays, the prevalent civilization all over the world is upside down with such understandings.  

90: 17 “and—above all—to be one of those who have faith and urge each other to perseverance and urge each other to have compassion.”

Some people think that there is no security in existence, no purpose in existence, all loneliness in existence.  We should help people who need desperate help from psychological vacuum, it is not human!  Human beings need to have a satisfactory life, with fulfillment of happiness and expectations fulfilled.  We must feed people with what they need.  Example: when we put gas in our car, we are feeding our car.  Similarly, when we see someone in need, it is our responsibility to take care of them and “feed” them.

90: 18 “These are the people of the right.”

From freedom, we came to feeding people, how is this correlated?  When I am hungry, am I not a slave of my hunger?  My spiritual needs also need to be liberated.  As much as we can benefit from the teachings of the Quran, we must.  If we train ourselves in non-physical terms, then our human side becomes more alerted.  Do you think that the universe exists accidentally by itself?  Does matter have any quality to do that?  Look at the beautiful summer and spring, where everything is well arranged according to our needs.  You must realize the sense of love, care, and all other emotions cannot be the production of matter.  Matter itself does not have these qualities of itself.  Matter does not have consciousness.  Everything is the slave of the order of the universe and has no choice in anything.

We have a conscious Creator, see how wise He is, and we have to be patient.  He does create stormy days but then spring follows.  How does the change of season happen?  Don’t you see the relationship between the Sun, Earth, and their orbits?  Every day, things are changing slowly, we find ourselves in winter from Summer within a gradual, smooth change.  This is functioning in a wise and purposeful way, so why shouldn’t we trust His wisdom.  This is a wise Creator’s action, teaching us that matter itself cannot be conscious and wise.

Be respectful to inanimate beings.  Any miracles that the Prophets demonstrate are signs of the message of God.  Every creature is miraculously brought into existence, every piece of art demonstrates the sign of the Artist.  The universe, the Quran and our human feelings are messages.  The Prophet’s exemplary life is also a message.

90: 19 “As for those who deny Our signs, they are the people of the left.”
90: 20 “The fire will be sealed over them”

People may cheat themselves to just not think about one’s reality, by indulging in passing activities.  Example: Last weekend, I went to the best sightseeing spot. It was enjoyable but where is it now? Gone! Our reality is that the airplane of this earth will crash.  How much do you realize this?  The people who deny the signs of God have no security in their existence at all. Nothing is stable here, so how much can I enjoy the permanent pleasure here on earth?  My human consciousness can never forget that death is at the end of every human being.  I am just brought here freely and given existence and there must be a purpose.


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