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Arguments for Resurrection – Part 9

The Seedbed of Light, The Third Treatise

Arguments for the Resurrection (page 54 continuation)

“The Creator of the universe provides in this transitory world samples of many permanent worlds. Thus, these gatherings and separations are not ends in themselves, but are rehearsals to be copied and preserved with their results. Proceedings in that vast place of gathering will be according to the consequences engendered by these rehearsals.”

What do you understand from “rehearsal”?

  • Practicing something before the actual event.
  • We are allowed to make mistakes as we learn from our mistakes.
  • During a rehearsal, you have the opportunity to repeat and practice.

We are given opportunities at every moment to practice our understanding of existence i.e. who we are and what is our purpose here?

What are we going to study in order to have peace of mind?

  • Our understanding of existence.
  • Our understanding of events.
  • The relationship between my understanding and the action.
  • FYI- learning only from mistakes in our actions does not help us at all as the action is just a final phase of one’s understanding. After making a mistake we need to go back to our understanding of the meaning of our lives and why we are here on earth, that is the base of our belief system. We need to rectify first our purpose in life and then go back to the right action according to our purpose. Otherwise, we would keep repeating the same mistakes.

Just like a scientist who fails in his research, you have to go back to the theory to investigate why something did not work. Similarly, your understanding of existence comes first and then action follows suit.

Ask yourself: What does prayer mean to me? What am I repeating during prayers? What does my worship represent for me?

Theory is the real education. The Quran mentions general rules but never teaches the outward action, rather the Quranic teaching is all about understanding your existence (i.e. theory). An outward action by itself is just a superficial embellishment if it does not have any proper base. Obsession with perfecting outward action NEVER satisfies one’s heart. However, actions that stem from theory (belief) complement your understanding of existence.

  • Quranic teaching does provide an outline to the outward actions but the teaching is all about belief education.

The rehearsal is taking place in my understanding of who I am. When I realize that I misunderstood something, then that is a mistake. Again, we learn from our mistakes. If a teacher does not allow its students to make mistakes then s/he is not a teacher.

Action automatically comes as a result of one’s belief. If I am fully satisfied that I am here to get to know who my Lord is, then this relationship will be presented to me through the Prophets.

If an action is not appropriated to the Source of Existence, then it becomes a burden and just a mere sense of responsibility. I must be aware that every event is a training opportunity provided by my Creator. Everything in creation is purposefully designed for me to practice what I understand from existence. Rehearsal is directly related to one’s understanding; it is an opportunity to improve our understanding.

Again, Quranic teaching does not educate its audience on how to practice a ritual. The mission of the Quran is to train human senses to get to know the Source of its Existence.

  • Revise your understanding to become more and more convinced about your reality.
  • Every opportunity is given to us to experience more and more the existence of this universe.

Am I training my senses?

Only human beings learn and make progress as far as my observation of this universe goes.

I believe in God, which kind of results does this bring to me?

Rehearsal is needed to understand the nature of my existence in this world so I understand the qualities of my Creator: who He really is and what qualities He has.

Who is God for me?

Every day, there is a new act of creation for me to witness. Every day new actions are prepared for me to teach me my reality. That is, what we learn here must definitely be experienced in another type of existence.

Why do I have a limited time here?

I am a student here learning and training so I can enjoy post-graduation.

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