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You are about to be saved from the hell of habit

Fasting has come to liberate you from the hell of routine and habit. You thought things were available to you whenever you wish, and suddenly they moved out of your reach. You used to assume you own things, now you’ve lost your claims. You are not yours. Nothing is yours. You eat only in the name of your Owner. Now, you look at things not out of habit, but with appreciation. You don’t take things granted anymore; you miss them. You exist now not with boredom but with a sweet longing.

Do you see water and bread with their new faces now? Fruits and food has taken on a new hue. The blessings are renewed. You now touch bread and water with permission. You receive them directly as gifts from your Lord. You find satiety, taste, and pleasure with your God. You are removed from the hassle of the world, and seated to the feast table of paradise. You are welcomed to the table of the pleasant ones. You sit by the good ones; you sip water along with them.

You are not ordinary any more. No taste is ordinary any more. You have been saved from the fire of habit and arrived at the paradise of awe. You have come out of the hell of boredom, to the paradise of gratitude and thanksgiving.

Welcome to paradise!

Senai Demirci
(translated by Isra Yazicioglu)


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