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Keep Wondering

Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are?  Are we wondering the same about the Source of our Existence, what we refer to as “God”?   What are you?   Hey, the Source of my existence, who are you?  Where are you?

Are you still wondering about It?  Or did you give up?  Or you simply do not have time anymore with all that is going on in your life.  Waiting for the weekend to come to wonder about life in general while running errands, without being certain whether you will be around by then.  That is our sad reality.  We get pre-occupied with the universe itself that we do not even concern ourselves with the Source of Existence of the universe.  (There may be some exceptional cases and so kudos to you).  After all, everything is provided for us.  We are just consumers here.  Why don’t we question the Source of Existence of all that is provided?  Why are we failing in this endeavor?  That is the biggest question!

Let us investigate the following analogy to understand what most of us are engulfed with.  If you put a bunch of teenagers inside a digital booth, they will get indulged in it like there is no tomorrow.  Favorite video games, all social media friends, avatars, manga, and more virtual fun, what else do they want.  Even if you keep shouting at them to come out of it with no matter what excuse you use such as its dinner time, you have school tomorrow, you are wasting your time, you will ruin your eye sight…, that would be like speaking to a wall that does not reply.

Similarly, our state of being is no different than these teenagers engulfed in technology.  We are engulfed in the universe itself.  We marvel at the wonderful displays.  We even catch sunrise occasionally and get mesmerized at that scene.  “Wow!  This is amazing!”, one may express while admiring waterfall for example.  But that is as far as we get, nothing more, nothing less.  Can this be our reality here?  Accepting the transient nature of this universe and waiting for the weekend to catch sunrise or a walk in the forest and keep living?  No, it cannot be!  If that were the case, then this existence would be meaningless.

  • What is the meaning behind experiencing transience and temporary marvelous display?
  • Why can’t my experiences here be everlasting?
  • Why can’t I just have fun forever?

Human mind questions that.  If the questions are there, then answers must be provided as well.  These are very legitimate human questions.  So, what do we do now?

74:32 “No, but consider the moon!”
74:33 “Consider the night when it retreats.”
74:34 “And the daybreak when it shines.”

What we need to do is go one step further beyond admiration itself.  We need to seriously question our “wows”?

  • What is the Cause of “awe” in me?
  • How do I explain this feeling in me?
  • How do I explain this expression of excitement in me?

How do we explain the existence of anything here including the order that we observe?

The sun itself cannot be the Source of Existence of its rise because it did not rise for the past two days despite me desiring it to do so.  Was the sun hiding behind dark clouds subject to rain or was it made to act such way?  I thought we were friends, but it betrayed me.  Same goes with the moon, it showed up earlier this morning embedded in dark blue sky as 75% full, while disappeared from my view for the past few days.  Obviously, these friends cannot be trusted.  As a matter of fact, nothing of this universe can be trusted to satisfy us forever, the friends here all come and go.  Even if I tell them not to go, they depart after being good friends.  What kind of friendship is this?  What kind of friend can I be since I will also depart one day?  What can satisfy me here?  What can satisfy you here?  We are all in need of an Eternal friend for sure, an Eternal Source of Existence.

Then your spirit wonders about your own Source of Existence, a One that does not leave you alone, a One that brings about all the changes in you moment by moment.  This is such a perfect order set up in the universe.  How do you explain the existence of the order in the universe?  And so, your heart yearns: “O Eternal One!  O Eternal One, I wonder what you are!?”


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