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What Is Worship? – Part 4

A’raf 7:180 “The most beautiful Names belong to God. Invoke Him by them. And leave the company of those who do distortion in His names. They will be recompensed for what they have been doing.”

  • “They will be recompensed for what they have been doing.”
    • Re-compensation does not only take place in hereafter. In terms of understanding Qur’anic message, I must internalize that Qur’an speaks to me here and now.
    • If someone distorts God’s name, will be punished for it; meaning will feel it by suffering within his being here and now, for distorting God’s name in this world within his attitude.
    • How do we think if someone distorts Gods name, will suffer from his own distortion in this world?
      • Will feel endless disappointment, subject to endless dissatisfaction due to meaningless living.
      • If someone perceives the world in a way that things are happening by themselves, it means they are giving the qualities of things to themselves. This is distortion in His names, and as a result, they will feel that this attitude is disheartening and is against human nature
      • If anyone is under the idea that things are haphazardly happening, making themselves, then my existence also becomes haphazard and meaningless. No one can accept that their existance is meaningless.
      • Thus, punishment lies within the attitude itself.
    • Human beings have the ability to learn from these qualities, and get to know the attributes of the One Who created the universe with His Conscious Will, connecting yourself to Him saying and perceiving, “I am His Product”
      • Recognizing that every quality is so perfect.
      • Through my free will, I can choose my preferences in accordance with His qualities so that I get to know Him better
        • Ex/ I see order/wisdom in universe, therefore I feel like I should live with orderliness, and do wise actions. In this way, I improve my human qualities by living consistently with The Qualities that are manifesting to me, developing greater Consciousness of The Source and thus greater meaning and value in my practical life.
    • When you stop questioning, stop using your human values/qualities, you are dead. “Mark Twain’s quote; “People are dead at 27 and buried at 72” We should NEVER stop questioning and wondering. Look for the meaning of everything.
    • Question: If a family member like parent is in state of” “dead” in terms of their humanity, how can we remind them? Answer: Lead with your own aspirations. Focus on your own observations, attain your own happiness, and lead an exemplary life of belief in your attempt to get to know who your Creator is. That is education; conveying the message. That is worship.
      • In the Qur’an, “worship,” “religion,” and “observing the names of God in our own life” are equal.
    • Ex/ When children see animals, like baby birds/lambs or kittens to feed, they love it! WHY? They’re associating their feelings with the existence of beauty in their own existence. They are sympathizing and communicating with the manifested names of The Creator in the existence of the things. *The vehicle to communicate with The Creator lies in the manifestation of His names in all the creations that we feel emotionally inclined towards.
    • We do A LOT OF WRONG THINGS! Most of the time, I feel like I neglect God. DO you see anything bad happening to you suddenly? God is SABBAR, most patient! My God is patient, and I have to relate my patience to Him so that I get to know Him better.

Yusuf 12:40 “All that you worship instead of God is nothing but names which you have invented – you and your fathers, for which God has sent down no authority. Judgment rests with God alone. He has ordained that you should worship none but Him. That is the right religion, but most people do not know.”

  • Take notice of all of the terms used within the verse, educating us how they are all tied.
  • “Names which you have invented” – attributing the qualities of the universe to ANYTHING WITHIN THE UNIVERSE. Anyone who does this, cannot PROVE or defend this Qur’an says “God has sent down no authority” for you to defend this idea that “Nature” makes flowers bloom, or that atoms make beautiful clouds for example.
    • To who or what do you refer all of the qualities in creation? To the Creator or “it happened to be like this?” Whatever your answer is defines your religion. The One who created it, is making it Consciously, Wisely, Beautifully. If you say things happening by “chance”, then you are worshipping “chance.”
  • Forefathers: in today’s day and age, it appears to be the materialists/scientists who claim theories that the qualities belong to particles themselves.
  • Worship: should not be reduced to the performance of “rituals” only. The rituals are but only the presentations of our realization that these manifested names belong to the One Who Gave existence to the universe. Rituals are expressions of acknowledging that all these Names belong to Him.
    • *If you accept, confirm, and perceive that these names/qualities of the things belong to The Creator, THAT IS WORSHIP OF THE CREATOR. All of the qualities that we observe belong to God.
    • We have to use all human qualities in order to communicate with Him, and respond back to Him.
  • That is the right religion (dhalika al deenu al qayyim)
    • Look at the sequence of this verse. Have you ever heard anyone present religion in this way?
    • First by taking notice of The manifested Names/Qualities/Attributes within us and within the universe communicating with Him through His/It’s names is worship illogical to attribute the qualities of the beings to anything of this universe. Any part of the universe has no authority to claim these qualities as belonging to them. (they have no authority over anything.) But they all belong to the Cause of their existence. Acknowledging that all these names belong to the Creator of this universe is worship. And THAT is the right religion.
    • What makes you a religious man? Don’t say because I pray 5 times a day! That comes at the very end in your response BACK. First communicate with Him through His names within yourself, your qualities, and the trees/flowers/objects of the universe. Ex/ “you are the one who gave me love of balance, beauty, perfection, love of protection, love of help, love of having the meaningful life” then communicate with the rest of the universe in His Name.
    • Worship God 24 hrs/day.
      • Ex/ at night: Thank you for making me tired and making me in need of rest.
      • Ex/ in the AM: Thank you for giving me rest, for waking me up.
    • When you study the beauty of the Arabic in the verse, all you do is prostrate. Summarized my whole life in one sentence.

Question: How can I thank God for testing me in times of difficulty? Answer: Why do you say test vs. means of education, means of training? The setting of this universe is the perfect school. **Every moment is to draw your attention to the right answer, educating us to know who our Lord is, preparing us to meet Him while we are here. There is nothing in this universe but education within creation. A test is not a “trap” or “hardship”. Only bad teachers use exams/tests to know student’s qualities/how much they know. A good teacher uses the test as an extension of the teaching process.

  • Ex/ Presents a challenging question, asks you to work on it, & while working on it, provides another angle of looking/studying it. Do you think the one who made you tries you to make you fall down into a trap? If so, why should He have created me from the beginning anyways if He is not going to help me progress in my existence! Everything is for the purpose of fulfilling my mission in this world, getting to know My Creator and connecting my feelings and my being to Him. Do you think a good teacher punishes their student just for the sake of punishment? Or would he use EVERY OPPORTUNITY for teaching?
  • Religion becomes your LIFE. Everything becomes so smooth. Don’t feel any burden. You don’t HAVE TO do anything that you don’t feel like doing. Best ex/ You feel hungry, you EAT.

Rum 30:30 “So set your face upright to the religion, unswervingly upright, in accordance with the original disposition from God upon which He constituted human beings. Let there be no change to corrupt what God has thus created. That is the right religion, but most people do not know.”

  • Set your face upright to the religion – Worship God – keep seeing His names manifesting before your very eyes, self-revealing to your original disposition.
    • Unswervingly upright: (haneefan)
  • Original disposition – fitrat Allah – nothing should be contradictory to who you are. If you feel a contradictory, it is a BURDEN that you are CARRYING.
    • Humans were constituted with an original disposition from The Maker, and within their disposition lies their capacity and desire to know The Maker.
    • It means, the upright religion is realizing the reality of your OWN original disposition – from God, and returning to God in connecting all the qualities back to Him.
      • Therefore, setting your face upright, worship, and religion lie within your ability to understand that you are made, constituted, with an original disposition to manifest the Qualities of Your Maker, as keys to unlock realizing who Your Maker is.
  • Let there be no change La tebdeela li khalq illah ! You should not change yourself at all/ contradict yourself at all. Act accordingly to exactly how you were constructed. Be perfect in your creational side, acknowledging the perfection in creation, i.e The Creator’s work.
    • It means don’t corrupt yourself by attributing any qualities to anything else. If you do, you are corrupting your reality, your nature, and, therefore, religion.
    • Be consistent within yourself, that your nature is just the manifestation of God’s constituted work and creation on you, whether it be your feelings, your needs, etc.
    • You “are” as He is making you.
  • That is the right religion. The way you are constituted by your Creator is the “Upright Religion.” Have you heard any definition of religion as such? That is how the Qur’an defines “Religion.”


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