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What Is A Miracle?

These notes are part of an ongoing discussion session on the purpose of our lives and the role of religion in it. We are all on a journey and mistakes are part of the learning process, so if you come across something that you think is wrong, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

We are not only referring to the miracles by the Prophet Muhammad SAW but historically, miracles from all the Prophets.

What do we understand from the word miracle?

–          an occurrence that is not possibly executed by someone else

–          Break in the routine/order that we are accustomed to

Mojiza is something that makes others incompetent.

As far as the creation side of the matter is concerned, every event in this world is a miracle because NO ONE can do it EXCEPT the one who is creating the whole universe

–          Whether it is in the form of a growth of a tree or in the form of fruits decaying, they are miracles

  • None of us can make a tree grow or fruits decay

–          We are not accustomed to seeing people walk on the sea and so we tend to term only such occurrences as miracles BUT in reality every act of creation is a miracle

  • It is our lack of knowledge of certain things which makes the occurrences of certain events seem like an anomaly

If we are aware that nothing in this world happens naturally (by itself) then everything is a miracle.

When we see someone operating a machine that I have no knowledge of, it seems extra ordinary to me BUT to the person who is operating it, the task is normal.

–          What we deem as miracles/out of the ordinary is a result of our thought perspectives.

–          Everything is a miracle from the creation point of view

  • From our point of view, when we are not accustomed to a particular event, we deem it a miracle.

Through creating miracles the Creator demonstrates that the existence is directly under His administration. He is the Lord of “material” and “spiritual” aspects of whole creation.

–          “material” and “spiritual” are categories that we give to creation

–          But in reality, all of creation is ONE whole entity

–          When our creator creates us, He creates us with both “material” and “spiritual” form

When they are alive, they are living cells and if they are not living, we call them non-living cells.

–          These are categories and definitions we impose on creation

–          But in reality, EVERYTHING is created by the Creator

I need to train myself to see existence as it is, as a whole, without categorizing (past, present, future, young, old, etc).

–          Everything is being created, given existence, as it is

–          Within creation, we give categories and names to objects (humans, flowers, buildings, seas)

  • But these are all artificial categories
  • We should not lose ourselves within these artificial categories which we have created for practical purposes (communication, etc)

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