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Ten Principles

1) Thou shalt never hisroricize the Revelation!
It is always here & now and never then & there.

2) Thou shalt always read the Revelation as if
you are the primary addressee!
It is always about you and never about them & others.

3) Thou shalt always start with observation
and build everything else upon it!
It is always proof first and then comes the confirmation.

4) Thou shalt never extract worldly meanings
from the heavenly Revelation!
It is never about being good but always seeing
the Creator as the source of that goodness.

5) Thou shalt always see God in everything!
There is always a sign to be read in the creation.

6) Thou shalt never read stories in the Revelation!
It is always about something you are doing right now.

7) Thou shalt never turn prophets into worldly wise men!
They always train us to read the heavenly meanings.

8) Thou shalt never claim to have attained
an understanding of the true nature of the Creator!
It is always about being sure of His existence through signs.

9) Thou shalt never claim to have exhausted
the interpretations of an absolute book.
There is always room for improvement and everyone
trained in this can chip in.

10) Thou shalt never inherit your faith!
You need to acquire it individually by using all
your faculties including your reasoning and heart.

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