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Reading the Quran Here and Now: Chapter Muzammil – Part 8

73:14 “One day the Earth and the mountains will be in violent commotion and mountains will be as a heap of sand poured out and flowing down.”

The mountains may look so solid and stable. But since they cannot sustain their existence they can burst out and transforms into sand, similarly human feelings experience meaninglessness when there is no attribution of their existence to a One that give existence.

73:15 “We have sent unto you an apostle who shall bear witness to the truth before you, even as We sent an apostle unto Pharaoh.”

Every generation has a Prophet sent who brings a universal message. What makes a message universal is its applicability to human beings in any epoch. Also, every creation (even a particle) in this universe points to the universality of the message. That is, everything brings a message which points to an Absolute Source.

If a message is a universal message, then it must be understood in a universal way. Quran says that it is a universal message and its reader must be able to see the universality in the message. Actually, every scripture is a universal message as the verse pinpoints it. Besides messengers in human forms, the universe and creation is a message and human consciousness is a message. All these messages are compatible with each other. That is, the messenger brings the Speech of God in verbal form, the universe brings the Speech of God in action form and one’s human consciousness brings the Speech of God in an intelligible form. Therefore, if your human qualities confirms the message, then that is your truth which is within your own capacity. Example: if you can conclude that one atom is the sign of the One that gives existence (i.e. Creator of the universe), then the conclusion of its existence (Absolute Creator) must be bound from your perspective when you attribute the existence of one atom to the Creator of whole universe.

  • Without universalizing the message of the Quran, one can neither understand the Message nor the Messengers.

Message is always with you and any Messenger is always with you. Everything is a message. Even when something good or bad happens to you (according to your perception) and you feel disappointed, look for the message in it.

73:16 “But Pharaoh disobeyed the apostle, so we seized him with a crushing grip.”

Pharaoh is a figurative speech representing the most arrogant man. When you have an ego-centric perspective to creation (i.e. everything should happen according to your expectations), then you are bound to get disappointed. We are always presented with two options. One true (real existent) and one false (counter option). Our ego exists to present us with the option to deny that which is externally existent. The quality to confirm the truth is within us. When you deny the meaning of the message or you follow your ego, that is described as “Satanic.” And it has reality, i.e. it does not really exists.

Comment: how do you explain the existence of the freewill in case of, for example, war or disasters?

Question the existence of disliking war? Where is it coming from? Why are you made with the sense of dislike towards horrific event? When you realize that the One that gives you these senses is introducing Itself to you that you should not prefer war or harming others. Physical disaster, like calamities are created to let us know that the universe does not have to be as it always is. We should be aware that we are dependent and needy and the Creator of the universe is the source of existence of everything existent. Also, you get to know that It is teaching you what is good and what is bad so that when you use your freewill you will be aware of right and wrong.

As far as people involved in war act, they are misusing their freewill.

73:17 “How, then if you refuse to acknowledge the truth, will you protect yourselves on a day (time) which turns the hair of children grey.”

This is just an expression that things become totally unbearable whenever one does not use their human qualities for the purpose of their existence.

73:18 “The heaven breaks apart therefrom; His promise has always been performed.”

If you misinterpret the meaning of existence your whole world collapses as a result of not using your human qualities for its given purpose. Your human qualities are given to you to acknowledge your Owner and submit your being to it. Without a rightly fixed target, human qualities can never be satisfied with this transient universe.

73:19 “Surely this is a reminder, so whoever wills may take a way to His Lord.”

The messengers are a guide to help us realize what’s already in existence within the order of the universe. That is, they remind us of our reality here i.e. we are created to find our way to acknowledge the Lord, the Owner of the universe.

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