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Quran-Universe Parallel Reading: Chapter Takwir – Part 16

Analogy: A painter continuously keeps painting on a canvas tirelessly.

  • Similarly, the Artist of this universe keeps manifesting endless qualities in this universe effortlessly and without any interruption.

Now that we understand that the universe is like a live painting, it means that the Artist itself is not of the nature of this universe, It is not visible to us, but keeps stroking its brush because we see that the brush is constantly moving.

Question to consider:

  1. Is the brush the cause of existence of this universe?
  • No, the brush is just a means the artist is using to paint the brush.
  1. Is one scene the cause of existence of the other scene?
  • No, the scenes all are coming into existence at once by the Artist using the brush.
  1. Is the paint giving life to the scene?
  • No, the paint is a means deployed by the Artist.

Recap: Meaning we get from creation is carried by angels.

81:25 “and this [message] is not the word of any rejected satanic force.”

What is satanic force?

Any misrepresented idea which has no reality. In other words, it is a false idea presented to human beings as an option to choose from. (Remember–we need option so that our freewill may operate.)

Example: The ability to imagine exists but the content of imagination does not exist. If the content of something does not exist, then it is not real.

Similarly, the content of assigning partners to the Source of existence (Arabic for shirk) does not exist but it is presented to us an option to choose from so we may utilize our freewill.

Example: This pencil exists. Rather than not existing, it exists. In other words, I get to know the existence of something by reasoning about its non-existence which does not exist and hence is unreal.

Acknowledging the Source of Existence of oneself and the universe-

If one does not commit shirk, then they are in Paradise.

If one realizes that they have been assigning partners to the Source of Existence or have been committing shirk then this realization is given from the Source of one’s Existence to ask for forgiveness.

  • Acknowledge the authority first and then apologize.
  • Without establishing belief in the Source of existence, forgiveness cannot take place and hence is unforgivable because you are not acknowledging the Source of Existence, so that you can ask for forgiveness.

Even forgiveness requires acknowledgment of the Source of Existence otherwise what are you asking forgiveness from? If you are sure of the Creator of the universe and the Source of your Existence, then you can comfortably ask for forgiveness.

Painting (as per analogy above) is nothing but a message disclosing the qualities of the artist. Everything here in this universe is a sign (Arabic for aya) pointing to the existence of the qualities of the Artist in absolute form. Since the Artist is Absolute i.e. not of the nature of this universe, no one can understand its essence by His qualities manifested here. It is as if you cannot get a drop of the ocean in order to understand the ocean. Thus, we cannot get a drop of the Absolute, so we will be able to understand the nature of the Absolute Being. Every thing available for us is only the manifestations of the Qualities of the Absolute.

Our responsibility is to understand and explain the existence of the things so as to not commit shirks.

We are not here to find out the nature of things, rather what do the things represent. Example: just for one of your finger to type a stroke on the keyboard, how many chemical reactions take place? More than our eyes can imagine. What does one movement of your finger represent? As if uncountable actions are being brought into existence at the same time, within a perfect order and harmony. That means the movement of moving the finger points to the Absoluteness of its Creator. That is what “God is Great” (AllahuAkbar) means.

We are here to realize and recognize that we are beggars. We are not creating anything. Everything is created for us. We just ask the Source of Existence of the finger to strike letters on the keyboards and the result is created for us. Similarly, when we bow down while prostrating in the ritualistic prayers, we just beg for the legs to be bent by acknowledging our neediness and by putting the head on the floor we declare that we are nothing but totally owned.

What does the Source of Existence (God or Allah) mean”?

Nothing has the power to give existence to anything here (lailaha). There must be a One bringing things into existence (illallah).

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