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Practices in Reading the Quran Here and Now: Chapter Qalam (Pen) – Part 3

“So do not obey those who deny the truth.” Pen (68):8

Who is denying the truth?

  • I am denying the truth, one side of me is denying the truth.

In order to deny the truth what do you have to do?

  • You have to be aware of it. That is the ability to acknowledge or deny the truth is within yourself. You are choosing not to submit to the truth.

Who is denying the truth, even partially?

  • We tend to deny the truth partially despite the fact that we may claim that I do not deny the truth. That is normal and part of our reality.
  • The problem is that we confuse what our conscious says and what our preference want. Be careful not to confuse consciousness (truth/reality) with preferences (like/dislike).
  • I need to consult my own consciousness: Is what I am choosing my own consciousness or preference?
  • I should be honest with my use of freewill and avoid justifying it at the expense of protecting my ego.
  • I should try to increase my consistency about the truth with my spirit.
  • I am extremely weak but I need to make exercises to seek my own reality i.e. the truth.

“They wish that you compromise, so they too compromise.” Pen (68):9

If you believe in God, you are expected to follow the will of God. That is why you are created. If you believe in God, you may fail in your obedience to your Creator. That is normal and part of our reality. If you do not believe in God, to follow the will of God or not will be irrelevant to you anyways.

The verse is really letting one know that one should not expect any satisfaction from the ego by compromising. Ego leads you towards the wrong option i.e. it offers you something that is false. While the heart/spirit offers you the right option. Only my relationship with my spirit helps me gain satisfaction in my existence. My spirit suffers as a result of any compromise, a grave encounter indeed.

  • You cannot expect anything by compromising with the ego.
  • Satan represents non-existence. Ego is fed by Satanic thoughts.
  • We need to develop ourselves to prepare to read the Quran.
  • If you fail in following the spirit, never give up.

“And do not obey any contemptable habitual swearer of oaths” Pen (68):10

Every scientific interpretation is missing the reality. The reality is that nothing has the power to create anything (lailaha). Example: Put a plant under the sunlight and it grows well under adequate watering and atmospheric conditions. As soon as you take the plant off sunlight, it dies. Now, the scientific data will show that sunlight is the cause of existence of the plant. This is the evidence used by scientists to substantiate their claim. However, without questioning the source of existence of the sun and its light, one’s interpretation is missing a big chunk of the reality that exists out there. Thus, science tends to hide reality and never question the agent of existence. Similarly, one’s ego does not take into account the purpose of one’s existence.

Quran pushes us to ask these questions: Can cause be the source of existence of its effect? Does sunlight have the power to give light or is it obedient of the universe?

Human choice offers no partial answers. There is only one right and one wrong. Nothing is alien to anyone. We are all given the potentiality to discern right from wrong. Quran is a reminder to the truth that the spirit has already inherited from its Source of existence, the Creator. Whatever portion of the truth is missing in my acknowledgment of the reality is mostly filled by the opposite. There is nothing wrong with that as long as one is consistent with maintaining a certain balance (referred to as meezan) is the pathway to progress i.e. Paradise. Being in the path to progress or Paradise makes you successful.

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