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Arguments for Messengership – Part 8


The Reasonings (page 121-122)

One dimension of this proof is Prophethood in general; the other is the Prophethood of Muhammad, upon him be peace and blessings.

Stage 1: Do we really understand that Messengership is necessary?  Do I really need Messengership?

Stage 2: If Messengership is necessary, is a particular person called Muhammad a Messenger?

We do not know the person but as historians narrate to us, we are able to check whether the message that Muhammad brings and the description of the instructor as Messenger fits our humanity.

An Indication

The Maker does nothing without a purpose; there are many instances of wisdom in His every act.  There is an order in everything in the universe, down to the things that are seemingly the most insignificant.  Nothing is neglected in creation, and humanity needs a guide on its way to eternity.  All these realities demonstrate the necessity of the institution of Prophethood.

  • Main point: There is nothing in this universe without any purpose and in the creation of everything there is wisdom.

If someone argues that there is no wisdom in the existence of things, then we can talk about it.

What am I going to do with the things here?

If there is wisdom in the existence of everything, then what is expected from the Creator of this universe is that He must explain the wisdom in the existence of everything as it has wisdom.

  • Stage one: In creation, there is wisdom.
  • Stage two: Why is there wisdom?

Comment: Because I find myself created like this.

In creation, the desire to look for wisdom exists.  Example: Look at the tissues on table.  Why are the tissues there?  Who put it there?  It is a wise action.  If there is wisdom, it means it is the result of a wise action.

  • If something is the result of a wise action, it must be performed and realized by a Conscious Will.

We ask: Why do you make everything with wisdom and what is the wisdom in the existence of the universe which has wisdom in each and every part of its existence?  Why are we in the universe like this?

In other words, based on our observation of the universe, we see wisdom in the existence of things.  Now we say, hey what is the wisdom in the existence of the things?

Existence itself has wisdom as well.  The question is: “Why does existence have wisdom?”  Human beings question and this question is common among all human beings and is engrained in my existence as well.  There is a desire to understand wisdom in existence and I am given the ability to question: “why do I desire to look for wisdom?”   That is another layer of question.  Hence, nothing is pointless or purposeless in the existence of this universe.

Comment:  There are a lot of questions going on, what do we do to get answers?

We have to come to the conclusion that if there is wisdom in the existence of everything, including my search for wisdom, there must be a Conscious Choice/Will/Preference behind it making everything purposeful with wisdom.  They call it Intelligent Choice, making everything deliberately purposeful with wisdom.  Why do such qualities exist?  An Intelligent Will must have created this universe with wisdom but what is the point?  I understand that there must be an intelligent agent behind the existence of this wisdom.  My questions do not stop here.  I ask, what is the point and what should I do?

Everything is perfectly ordered, and human beings need a guide on its way to Eternity; why?  We have the desire to exist in a perfect way with the most satisfactory way eternally.  Every human being has every right to ask this question: “How do I understand that the Creator of this universe must be intelligent?”  Because I see that everything is put deliberately and created with wisdom, pointing to the Source of existence of this universe which must be an Intelligent Conscious Being.  I do not know where It is and I have not seen It in this universe but I understand that It is the Creator of this universe.  Human beings ask: “I want Eternity, O Intelligent Being, explain me how to get it?  What am I supposed to do?  I need Eternity, is it really going to be given?  What is the point in being here?”

If we think that life and existence for human beings consists only of existence between birth and death, then it is ridiculous, a play and joke.  Also, it contradicts my human nature which says that I want Eternal Happiness and what I see as it appears to be, there is no such thing and you are going to be executed forever.  I say it should not be!  I have every right to ask or expect from this Conscious Creator to explain to me why am I going to be executed and what is going on here?

Apparently, I see no other type of existence other than the existence of this universe.  But the desire contradicts, and human intelligence concludes that there must be an intelligent Creator behind this contradiction and this Creator does not do anything without wisdom.

  • What is the wisdom in creating in me the desire for Eternity and the need for an explanation from the Creator? This is the BASIC REASONING OF WHY DO WE NEED MESSENGERSHIP.  This intelligent Being must tell me.

Comment:  Learning the answer from other people does not really help change the reality.  Even, if I get to know the answer, what is the wisdom in creating the universe?

How can you learn the wisdom?  By experiencing and questioning the universe.  But the universe says that I am sorry I cannot answer you as I myself am transient.  I cannot speak to you intelligently and tell you what is the purpose in my existence.  The universe does tell us that there is a purpose in its existence, BUT the universe cannot tell us “how” it happened and “why”.

Scientists want to discover the order more and more to benefit from it but they cannot get the answers to how the order is established in a certain way and why it exists as it is.  If you ask questions which the universe cannot answer, this question necessarily takes you out of the universe and that which is out of the universe, we cannot experience it and that takes us into the “science of theology”.

  • If something is not of the nature of this universe, you cannot experience it and if you cannot experience it, you cannot verify it through experiment; you need to use your logic.

Whatever answers you get from the universe, it can be experienced within the universe.  However, if the question is necessitated by human logic, which goes beyond the capacity of the universe by asking the Source of existence of this universe logically, you get the answer logically and not experientially.  If the question is logical and this logic takes you out of the universe, then the answer of this logical question must come from outside the universe.

  • If your question is related to the universe itself, then you can expect the answer from the universe.

What does the universe say to us: “There is wisdom in my existence and there is a Conscious deliberate organization within my own existence and logic says that there must be a Conscious Being who made this universe deliberately”.  This Being is not the universe but the Source of existence of this universe.

If there is a need for the universe to have a Source of its own Existence (1st stage), then it is the Cause of existence of this universe (2nd stage).  Some Philosophers claim that the Cause of Existence of something is human construction.  “If something exists, why do you ask for its cause of existence?”  Don’t you see a prejudiced claim in this question here?

Existence is something but what is the Source of it?  Not that things exist but every stage of existence is subject to change.  What is the source of existence of this change?  When we look at the change, everything is perfectly changed within an order.  What is the Source of Existence of this order?  Order is something and it cannot happen by itself.  Can the order happen by itself?  What is the Source of it?  Human logic necessitates that there must be a Source of existence of this order continuously re-arranged.  This Source must be “the Cause”.

The universe is prepared in such a way that it prepares the human mind to work.  Whatever human beings experience, they ask what is the cause of existence of it?  Example: If there is a pencil here, we question the Cause of the existence of the pencil.  Scientist questions the cause of existence of things within the order of the universe.   They do not dare to ask the question if the tree is made to grow in a perfect order, what is the cause of existence of such an order?

The things themselves have no power, will and quality.  Everything that exists is subject to the order of the universe.  Nothing in the universe is free in its existence.  If you find one piece which is not subject to the order, then it means that it has freewill.  Even a spec may seem to be randomly moving around but is moving around with the movement of the air which is subject to the order.  Nothing can move one minute with its choice.

Even a leaf drops from a tree with knowledge and deliberate decision of its Creator because the order is deliberately arranged by a Conscious Will.  They are subject to the Design, Creatorship and Will of the Source of existence of this universe.  Nothing is free.  How can they come into existence as a result of their own choice?  Nothing can act freely.  How can I say that things develop on their own?  Things are developing according to the order which is established by a Conscious Being that is outside of this universe and not of this universe (Absolute).

Universe is taking place within an order and its change is taking place within an order as well.  Material substance of this universe is constructed within an order and is made subject to change and this change is taking place within an order.  Even the universe is created by a Being called God, change must be taking place within an order by this Conscious Being.  Since change is taking place within an order and order needs conscious decision and conscious decision cannot be made by anything within the universe because the universe itself is subject to the order. 

What is going on within the cells and atoms?  Are things evolving and adapting within themselves and by themselves?   The order is changing within an order.  It is not an accidental change!  Everything is subject to change.  Everything exists within an order.  Everything within this order is subject to change and the change is also realized to fulfil a purpose.  Space wise there is an order.  Time wise there is an order.

Are the things developing themselves?  They are subject to an order.  They cannot move from one position to another at their own will.  Even a baby grows according to an order established by a One who gave existence to this order and this order requires a conscious choice, ability to decide (i.e. Will).  Everything is subject to a Conscious Will.  I cannot attribute anything to anyone within the universe.

Some may say that if there is a conscious choice behind everything, then why is there evil going on?  “Evil” lies in one’s perception.  The following statement is very much known: “God knows what It is doing”.  This statement is not wrong, but this statement needs to be proven.

  • First, we need to find out how do we know the “concept of God”?

Quran emphasizes on there must be something behind the existence of this universe and you must find out and only then you will understand this Being is absolutely Powerful, Knowledgeable, Just… and makes everything out of His Mercy.   The use of the language “I am Knowledgeable” is for us and it is our duty to investigate whether the Creator of this universe has these qualities.

  • We must investigate the universe!

There are some questions that I cannot investigate within the universe, WE ARE AT THIS STAGE.

Universe says there is wisdom in its creation.  Since Scientists cannot put wisdom in the lab, they say that if something cannot be experienced in material sense, then we should not concern with it.  Ignore it because there is no answer within this universe.  Human logic says: “I have this question, where did I get the ability to question?  There must be an answer if I have the question.”  The universe says that there is wisdom in my existence and things are subject to the decision of the Will of the Creator.  We all exist because someone decided for us to come into existence as we are and we are continuously changing because someone else decided to make our existence subject to change and matter itself (cells, atoms…) have no freewill to make this decision.

Logic says that something else is doing something and says Why?  Logic asks more questions: “I have certain desires which cannot be satisfied within this universe.”  Since there is wisdom in the existence of everything, there is wisdom in the existence of my desire to get satisfaction.  Where is it?  Universe says that I cannot give you Eternity; I can only turn you into compost.  That is the answer we get from the universe and I say that I do not want to become compost.  In the existence of this desire of not becoming compost is wisdom.  How can I find this wisdom and where can I find it?

  • In an angry voice, a serious and concerned human being says: “Look, whoever you are, I do not know, I only care that you exist, and you gave me the desire for Eternal Happiness; if there is no Eternal Happiness, my being happy right now does not mean anything at all. You made the order of this universe in such a way that I will never get satisfaction from this universe. Are you joking with me?  Please tell me what is the point?  Are you playing with me?”

Imagine if there is no Eternity then I will hate the Creator.  Human nature requires being angry with the Creator if there was no answer.  Do you feel that?  If there was no Eternity, this Creator is a monster or a sadist.  There is no sign in the order of the universe that shows that the Creator of the universe is sadist.  It means my desire for Eternity cannot be satisfied by the universe itself so tell me what is the point in creating in me the desire for happiness?  If there was no message and explanation from the Creator, I would always curse the Creator.  Are you playing with me like a cat plays with a mouse?

As a result, I beg: “tell me what is going on?”  This requires the need for the institute of Messengership: “There must be an Explanation i.e. Message, therefore Messengership.”  The text says: My humanity needs a guide on its way to Eternity.  That is, I do not need a guide to tell me what to eat for my breakfast.  I can learn it here from the universe.  I need a guide to let me know what I cannot learn from the universe.  The consequence of this understanding is essential.  The guidance that the Creator of the universe sends through the Messengers must be read with this condition, not reduced to something I can find within the universe.

I do not want from the Creator any answers that the scientists can give me.  I can have it here and it is not really my essential desire.  My essential desire is concerned with what I cannot find within the universe.  Materialist say that there is no answer, they do not add on within the universe.  If there is a question in my existence, then there must be an answer.  If it is not within the universe, let me ask the Source of Existence of the universe and expect the answer from It because It is not crazy, sadist and stupid.  It is the Source of Intelligence and the universe is witnessing it.  If It has created a perfect universe and created me with these desires in it, then there must be wisdom in it and It must explain it.  Materialists say that since there are certain things that we cannot make absolutely sure, then there is no Absolute truth.  They say there is no absolute truth, and everything is relative.  If someone feels there is a dead-end within their conditioned way of thinking, then they do not investigate further to conclude an absolute truth and they encourage others not to ask further questions according to their standards.  When they say there is no Absolute truth/reality, they say that everything is relative to my understanding is correct.  We keep saying that one’s belief is relative to them, but it does not require that there is no absolute truth.  I can get something according to my capacity. 

  • You can get something according to your capacity. That is, something of the absolute truth. 

These people mislead human mind because they themselves are misled.  Yes, everything is relative in the universe according to your interpretation and understanding.  But some logical conclusions in their own nature are not relative.  Example: there must be a Source of Existence of the universe and its order.  This Source of existence of the order of the universe must be logically concluded by every human being.  How can you describe this Source?  I can describe this Source only according to my capacity.  That is relative to me.  The logically conclusion is sure but description of it is relative to the one’s capacity who describes it.

  • All logical conclusions (a priori) are common for human beings but within the universe there is nothing Absolute but human mind says that there must be Absolute.

1 + 1 makes two.  Is that relative to me?  No.  However, if we start discussing the meaning in the existence of 1+1=2, then I can explain it according to my interest point of view and you can explain it according to your interest point of view.  These explanations then become relative and the universe with all its particulars are created in such a way that their existence makes sense to conscious human beings in relative terms to something.  Example: these are animate beings relative to inanimate beings.  Human beings are conscious beings relative to unconscious beings.  The stone is not conscious but human beings are conscious of their own existence.  Can you speak in terms of absolutism in the universe?  No, because how can you know that the stone is not conscious?  True.  That is relative.

Similarly, we see that human beings experience freewill within the order.  Can you choose anything which is not within the order of the universe?  No.  This is called irada kulliya (the One who establishes everything in this order, It must have preferred it to be like this.)  Within this irada kulliya, human beings are given universal choice.  The other is irada juziya i.e partial choice.  I am free within the order to go one way or another way.  Since God decides about everything, human beings can only choose within the order.   We cannot do anything else besides choosing what is already within the order.

One’s belief is relative to them.  I cannot say that I have encompassed Absolute.  If you have encompassed something, you cannot say that it is Absolute.  If something is Absolute, you cannot comprehend its boundaries, it does not have a boundary.  You are limited and so there must be something unlimited.  The concept exists in your mind and human qualities confirms that such a thing exists.  “Yes, I am within the Absolute but I comprehend or conclude only partially”.  There is no Absolute truth and reality within the universe.  That is correct, but it does not mean that there is no Absolute truth at all.  Logic says that there must be.  What is the Absolute truth?  Something exits which is not of the nature of this universe.  Something exists which is the Source of existence of this universe and which must be the Source of existence of this universe.

Comment: Can we not say that the logical conclusion “there must be Something” is an absolute conclusion.

Yes, that is a priori conclusion and you cannot go beyond it.  Even some scholars argued on that.  You cannot get out of your skin, that is how you are, how you feel and how you understand.  That is what you are.

How do we define belief?  Ultimately, not contradicting yourself.  Belief is not contradicting your “a priori conclusion”. That is what I understand, and I am responsible not to contradict myself.  I am comfortable with it.  It means that this conclusion matches my existence.  That is it, I cannot go beyond my existence.  That is why belief cannot be denied.  A priori conclusions cannot be denied and questioned because they are experiential within my human qualities and not materially.

Human logical conclusions cannot be doubted or questionedExample:  By looking at art, you can conclude that there must be an Artist.  That conclusion cannot be questioned.  I do not have to see the Artist performing the art.  Materialists say that we must see the Artist performing the action there in order to confirm the existence of the Artist.  That is insane!

  • Human capacity works in this way: “I have to see the work in order to conclude with full confidence that this art has been performed by a conscious artist because the art cannot just form itself.” Example: if you look at a table, the wood itself cannot form the table.  The conclusion I derive at is with me and that is what I really am.  These a priori conclusions are universally absolute i.e. very logical conclusion to derive at after reasoning.

Seeing a man making the table does not increase your certainty.  Even if God showed that It is creating the universe, then it does not increase my certainty that this thing has a Maker.

The universe must have a Conscious Maker.  My logical conclusion is important.  My experiential conclusion is not as important because they are relative to my experience.  My logical conclusions are universal (a priori) and cannot be beyond doubt.  These points are the missing link in the Materialist Sciences.

If you find food prepared, you do not have to see the cook because beyond doubt the food must have been prepared.  Quran says: “Whatever I tell you cannot have doubt in it” (2: 2.)  You must find why it cannot have doubt?

  • The message in the Speech has nothing to do with information that I can obtain in the universe. Quran cannot be read in terms of the conditions of this universe.

Universe is a witness, but Quran does not bring information I can obtain in the universe.  Example: there is an order in the universe.  I do not need whoever make the order to tell me that.  Why do you bother telling me that?  I already know it.

If the Quran says that I am the Order-er, then that is something else.  The universe witnesses that there must be an Order-er and the Quran says that I am the Source of Existence of this universe and you say that the Order must be from the Source of Existence of this universe which is called “God”.  “Yes, God is telling me that I must acknowledge the Source of Existence of the Order”.  The existence of the order is self-evident, and you do not need anyone to tell you that.  Example: Food is prepared by someone.  You say I already know that.

When you read the Quran, take the following point into account.  Most of the cases in the Quran is allegorical and need interpretation.  Example: you are having prepared food. The cook comes and says do you know it is prepared by someone.  You do turn to the cook and say I know because it is “a priori” to your reality that the food is prepared.  What are you expected to say when someone says that is it prepared by someone?  Thank you!

If the One who prepares it tells you that the food is prepared by someone, you must interpret the language and say what do you mean?   Then you understand that the preparer wants me to say “thanks”.

  • The allegorical speech is a way to prompt you to say “that you need to thank the Preparer”. That is how the Quran needs to be read otherwise we are reading a Wise Man’s Speech.


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