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Arguments for Messengership – Part 13

The Reasonings (page 124)

 “The third point worth mentioning in relation to the superiority of humanity over animals is the balance in the dispositions of the human, the fineness in its nature, and its tendency to make things better or more beautiful.  Humanity has an inborn tendency to live in a way of befitting its essential nature.  It must not, and cannot, live like animals.  It must lead a life befitting its essential honor.  It is because of this inborn tendency that humanity needs to improve and decorate its dwelling place, clothes, and foods, and use sciences and crafts.  It is not possible for an individual to have sufficient knowledge about all such sciences or crafts.  Therefore, human need to love together, co-operate with one another, and exchange their products among themselves.  The satisfaction of this need requires justice and the existence of certain rules, as the desires, potentials, and faculties of humanity are not restricted from birth, and so can be the cause of aggression and injustice.”

What is the balance in the disposition of the human?

Comment:  There is a comparison being made between human beings and animals.  Physiologically, we look the same, we eat, sleep as far as what we observe.  However, human beings are interactive individuals and so we question things such as the transience of what we experience, we question our desire of wanting things everlasting and permanent and we find out through the transience that it is something that we cannot get here in this universe.  It is such a beautiful contradiction that it keeps us in balance in terms of checking and seeking out solution to this contradiction

Again, what is the balance in the disposition of human beings?

Comment:  It is the contradiction that keeps us in check about who we are?  I find that I want Eternity and I cannot get Eternity here and so I look for a solution for something everlasting or permanent, otherwise we can keep living and be stuck in a vicious circle thinking that my time-frame is just from birth to death.  So, the contradiction is what keeps us in check.

Comment:  Isn’t it the infiniteness of the human potentiality?  That we constantly have this innate desire to keep learning something new and improving ourselves in order to transform this potentiality into capacity.

Is there any ideology or philosophy which claims that they are not perfect?  No. Is there any civilization that says that I am not the best?  How are we going to find out which ideology is the best since civilizations have different values?  There are differences between different civilizations.  No one says that my values are the second best.

Human potentialities are there as they are but how we are going to see which civilization fits best to human potentialities without disturbing the balance in human disposition.  Some civilizations emphasize on one side, others on another side.  What should we choose so that it does not imbalance our human disposition?  Example: giving more emphasis on the satisfaction of our whims and ignoring the other side of our humanity or the other way around.

We need guidance from a Source which comprehends human potentiality totally and so what can this guidance be?  In other words, which kind of Source can satisfy my human potentialities without disturbing the balance?  Human beings have whims and lust and have qualities that want to be superior over others.  These are human realities and so how are we going to keep the balance with these desires in an instructive way that also requires justice, modesty…? 

We can claim from one perspective that human reasoning can solve everything and from another perspective, human reasoning is not good at all because we always confuse and lack something and we do not have a universal view, so forget about human reasoning and, alternatively, imitate Divine guidance.  Either giving all authority to human reasoning or not at all.

How am I going to handle human capacity?  To be able to guide human potentialities, a One must be able to comprehend all sides of human potentialities.  While guiding the human potentiality, this guidance should not alienate human beings from the environment that we are living here, the conditions of this universe.

  • Guidance should not contradict, and it must fit into the condition of the environment but at the same time without disturbing human potentialities.

We want the smoothest way of life without any disturbance, stress or depression.  No laziness, no over-excitement, just a fine character.  Example: Women love to make things beautiful.  To what extent?  What is the limit?  Are we going to spend all our lives to make the best food?  Because we want to have a better life.  What is the limit?

Where do we start and where are we expected to stop?  Without disturbing the elements within my human potentiality and as a created human being within the conditions of this universe, not to contradict anything outside of my existence.  The order of the universe should not cause any contradiction.

  1. The One who claims to guide human beings to the best balance should know human potentiality comprehensively without ignoring any side.
  2. This One should also know how the universe works.
  3. This One should guide human beings to help them fit their human potentialities into the order of this universe. Not an easy task to follow!

Comment: When I look at the word “balance”, it makes me think of striking that balance within a quality itself as oppose to the balance between one quality and another.  Example: weight is a quality and I need to find balance in that quality.  Metrics are worldview to find the weight as oppose to how do I measure weight against another quality?

Do you like to be clean?  Cleanliness is a quality.  Can you spend all your life to clean your house only?  No.  Where am I going to start?  What is the limit or balance?  Cleanliness is important and at the same time using your time on more important subjects such as learning or cooking.  But how are you going to keep the balance in between all senses?  Within the sense of cleanliness, there must be a limit to keep the balance between all the qualities to experience such as cleanliness, cooking and learning.

  • The task is to get guidance from a Source which will really keep my balance in the right way is a hard task not easy.

“Essential nature” is potentialities.  How are we going to turn these potentialities into capacity?

  • That is where we need guidance: How am I going to utilize these potentialities while I am trying to turn them into capacities?

Potentialities and human capacities are different.  Example: potentiality wise you can learn Japanese, but you may not have learned it and so this potentiality is not used.  It is important to see that human beings are all equal to having endless potentialities but when it comes to turning them into abilities, everyone becomes a different person.  It starts from the first day of birth and you start developing certain characters i.e. how you are using the potentialities and practicing them within the conditions of this world?

  • We should look for a way to utilize our potentialities which fits our potentialities or essential nature.

Animal’s potentialities and capabilities are static.  There are some exceptions where you can train them to serve human.  They cannot learn more than what their potentialities can lead them to.  On the other hands, for human beings, can we say that human potentialities are unlimited.  Just as none of the branch of science can claim that they have reached their pinnacle.  There is no end in any sense.  That is the way we can achieve success but at the same time it reminds us that we cannot claim to be as perfect as we are made.  We are always in the process of progress.  That is why human beings are expected not to reach perfection but be on the way of progress.

  • Follow the process and aim at the perfection but know that you will never reach perfection.

Verse: “We created human beings in the perfect form and nature (fitraa).”  (Qur’an, 95: 4.) True, but can we really fulfill this perfection?  No, not even in one branch of potentiality.  It means that we are created perfectly but at the same time we are asked to progress in order to reach perfection but be aware that we cannot reach perfection.  The reason being, it may sound mystical because human spirit is breathed from the spirit of an Eternal One.  It is a hard to digest subject.  Are we part of God?  No, we are created but potentially we are given the opportunity to realize the Infinite Source of each of our potentialities. Although, we know that we cannot really accomplish this mission, but we know that such a thing exists.  Example: we are potentially given the ability to know a Perfect One, we cannot really accomplish this mission.  It is open-ended, not a dead end.  Keep going until you are taken away from the field of training.  We are training here until we die.

What do we mean by sciences?

Comment: The order we witness within the universe.

Sciences are supposed to discover the order of the universe, the aspect of which is not obvious at first.  The function of science is to discover the order because the order has endless layers.  You discover one layer and then another because the Source of Existence of this universe is manifesting its Infinite qualities.  The secrets of the order must also be like human potentialities without any end.  Although, we cannot reach the end, but we know that there is no end.  Example: We know that the universe must have a Creator, Source of Existence.  We also know that this Source of Existence must have Absolute Infinite qualities.  Can we comprehend the Absolute?  No, BUT we can comprehend the Necessity and Existence of the Absolute.  We cannot comprehend the essence of Absolute.  This is beautiful to realize that we are not the Source of perfection and infinite.  We are only beings given ability to be conscious of existence of the infinite.  That is what human consciousness fulfills in this world, lets me realize that I am coming from an Infinite Source, but I cannot comprehend the nature of Infinite.  This is a perfect fitting to the conditions of this universe.  These human qualities are fitting by their nature.

Human potentialities are infinite.  The manifestations of the qualities of the Creator must also be infinite.  Now, we are given existence within this free field, with endless potentialities.  You can go wherever you want to go.  Discover as much as you can, BUT you cannot reach perfection.

My duty is to be on the path to Perfection.  As long as you are a student, do not worry about your grade level.  Whatever level of education you are attending, just be careful not to miss the classes.  Do not get disappointed that you are not a PhD student yet, but you are a primary school student.

  • But the question is: “Are you attending the class at the primary school?” That is what is important.  Wherever you are, do not worry.  Do not say that it is too late for me.  No!  Adult Education is possible.  No one will say that you are 70 years old and taking this course.  Just start from the status where you are and go.  Do not stop!
  • Most important is to attend the class, rather than being at a certain level. When you miss the classes, then you are wasting your potentialities.  Continue at the speed that you can do but never stop!

Comment: Can we relate this process of moving forward to refinement?

Quran does not only say “The Path” but “The Straight Path”.  When you go on a rough road, you do not like to drive.  “Fineness” means exactly fitting.  Problem is that human beings are not aware of this.  From one aspect, they want to develop their potentially but at the same time, they have to take into consideration the conditions of the order in the universe, how am I going to keep the balance and make my life go smoothly?  Example: The rise of technology has produced lots of material products, including weapons of mass destruction.  As a result, the material products for example maybe used to kill people.  If we do not take care of the order in the universe, then there would be an ecological imbalance.  How am I going to keep the balance that fits into the order of the universe while I am improving my potentialities into capacities?  That is why we need guidance.

Potentially we have knowledge but practically we do not have comprehensive views of our potentialities and endless potential nature of the order of the universe.  Therefore, humans need to live with one other and exchange their products and help each other i.e. mutual support and cooperation.  The satisfaction of this need (idea exchange) requires “justice”.  Most civilizations that have not established values on “Divine guidance”, they aim at benefitting certain systems they have established or certain groups of people by ignoring the rest and thus, causing injustice in the general society of the world.  Pay attention to what is happening in your life.  Every political party’s aim is the benefit of certain groups of people in the society, and so they cannot really aim at the benefits of people comprehensively.  Example: King only supports only those people who support him.

  • Justice is important and for human capacity it is a difficult task to perform.

Potentialities are not restricted but open ended and that can be the cause of injustice.  Example: I must take care of my needs.  Where should I start and at what point should I stop?  My caprices have no end.  I want to have a reputation but is there any end to gain reputation?  Example: Everyone should listen to me not only this group but the whole world.  There is no end.  It causes injustice and aggression among people.

The universal justice rules are applicable and valid for every human being at every time.  You may find a way to deal with your present time, how about next century?  I have no idea.  I say it is good for me to have the pencil but next century to have pencil might not be necessary, not only space wise but temporal wise as well.  I do not know what will happen next century, what will human beings need as far as the restrictions of the capacity of human beings, not potentiality is concerned?  Therefore, there must be a universal mind that has this knowledge.

We have been talking about Messengership. These ideas are establishing the base. Why do I need Messengership?  Is there a need for such a thing?  I know what is good for me, I do not need anyone to give me extra guidance, that is what we hear in the society.  I have my own mind.  It means this attitude is nothing but a sign of ignorance, not knowing who you are and what is expected from you in this life.  Total ignorance!

We need a universal knowledge which will know my humanity, environment and my future and guide me to a smooth way so that I will not be disturbed.  Some people pretend not to be disturbed.  Example: when rich people see poor people, they establish place for homeless because they feel guilty: “I am entertaining my life and there are some people deprived of everything”. Just help other to solve your own guilty conscious.  Is this wrong?  No, BUT for what purpose are you doing it?  To satisfy yourself and be comfortable in your luxurious life or to establish justice in the society?  It depends on one’s motifs.

When there is injustice, no one turns blind to it because injustice cannot be tolerated by anyone.  “Consciousness” urges people to follow the right way which is justice.  They do something to satisfy this urge.

It sounds as if the text is jumping.  Why do you bring religion into the discussion?  We were trying to solve problems within the capacity of humanity, so what is this Divine Religion?  At the same time, the text prepared our mind that a universal talent is needed to guide human beings to perfection.  What can be the universal knowledge or talent?  What can have the universal knowledge?  Example: Einstein does not know what is going on in Economics.  If we were to combine all human beings, can we really realize perfection and guidance?  No. We do not know the future.

It is better to have mutual support and help but we cannot establish a perfect guide for human beings.  What can do that?  We need a universal knowledge to get guidance.  Can we get it from stars, moons or human beings themselves?  Example: Under the United Nations Organization, everyone represents their own flags and sit under the interest of their own country.  Which kind of mutual correspondence is that?  Everyone says that I am here to represent interest of my own people, which contradicts the universal expectations.  I fight for my benefit and you fight for your benefit and we will clash, and people are competing against each other to produce more advanced weapons.  The end result of science is weapon industry i.e. to kill others to prevail my sovereignty.  Is this universal perfection?  No.

Comment: Universal talent is needed to guide human beings to perfection.  What is that universal talent?  Someone who has universal knowledge/information space-time wise, only this Source can guide me.  I wanted to give a logical answer which requires some thinking, it is the One who created everything i.e. you can reach that conclusion once you realize your created-ness.

If someone does not accept his/her created-ness, then I would say that I do not know what to do with you because every human logic or reason realizes that we are made.  The argument is where and by what?  BUT if someone from the beginning says that I am not made/created, then you cannot go further with this man.  We need to study and see the equation of this reasoning with the teachings of the Quran.

  • First, I am not the source of my creation. lailaha means that I am not the Source of my Existence, so nothing is the source of its existence.  If someone does not accept this stage, then you cannot speak anything or communicate with this person.

If you say that I am made by nature, then you are saying that I am not the Source of my Existence, but nature is the Source of my Existence or I happen to be made accidentally.  As if matter exists eternally and develop by itself.  If you are made by nature, what is nature?  Does nature have the ability to be the Source of my Existence?  Things are the Source of Existence of their own being, really?  Can a rational human mind accept that?

Fundamental base is to accept that we are made.  Whoever made me must have universal knowledge and talent which will know space-wise my environment, potentiality and future so that I will be on a path which takes me in advancement and progress smoothly, discover my potentiality alongside with the nature of the order of the universe.

  • Baby is born as a scientist, everyone is a scientist depending on the level of specialty.

Comment: Can the stars guide me is an interesting question?  I cannot communicate with stars.

The stars are communicating with you giving light.  Can they guide you on a universal base without disturbing your balance?  What do stars consist of?  Fundamental particles.  If there is nothing in the particles, can you expect anything in the combination of particles?  You do not have to go to the galaxy in order to understand their capacity.  Just seeing one particle is enough.

Divine means a Source which is the Cause of existence of everything.  Do not take it as a religious language.  It means transcendental.  It must be Absolute because I cannot define it.

Comment:  We need a bird’s eye’s view.

I express everything in negating terms.  Greatness of God is expressed in the opposite way: you are expressing your reality that I own nothing.  Bodily go to prostration and mentally go to prostration.  I have been given the opportunity to develop my given potentiality into capacity, nothing of me. The abilities are not mine.

It is inevitable to seek this guidance.  I need to acknowledge the authority over me. The notion of father comes from here.  We need an authority over us, so we take notice of what He says.  If He does not have the authority over me, then how can I acknowledge this authority?  If you do not respect someone, then how can you take guidance from them?

  • It needs to gain my respect and attention, so I take His advice seriously.

In the eye of human beings, this authority must have superiority over others.  If I do not regard it as the One who deserves to be in that position, then I will never obey it.

Do I have an authority over me?

I cannot communicate with the Creator of the universe directly in this universe, so It must appoint me with an institution to convey the message to me within the capacity of humanity. I can see, hear and take the example from such institution.  We need to interact with other people, without disturbing the balance called “justice”.

In conclusion, the way our human nature is designed requires us to seek development in our humanity.  We are constantly striving to improve ourselves as in perfecting our humanity.  This process never ends.  The moment we get satisfaction with solving a problem, there is another problem that we need to solve.  The author is comparing our human nature with that of animals.  Animals have all the same physical qualities as we do but they are not striving to achieve perfection in their given potentialities.  Hence, the biggest question for me remains: Why am I developing my humanity?  What is my end goal?  What is it that I am looking to achieve?

Human beings desire Eternal Existence which encompasses Eternal Happiness and Eternal Perfection.  I can only be satisfied when I reach Permanence.  Can I reach Permanence here?  No, I cannot reach Permanence here in its physical sense, but I can see signs of reaching and realizing Permanence.  How?  Well, I first need to look into the fact that I am given various tools in the form of potentialities that include feelings, desires and senses which makes me realize that I exist.  Then, I question why am I given all these?  What is the purpose in my senses being given to me?   So, I use them with the help of an institution set up by an authority to train myself to reach Permanence.

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