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Arguments for Messengership – Part 11


The Reasonings (page 123)

“Even if a person were given a life that would last millions of years in bliss and pleasure, even if they were allowed to control everything in whatever way they wished, due to the inability of this worldly life to satisfy human desires and potential, they would continue to sigh and regret and wish for more.  This dissatisfaction shows that humanity has an innate tendency to eternal life and has been created for eternity so that it can activate its unrestricted potential in an unrestricted realm.”

What does this paragraph have to do with Messengership?

Comment: There must be someone who has gone through trying to make sense of the meaning of their existence and so I am looking for guidance in terms of helping me out.

Comment: If I exist with certain feelings and potentialities and when I start questioning what they are meant for, I expect that to be communicated to me in ways that I can comprehend as oppose to figuring out on my own.  There must be some means available for me to educate myself.

Why can’t you figure it out on your own what is happening?

Comment: I should be able to figure out by myself what is happening as far as I have access to observe my own feelings that I exist with.  I exist, and other forms of creation exist and understanding that relationship first in order to make it meaningful and that begs reasoning and the need for Messengership.

Why Messengership?  Can’t you not collaborate with others and try to find the answer?

Comment:  Yes.

So why do you need Messengership?

Comment:  Messengership is no different than collaborating with other people and these are people of reasoning.

Even if human beings get together, why cannot we figure out what is happening here?  Try to solve the problem of human desires requiring Eternal Existence.  Can you not do it?  No.

Human desires look for Eternity.  Would you like to say after one million years, then I will be ready to die?  No.  Let’s say that you never get old and ill and never miss anything you want.  Everything is perfectly working.  Can you say that is enough now, I have satisfied myself, let me go into annihilation now?  Consult your own human feelings.   As long as I enjoy my existence either 20 years or one million years, I want to continue it if possible, that is human reality because human desires require Eternal Satisfaction.  If it is not possible, then I have to surrender to this reality that this life is it and I will end up in annihilation.

We need to understand that “human desires require Eternal Satisfaction”.  How can that be satisfied?  We must have a substantial convincing answer to this question.

Comment:  This goes back to the initial question that you asked about why cannot I figure things out on my own?   That desire in itself necessitates for me to seek out a teacher.  I need to be taught in terms of what I am capable of or what we refer to as potentialities and make something out of them.

Ok, do it and even you alone cannot figure it out on your own, ask other people and get together by making consultation with other intelligent people and try to solve the problem of human desires requiring or asking for Eternal Existence.  Can you not do it?

Comment:  We have the desire to seek Eternity and we are looking for news or revelation from the One who gives us this feeling.

You have accepted in your mind that there are Messengers, but we are looking for the need for the necessity of Messengership.  That is completely different.  We hear about the news of Eternal life through messengers.  We are trying to understand the reason why human beings need Messengership.

Comment:  If I am trying to solve a difficult Math problem and I get together with my colleagues, it may take us a while to solve it.  Therefore, we will be needing a guide that will help us speed up that process.

Can a teacher of your kind come up with a satisfactory answer about the existence of Eternity?  Our minds are not used to thinking in a way without using pre-accepted concepts: “I am a human being and my potentiality needs an unrestricted realm of existence”.

  • Even thinking people get together and brainstorm but they cannot provide me with satisfactory answers as far as trying to solve the problem of human desire requiring or asking for Eternal Existence is concerned.

Why can human beings not find the answer to this question without having “an external entity” (not of human kind) guiding me and informing me about the existence of Eternal Life and Existence?  

We have to understand that human capacity works within the conditions of this universe and the conditions of this universe is restricted with its own existence.  Human mind works with the data available in the universe and the universe has no sign of the existence of Eternity because it itself is not Eternal, rather transient.

Imagine I was born in an island and never heard of any religion or Messengers.  Among some Muslim Philosophers and non-Muslim Novelist, they claim that human beings through their own experience can find out the best way for them.  If you work hard on it, at the end of one million years of experience, can human capacity find out the existence of Eternity?  That is the question.  Human mind works with data available in the universe and within the universe there is no sign of Eternity if you question the Source of  existence of the universe. Everything existing in the universe is transient.  That is the contradiction.  There is no sign of Eternity within the universe but at the same time when I listen to my unrestricted human qualities, I realize that I need unending existence.  How come?  It is impossible because the whole universe has an end.  That is the dilemma human capacity suffers from.

With the available data within the universe, we cannot find anything of Eternal Existence.  Everything is transient and there is no sign of Eternity in it, everything is continuously changing, and it appears to be going into annihilation.  From annihilation into existence and vice versa.  That is what is going on in this world.  But human desire cannot get satisfied from the evidence we can collect and obtain from the universe.  We must understand this. 

  • This is a beautiful contradiction: “I need Eternity and there is nothing Eternal here, nothing of this universe can provide me a sign of Eternity because their own nature is transient.

Everything in this world is transient.  Even the stars die, the galaxies die, there is no sign of Eternity here, and what should I do now?  I am in trouble.  Do not take previous culture into account and install it into your reasoning.  Always start from scratch as the reality you observe out there.

What is available within the universe?  This universe cannot manage its own existence by itself, they need to be brought into existence, made subject to transient and they are continuously given a renewed existence, any part of the universe cannot really manage its own existence.  What is going on?

  • First Point: I conclude (still I am making some jumps) that there must be something which manages the existence of this universe, and
  • Second Point: None of the part of this universe can be the cause of existence of anything but they exist. How come?  This is another contradiction.

This second contradiction (Second Point) is what materialist philosophy skip saying the universe is as it is like this.  But, I ask:

  • How come? Why are the things continuously changing?  What is the reason for change? 

If I was existing eternally, then it would mean that my existence must be self-sufficient.  That is, particles must be self-sufficient in their existence.  But, I do not see anything to be self-sustaining here; everything is subject to something else i.e. change.  What is changing?  If a particle is self-subsistent in its existence, then it means that it should have its own existence under its own control.  But nothing is under its own control here.  Materialist Philosophers never go into this.  On the other hand, believers install their belief in God into their argument artificially, do not stay within the argument itself.

Second contradiction reveals to us that nothing is self-sustaining, and everything comes into existence on a temporary but consciously arranged order.  Even the simplest room with furniture where the tenant of the room continuously changes the setting of the furniture, but the furniture cannot have any power to give existence to itself, it means self- sustaining existence continuously changing.  What do you say?  The furniture has no power to give existence to themselves.  Who is the factor behind this change/existence if you refer it to the existence of the universe?  That is an inevitable question.

  • Never forget– Nothing in this world has self-sustaining capacity. They are all subject to change, they need to be brought into existence because they cannot bring themselves into existence.  What is going on?  There must be a thing behind the existence of this universe giving existence to everything, controlling and administering the existence of everything.  My particles cannot sustain their own existence.  What is going on?  It is possible for human mind to conclude that there must be something behind the existence of this universe, otherwise it is impossible to explain the existence of anything.
  • The same human mind asks this question: Why am I in this contradiction?

Contradiction: I desire Eternity and there are nothing here which has the Power to provide me Eternity but I am desiring Eternity.

Logical conclusion: There is something behind the existence of this universe.

Whoever gave me existence with the consciousness of desiring Eternity and also there is no sign of anything in the universe that can be the source of Eternity at all, then there is only one way to have recourse:  “Whatever is behind the existence of myself and the universe, He made me able to ask the question since I am a conscious being asking the question.  So, I say hey whatever You are, since You made me able to ask the question, but there is no answer here and there is a contradiction to my yearnings and the set-up of this universe, and I see the way the universe comes into existence and continues its existence, demonstrates for my human mind by observation, that You do not seem to be stupid i.e. You must know what you are doing”.  In other words, the Cause of existence of this universe puts everything so well arranged, don’t you think so?  But then, why am I put in this contradictory position?

  • Without having any idea of religion at all, I am asking the above question.

Human mind asks that question.  After finding out the question and the impossibility of getting the answer from the universe and myself, then I go and ask this One who made me, for It must provide the answer to my question, because It enabled me by giving me awareness of the existence of my questioning.  “I say whatever you are and whatever the motifs behind the existence of this universe are, why do You put me in a contradictory position since You never do anything without any wisdom or rationale?”  There must be an answer from the One who gives existence to me and the universe.  There is no Eternity in the universe but there is a desire for Eternity within human potentiality.  This requires an answer.  This is an important process of reasoning.

My human capacity forces me to find out the answers.  That is the only way we expect guidance, which is why it is beautiful.  If someone does not question his/her human potentiality, (if anyone denies his/her potentiality and do not use it), then s/he is not a human being.  When I use them, this contradiction makes me think that the One who gave me existence must do something else because I can reason that everything is perfectly arranged in my existence i.e. I am given existence in a perfect way with full wisdom and at the same time, I am put in a contradiction that does not fit the qualities manifested that I am made to observe in the universe.  “You must mean something come on do not make it a tricky play.”

  • I am in expectation of answers to solve my human problems. What should I do?  That requires news/signs/ayat giving me news.
  • Why is the One that is causing me and the universe to exist in this way is putting me in this contradiction? Can it remain as a contradiction?  It contradicts the purpose of the existence of this universe in this setting, FOR I AM IN EXPECTATIONS OF THE ANSWERS TO MY QUESTIONS.
  • If someone does not feel this need (expecting answers to my questions), then this person has no base of following a religion.
  • We must have a burning feeling that this universe cannot be reality, what is it then?

And so, if you hear from someone that your Creator who creates you in this contradiction, sends news to you that It has prepared an Eternal life, then you listen to such a person and that is why Messengership is necessary which represent the Creator’s answers to human existential questions which human beings and the universe cannot answer.  Even a group of thinkers studying together cannot get the answers within the conditions of this universe.  What a beautiful contradiction!

  • As a result of feeling this contradiction, if you do not feel the need for the news from the One who created you, do not claim that you are following a religion as it has no base and at the same time, you are not really listening to the Prophets either.

You must have this desire that there must be a reason: “Hey the One who gave me the desire, whatever you are, why do you torture me here, you do not look like a sadist.”

  • Everything is perfectly arranged for me here and I am benefitting from them, what is the purpose?
  • Since you are Wise and making everything Perfect for me here, you must show me a way that I can get out of this contradiction by appointing someone for me to receive a revelation and convey it to me.
  • There must be a means of getting out of this contradiction because the contradiction in human existence contradicts the reality I observe in the universe that the Creator is a Wise One, He makes everything purposefully. When it comes to my existential contradiction, It is torturing me as I do not see any mercy in this torture.
  • Example: I am hungry, and the food is prepared. It means something is there provided, deliberately and in a well-ordered way.  I see Mercy in such well-established and purposeful order but what is the reason for this set up where I seem not to get Eternal Satisfaction from anything?  This contradiction shows no Mercy, but it is a beautiful contradiction as it prompts me to expect answers from the One that sets up the Order.  And when I get introduced to someone who tells me that my Creator who creates me with this contradiction has prepared an Eternal life for me, then I listen carefully to such news from this someone.

Without feeling this contradiction within yourself, any claim pertaining to belief in Creator, Messengership, and Eternal life is just a mere imitation of culture.

Comment: After experiencing this contradiction and conclusion that there must be an answer provided to me in my existence right now, why is it that it is important to say that the answer cannot exist in the universe?

Human mind works only by using the data available in this universe.  If the Prophet was not within the universe as I experience it, then I would never be able to confirm it.  The answer must be available, observable, and experiential within the capacity of my human potentiality.

That is why I need this news/guidance in a way that it will make sense to me.  Universe cannot provide it and I am in trouble as I see no sign that the Cause of Existence of this universe is making anything without any purpose.  “Whatever you are, you do everything in a purposeful way and you must explain to me what is the purpose of putting me in this contradiction”, that is a very human concern.

Then, you start investigating the answer: “Hey my Maker!  Show me and tell me how I can get out of this contradiction”  Whatever it is, it may speak to you or take you to some other planet, but it must do something, don’t you think so since He is a Wise One?

We are in this world experiencing the conditions of this world and we have what some people may say that the Creator of the universe has given me good news.  (Every messenger including Jesus and Muhammad brought good news).

  • Good news is taking you out of your contradiction and you feel relaxed.

If I say is this really correct that you are a Messenger i.e. how do I know that you are employed by the Creator?  Then Messengers come with two signs:

  1. News which makes sense to me i.e. I can confirm it with witnessing of the universe and my own senses.

From one hand, the Prophets must come with a miracle which is a sign from the Creator saying that I am the Source of the Order of the universe and it is only me that can change the order of the universe that you are accustomed with because I have created it.  We cannot change the order, we only use the order.

  • Only the One who established the order can change it.

We may seem like clever beings, but we only use the order and cannot introduce a new order.  When the order is changed, it is from the Establisher of this order and you say: “O yeah!  This guy is employed by the One who created this universe and established the order and through this guy (the Messenger), He is manipulating now and showing me some signs.”

  • Just a few signs to manifest is enough for me to be convinced about his Messengership.

This guy does not have to have all his life full of extraordinary events.  If that were the case, then he cannot be my exemplary and speaking to me within my own capacity where I know that whatever he demonstrates to me or tells me is the answer to my question.  If the Messenger presents miracles all the time, and is an extraordinary guy, then all he does and say is extraordinary.

  • Miracles must be occasional.

All the Prophets must demonstrates occasionally miracles which means God’s interference into the order, changing the order, just shows one sign that this man cannot do it by himself.  Who can change this order?  It means only the One that creates this order changes it.  That is accompanied with the news that: “I am your Creator and I have given you all the potentialities in you, so you get to know me.  This is the place that you are temporarily being trained to get to know what the purpose in your existence is and educating yourself to fulfill the purpose of your existence, then lots of guidance comes.  Through guidance, your desires must be satisfied, and you must see answers to your questions which makes sense to you, it means consistent with your potentiality”.

If the news says: “Look the Creator of the universe promises to bring another type of existence where you will be satisfied and will be given the satisfaction for your infinite desires”.  Then, you can confirm such news by applying the case to yourself.  “Since I am going here through lots of experiences, especially birth and death, this is a temporary existence.  Death cannot be the end of my existence.”

  • Death should be the end of my experience here in this form of creation. That is, school is complete and whatever you learn, remains with you to be applied in your profession.

Human potentiality needs to develop and become ability.  When someone transfers potentiality into ability, don’t you think it is a perfection for him i.e. you are upgrading your existence?  Example: potentially, you are able to learn anything.  You practice it and turn it into engineering for example and say that I am a qualified engineer or a qualified doctor for example.  I have trained.  Are you happy with it that you developed your potentiality into ability?

  • Everyone wants to upgrade his/her potentiality to turn it into capacity.

We are in the training place to turn potentiality into abilities.  In the language we receive through the Messenger, it says that you must improve your potentiality in a way that your acknowledgment for your existence and becoming aware of your Source of existence increases.  Potentiality it is there but without the teacher, you cannot develop your potentialities or get out of your contradiction by yourself, since there is no evidence of the news of an Eternal life without the teacher.  But with the guidance of the teachers employed by the Creator of the universe, you can develop your potentialities into abilities.

We understand that all human potentialities are tools to use and understand them in order to know the Source of your Existence.  You have potentialities and you must question why are they there?  You cannot use your potentiality for the sake of using them until you die.  It becomes a dead end.  It means that I was able to become a qualified engineer, I practiced engineering until I die, all finished, all pointless.  Rather, I must use it to fulfill the purpose of the existence of my potentialities.  I can only make sense of my existence and my qualities if I use all these qualities in order to understand the qualities of my Maker and acknowledge that the Maker must be Absolute, nothing to do with this universe, then my existence and all the qualities (which is really my consciousness i.e. SPIRIT) becomes Eternal.  Spirit is attached to the Absolute and Eternity and it is worth it because I want everything Eternal, not until I die.

  • If you do not use your human qualities and say that I will be an Engineer and make some money out of it to look after my needs, then that does not satisfy human potentialities which requires Eternity.

If only I use my existence (i.e. the existence of all human qualities) under the guidance of my Maker (because guidance is available now) to make my existence meaningful in terms of seeking Eternity, then it is worth it, otherwise everything becomes meaningless.  Then you are satisfied within your own self, your spirit knows what it is doing, it is worth it, just benefit from the guidance that your Creator sends to you.

Why do I need perfection? That is how I am, it is my reality. I need perfection and there is no perfection in my existence.  Is there any perfection in my existence?  Not in this universe. I (my body) will be compost at the end in this type of creation.

  • Can I attain perfection within the conditions of this universe?

Perfection means any moment/time of existence which satisfies my Eternal desires.  Then, that is perfect for my spirit and it is connected to Eternity and the same reasoning will go.  That is, track the desire for eternal perfection and contradiction in my existence because within the universe as far as I am concerned nothing is perfect and everything goes to meaninglessness.

When you die, it seems to be that everything goes into meaninglessness.  Let us refresh our reasoning which is essential.  If you think, study and hear atheistic philosophy and biased religious understanding, both are wrong and easy way out (i.e. not substantial), then you can never satisfy your desires that requires Eternal Satisfaction.  Only with the guidance of the Creator, I can satisfy my desire for Eternity and Perfection.  That is why we need messengers representing this guidance for us.  Guidance/Messengers can be in the form of my existence and I should be able to understand what Messengers say and be able to apply it in my life and see the consistency in the guidance that it fits my expectations.

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