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A Love Affair

I have a  will and I am conscious of that.
I choose to indulge in strawberries or a slice of chocolate cake.

Could that be my love affair?
But it doesn’t last and I get heartbroken.

I do wonder about the will, what it really is.
I exercise it, the choice is there – where is it coming from? How is it given existence?

There are many other things that happen and that is not my choice.
Whose choice could that be?

I see that my choice is very small and works within given options.
It seems that the options have been laid out for me.

Who is responsible for those options? What is arranging them?
It seems that there is Someone’s will being manifested.

When I breathe, I am  being what I am, someone that breathes.
I am really breathing so who setup the air for me?

Do I choose to follow an action or when I choose, the action is done unto me?
Clearly, I am not the agent of change.  I am not the Source of Existence of anything.

So, what can I essentially claim?  My breathing? My Existence? My need to love and be loved?
Rather, all of that is given to me freely and I find myself in need of it.

Can I hold on to anything?  Perhaps a meaning?
As soon as I get it, it departs, and its impressions remain with me. 

I am experiencing a loving existence here like ice-cream which I love but it melts.
I don’t like this and at the same time, I am in need to be loved infinitely.  What type of affair is this?

Can my will work in a way as to freeze  any of these transient conditions that I love?
Why do I have to suffer and bear such a contradiction?

Clearly there is a calling from that One will reflected in me.
Calling me to set my sight on permanence, for I am in need of an Eternal Lover.

Now that desire for permanence fits very well with me.
This affair is what I should seek.

May my attachment to this world not make me a worshiper of transience.
My need to worship can only be satisfied when it is directed to the Source of my existence.

May my endless needs and wants not make me deny my human reality.
My human reality is aware for the need of  Eternal Existence and Happiness.

May my understanding of my existence at face value not make me robotic.
My human qualities are given to be utilized for meaning through reasoning and confirmation.

May my prostration not become empty love affairs with the Source of my Existence.
All I do here is align my will with my Source of Existence’s will.

Just need to acknowledge a will and be in contact with such an Ever-Loving Conscious Will! 
Now that is a Love Affair worth living for!  That is a love affair worth cherishing. Amen, a thousand times amen!


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