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Love is not from Venus.
Love is not from Mars.
Love does not happen.
Love makes us happen.

Love cannot be defined.
Love cannot be declined.
Love is flowing mysteriously in creation.
Love is channeling immeasurably in creation.

Love illuminates as an art.
Love inculcates our heart.
Love smells like a garden of bliss.
Love provides a thirst for Eternal bliss.

Love exists as an abundant ocean.
Love expands beyond human apprehension.
A lover brings news about an Eternal Beloved.
That lover is beloved to all seeking the Eternal Beloved.

This love makes the heart spin like the globe of the earth.
This love makes the spirit taste the colors of existence all worth.
A strand of silver hair is no different than golden rays for all point to the Beloved.
That lover walks us through a rosy carpet in style towards the Ultimate Beloved.

“If you love God, follow me and God will love you.” Quran (3:31)



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