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How to Utilize the Life of This World?

Topic: 17th Word, Pg 226

Alas! We have been deceived. We supposed the life of this world to be constant (never-changing) and so have lost everything.

Why is it considered that we have lost everything IF we suppose the life of this world to be constant?

  • It would be a delusion BECAUSE there is no way to logically prove that the world will exist (the way it is) FOREVER
  • There is nothing in this world that guarantees the eternity of this world
  • We can see, with the qualities given to us, that EVERYTHING is subject to change
    • No 2 instances are the same

I can only say with conviction:

  • The universe is subject to the will of its Creator
  • How?
  • By seeing the signs within this world
    • Everything in this world is temporal
    • But there is an endless cycle of creation
      • There is an order within the order that never ends
  • These signs tell me that the Creator is Absolute and I can conclusively proclaim that the Creator is eternal
  • We have to SEE the signs in this changing world pointing to the Infinite Creator
    • Otherwise, there is no ground for belief

If we assume that this world is constant, we are cutting ourselves off from the Eternal Source

  • We think that things in this world provide us with a CONSTANT
    • BUT my consciousness makes me aware that everything is just a mirage
    • My human qualities do not get satisfaction from this transient world
    • We know this truth
      • However, we convince ourselves and turn a blind eye to these qualities by saying: Live in the present and do not think about the future
      • It causes tension within ourselves because we are living a delusion
  • Since nothing is constant but we chose to blindly think they are, we delude ourselves entirely (LOSE EVERYTHING)

Analogy: If I own a big home, I will be satisfied because the home will be constant sanctuary.

Innate: While the home, built out of bricks, seems like a constant and permanent abode, internally I still hold the fear that if I become bankrupt, I’d have to give it up/if a hurricane hits, it will be destroyed…

I try and find solace in the house but my consciousness is not at peace because regardless of what I do, I cannot guarantee anything.

With belief, on the other hand, I see that the house is a provision from the Absolute Creator. He is making is stand firm on the ground. He is sustaining me so that I pay for it.

  • The house, in and of itself, provides no solace
    • I am aware that the house is an intercessor, leading me to the Absolute Creator
    • I am not attached to the house
  • I am aware that my Creator is satisfying my desires
    • My desire for eternal security cannot be fulfilled by anything in this world because everything here is transient
    • Yet, I find myself with this desire
    • I connect myself with the One who created this desire and submit my feelings to Him
      • You Created me and only you can suffice me
  • I no longer get lost in the worldly house, trying to get eternal security from a transient object
  • My eternal desires are satisfied knowing that I am with the One who created me and only He who created me can satisfy me.

If we chose to live our life in a manner that is contradictory to our innate tendencies, we lead ourselves to suffer because we CHOOSE to not submit to our reality.

I find myself with the thought that I am going to be happy IF I do whatever I want to do

  • What is the reason for the existence of this thought?
  • In the existence of everything, there is an absolute purpose and wisdom
    • I can either declare that this whole universe happens by chance OR is given existence
    • Every single thing in this universe points to the Absolute Creator because I can only explain my being by referring everything to the Creator.

We have to constantly ask: Why am I here? What is the purpose of my life? Why is there order in the universe?

  • Source of ALL misguidance is taking existence for granted
  • Be cautious of taking existence for granted
    • Question EVERYTHING

My being represents the being of the One who gave existence to me

  • This awareness puts you directly in His realm

Satan tricked Adam by saying: “You want eternity? Here, eat an apple from this tree, (something materialistic), it will give you eternal happiness”

  • It is the same challenge we face every day!
  • We are ALL in search for eternity and independence
    • We have to question if the ‘materialistic object’ can really give us eternal happiness.

I have the desire for eternity

  • I should investigate how I can achieve it
  • Satan reminds me that I want eternity (it is a GOOD reminder)
    • When I look for eternity in this world, I cannot find it
    • I have to connect myself with the One who created me with the need for eternity because ONLY He can satisfy it, since He gave me this need

Without acknowledging that there is no eternity in this world, I cannot be led to the Eternal Creator.

  • If you substantiate your existence as being directly related to God, the Creator, this world has no value for you EXCEPT as a reminder of your Lord
    • You don’t get lost in creation itself
    • You use it to know the Creator

Time = Creation

  • If there was no creation taking place at every moment, there would be no such thing as time
  • In every second, things are changing at an immense rate
  • Yet, nothing can sustain its own existence
    • Creation is NOT constant

In our interaction with the universe, look at how we respond to objects and what we expect from them?

– Don’t just get stuck in the objects and scenarios within themselves

Example: When I see a newborn baby, I smile. My smile tends to receive a smile from the baby. How does a child know the difference between smiles AND shouts?

  • Meaningless claim: It is our natural instinct
  • Where does instinct come from?
  • Question its existence!

The way the universe is set-up is a perfect way for me to be led to the truth

  • The creation of satan is perfect because it leads me to the truth
  • Satan is the only thing that makes me get closer to God
    • He is the One who reminds me to search for eternity and urges me towards it
  • Satan is placing a trap BUT this trap is to train me to get closer to God
    • It is not Satan who makes you fall into Hell
    • My choices make me fall into despair
  • We have to look for the wisdom in all of creation and you will see how the Creator is so merciful.

Every struggle is a source of blessing for us

What we tend to do: Get rid of satan completely

  • We are trying to destroy the way God creates

What we ought to do: Get rid of false ideas

  • We are in the created world
  • We have to experience the blessings of this world otherwise I cannot know the source of the blessings

Why are we constantly exposed to change and being reminded that everything is transient?

  • Every renewal in this world is a step in the process of reaching the conclusion that there is an Absolute Owner in this universe
  • When you stop receiving was-wasa (whisperings), you might as well die because there is no reason to live
    • It is because of the whisperings that we can reject or confirm them and get closer to the Creator of everything

It is through our being made that I can confirm I have a Creator

It is through the whisperings of satan that I can proclaim la ilaha

  • Satan pushes you to search for the Eternal Creator

Everyone is born a Muslim (with the nature to submit)

  • It is my choice to confirm OR reject this nature
    • But to confirm we need to have evidence.
      • I was born into a Muslim family is NOT evidence
      • Evidence is la ilaha; confirming that nothing in this world has the power of deity in it

Every creature in reality is created with the nature to submit themselves to their Creator

  • As conscious human beings, we have to submit our consciousness to Him
    • Refer the qualities and existence of everything to the One who truly is the CREATOR

We have to enjoy life by being aware of our existence

  • Spirituality is in the realization and being aware of my existence

How can we live with this awareness ALWAYS?

  • Analogy: Do we ever forget that I am a teacher/doctor/lawyer/engineer?
  • Awareness of existence is within me. We have to make it clear
    • The reason we do not have this awareness is because we strike a separation between spirituality and worldly life
    • Spirituality needs to be embedded into our worldly life

When I wash dishes, I am aware that I have been created with the need for cleanliness.

When I study in the classroom, I am aware that I have been created with the need to learn so as to gain knowledge that I may know the attributes of my Lord.

When I teach, I am aware that I am constantly in need of knowledge.

It is possible to always act as an abd (slave) of the Creator.

A good action: Acting with the awareness that I am doing it in God’s presence as a result of needs/ desires that I have been created with.

  • Religion is NOT an after-work event
  • Religion is about being aware of your reality ALL THE TIME

Everything proclaims God’s attributes

  • If everything leads you to God, how can anything be bad?

Don’t say: I see God in everything

  • It is problematic because it leads you to pantheism
  • We don’t see God in everything
  • What we see are the manifestations of God’s attributes in everything

At every moment, let us see that our Creator is creating us

  • If we live with this awareness, nothing can deceive you
  • We won’t be deluded by transient things because we will be aware that even the object itself is created
    • My desire for eternity is created
    • The apple tree is created (la ilaha)
    • My existence is created
      • My desire leads me to the Eternal Creator (illAllah)
    • We won’t get attached to ANYTHING worldly BECAUSE nothing in this world leads me to eternity
    • Everything is a part of paradise UNLESS we choose to remove it from paradise and give the object its own existence.

What distracts us from spirituality?

  • Our free will
  • We choose how to perceive situations
  • The distraction is WITHIN me
    • It is not something external
    • I either choose to see the Creator in existence OR be in a state of distraction.

Another example: Prayer time

  1. To pray
  2. Not to pray; alternate

‘Satan throws the stone, next to the heart’

  • The right /wrong choices are next to each other
  • We choose

Both the satanic and angelic influences are within us.

Analogy: Riding a bicycle

  • When you try for the first time, you will fall
  • But the more you try, the better you get
  • Once you get used to it, to choose the right becomes second nature

Following the sunnah: You are performing an action under the guidance of your Creator through his messenger

When we turn to the qibla for prayer, we should have the awareness that the action is a result of following the guidance of the Creator through the example of his messenger.

But awareness cannot be limited to prayer.

  • You have to be in a state of awareness all the time
  • Otherwise, your prayer is EMPTY and is just an imitative action

Analogy: You are driving

  • The roads are empty and your driving comfortably (you have to be aware of the fact that you are driving)
  • When you approach a red light, you will stop (prayer) BUT you are still in the car
  • When you see a speed limit, you slow down
    • The shari’a are like these sign-posts
    • But for them to be applicable, we have to be in a state of belief (awareness)

Yes, this passing life is but a sleep; it passes like a dream. This frail life flies like the wind and departs.

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