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Life in a Flash Drive

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  Typical interview questions.  Of course, we all have something laid out, but can I really predict my future?  Can a tarot reader know where will I be 5 years from now?  No. We are all subject to space time dimensions of this universe.  Yes, the weather guy can foresee the forecast based on calculations.  Similarly, scientist can find out the genetics through DNA calculations and so on and so forth.  But can I, a created being subject to change really predict that I will be in location Z five years from now?  Is there anything within this universe that knows about my future?  That is the question! 

I experience existence here and so with the endless opportunities that I am given here, I just make decisions.  Example: I can choose to study Accounting or Graphic Design.  The catch here is that I need to recognize that I am presented with these opportunities and they do not happen to exist in a vacuum.  At the same time, I know that I cannot know how existence is taking place in its essence since we cannot even give a fixed measure to anything because things are in constant motion (the motion itself does not have a fixed measure).

  • Just the mere fact of things being in motion requires a Conscious constant Will behind it. Hence, we can all conclude easily that there must be an Absolute Source behind the functioning of this universe, as we say – giving existence to the universe at every moment as I observe it.  Living in the presence of this conclusion is living!
  • Also, if something has a Conscious Will, then it must necessitate Conscious Knowledge as well. Let us take the analogy of a painter and a painting.  Before each brush stroke, the painter has knowledge of what s/he is about to draw.  Similarly, the Artist of you and I, the Creator of this universe, must know what It wills i.e. bringing into existence.

Since I cannot give a start and end to the existence of this universe and yet it is in constant motion, I cannot further talk about my conclusion of a constant Absolute Source.  There must be an Absolute Source giving existence to the universe, Period!  However, when one starts thinking about how the universe and I are coming into existence, the following thoughts/concerns may occur:

a/ As far as my freewill is concerned, I just choose between options.  However, what I choose is already known, so how can I be free then?  Well, don’t you have options available within the bounds of this universe?  You are free to use your freewill among these available options.  The only restriction you have is that you are not free not to use your freewill.  Also, you were not free to come into this world and you are free to leave this world voluntarily.  This part is clear.  In other words, something must be in the know of my choice real time and keeps existence going.

b/ what I choose is already within Absolute Knowledge, although Its knowledge follows my free choice, how can that be?  Well, it must be so since I attribute the ins and outs i.e. working of this universe to an Absolute Source, that is my logical conclusion.  I experience past, present and anticipate the future.  The past which is gone for me is already recorded in the form of memory.  The events of my future must already be known by the Source of my Existence. Let us take some analogies to understand the case clearly:

Analogy 1:  A flash drive stores a short video in it.  When you play the video, the movie starts.  The existence of the flash drive makes you known that the whole movie from the beginning to end is already stored in it.  Similarly, your journey is already recorded/in existence within this universe, and you just experience it in space-time.  In other words, my life story is contained in the flash drive and I experience it real-time with my choices.  In other words, with my choices, I experience my life story.

  • We created beings can only observe the endless manifestations of that Absolute Will.

Analogy 2: A moving train is made up of 8 wagons.  You start from wagon #1 and walk to wagon#2 and so on.  While experiencing everything within the wagon, the Maker of the train knows the content in each wagon, although you have not yet experienced the upcoming wagons and its content.  Similarly, the Creator of the universe must have Absolute Knowledge of all your encounters/experiences (past/present/future as far as you are concerned).  In other words, what events will you experience in the future (including the thoughts and feelings that will be imparted to your being) is known by Absolute Knowledge but that is also subject to your free-choice.  Example: there are certain things that you are hoping for in your five-year plan. You will try to avail opportunities and stay hopeful for the result. When you come across the infinite options presented to you, and you choose something, the result of your choice is created/presented to you accordingly because existence is constant i.e. happening “real-time”, which means that your choosing and the result that follows is within Absolute Knowledge.  (Note: if a desired result that you expect is not achieved and/or a specific opportunity has not been presented, keep trying and keep your eyes open and acknowledge the Source of Existence of things is your mission.  Ignorance and laziness are the only justifications for not getting a desired result according to your expectations, as far as you are concerned.  Check yourself!)

  • We understand that we are given the free will to exercise within the universe. We must take care of our responsibility within this universe. Absolute’s Knowing what I am going to choose within the universe according to my usage of free will and adjusting the order of the universe accordingly doesn’t prevent me from exercising my free will freely within my created conditions. I think we should be humble enough to admit the difference between the Absolute and the created.

Let us take a final analogy.  A sender sends you a package that contains lots of items.  Does the sender of the package know what the package contains?  Yes.  Similarly, wouldn’t the Absolute Source of your existence know you and the life conditions set up for you?  As far as the Absolute Knowledge is concerned the package is in His Knowledge and it is only the Absolute that can Will to create the space and time at the same time without being subject to neither time nor space. This is logical by definition.

  • Really, how does this “determining” actually work even with things that we are presented with at a given moment, options that one needs and will choose at a specific time?  Determining seems to be very mysterious along with the notion of existence. At the same time, “determining” or whatever happens seems to be based out of my free choice (whatever I choose) with recognition that I do not create the result and that the expected result that I hope (from my end) is either created or not bound to be created.  As long as I stay consistent with my existential responsibility, then that is the heart of the matter i.e. what I should be concerned with.

Now, we can be comforted knowing that my Creator knows what is going to happen in the universe in all times, but it should not prevent me from choosing which step I should take next in the future for me.  So, should we make plans?  Yes, we should make plans and take necessary steps to get there.  However, no one can really be sure of the graduation date from this universe or what tomorrow will bring?!

“And there is not a thing but its [sources and] treasures [inexhaustible] are with Us, but We only send down thereof in due and ascertainable measures.”  Quran (15:21)


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