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Cryings of The Heart – 23 August 2014

All the beings in existence, — I saw were ephemeral, harmful

If we attach our heart to the objects, we will be harming ourselves because our human expectations will remain unsatisfied.

A wrong attitude (by attaching our heart to objects in the universe) makes the object harmful for us

  • In and of themselves, the objects are innocent
  • It is MY RELATIONSHIP with them that results in harm
    • The pain that I experience when I attach myself to objects in this universe is a sign that calls out to me so that I may reflect on my attachments

The angelic side of objects is what attracts us

  • Example: We love the angelic qualities in our mother (compassion, love, kindness, etc)
  • Angel: Bringer of the Creator’s qualities to us

Example: I enjoy eating fruits

Is the fruit owner of the qualities OR is it functioning as a news-bearer?

  • I can either attribute the qualities I enjoy to the fruits OR to a conscious being who is sending me this message
  • The message bearing side of the fruit is the angelic side of the fruit
    • It is ALWAYS speaking to me
    • But it is up to me to attribute the enjoyment to the FRUIT or the Creator
  • Angels are like messengers
    • We have to understand them as a medium
    • In every object/instance there is an angelic existence
      • The aspect in an object that reminds you of the Creator is an angelic aspect

The book is telling me VERSUS the author is speaking to me through the book

The fruit is entertaining me VERSUS the creator is speaking to me through the fruit

  • Everything in this universe is a station
  • My destination is the Creator; This universe is a means
  • The angel of death is another station; it takes your life and protects it so that it may be introduced to the Creator

Levels in creation that we ought to be conscious of: Object – Qualities – Angelic qualities (those that connect you to the Creator)

  • Everything in this universe is loaded with an angelic message
  • Mission of angels: To carry the message of the Creator
  • We have to train ourselves to be in constant communication with the Creator (through the angels)

When we experience ‘negative’ emotions or events, they are a warning from the Creator

  • The duty of informing us of these warnings are performed by the angels
  • In creation, there is no evil
  • The ‘negative’ event exists so as to teach me that which I should prefer
    • In and of itself it is good
    • I seek refuge from falling into that which is harmful to my existence

The objects themselves are not harmful, but if I attach my expectations to the objects themselves then it harms me (because I am seeking from something that has no ability to deliver)

  • My human nature wants eternal happiness
  • Nothing in this universe can provide me with the eternal happiness that I desire

We have to USE everything in this universe to reach our final destination instead of getting stuck and lost in creation themselves

What we tend to do:

  • Base our expectations on this life
  • But this life is constantly changing and is transient
    • We have to base our expectations on our final destination
    • Anything that happens in this life (pleasing or displeasing) is only a means drawing you nearer to the destination

If something happens that is displeasing, I need not get upset. Rather, it is a lesson for myself. I am being taught that the displeasing event is something that I should stay away from.

Kufr (disconnection) is unbearable for all human beings

  • If you are constantly criticizing an event (disconnecting yourself from the Creator) and not being aware of the angelic qualities in the event, the event becomes unbearable
  • But if in every event, you connect yourself to the Creator, regardless of how terrible reality might be, you will be in a state of comfort
    • Constantly be aware that we are being TRAINED and this life is a training ground

What we hear in popular culture: If you are unhappy with your spouse, marry a new one.

  • But, if we do not reflect on ourselves and what is it that we truly desire (eternal happiness), no matter how many marriages you enter, you will always be unhappy
  • Rather, we have to focus on ourselves and read every event as a message/training from our Creator.
    • Everything is written/created by a conscious being to transfer a meaning to us (purpose of angels)
  • Without being connected to the meaning/message, there is only torture but there is no source of hope.

We deceive our own reality by finding ways to keep ourselves busy (socializing, alcoholism, getting drunk on drugs, shopping, food, etc) because we are unable to reflect on the true purpose of our existence.

  • We have to be true to our reality and stop deceiving ourselves

If you are not connected to a Creator, this universe is a place of torture.

  • It is a grace from the Creator that I experience pain when I attach myself to this transient universe
  • If there is no eternal connection proposition in a claim, we are only cheating ourselves by subscribing to the claim

At every instant, we are going through opportunities to learn

  • ‘Negative experiences’ are as much a source of education as positive experience
  • Seek the lesson from each experience
    • The lesson is: To know the Creator and to be connected to the Eternal Creator
    • I am being taught that I have to only be attached to the Creator
  • Hell = any kufri attitude that disconnects you from the Creator
  • When hell is mentioned in the Quran, it is a warning to you so that you may always be in connection to the Creator. As soon as you disconnect yourself from the Creator you are in hell. That is, you are left on your own devices which bring you nothing but hopelessness.

Methodology in reaching a conclusive state of iman: Don’t speak from assumptions and then try to defend belief.

  • Belief needs to be established from the bottom up; by first understanding our own reality
  • I should be guided to confirm the Quran NOT imitate the verses
    • Otherwise, I would be using the Quran as a shield to protect my own self claims.
  • Rather, I should confirm the verses as a result of my own experiences

Human beings cannot enjoy any status of unbelief

  • As soon as we disconnect ourselves from the Creator, we cannot be happy because there will be left no source which can deliver Eternal happiness to me.
  • Your soul is appropriated for paradise; you have to use your free will to achieve it
    • How?
    • By keeping the misaq (the ability to know your Creator) connection in place

In every moment, we have to see that we belong to the Absolute

  • If we are able to reach this conclusion, this world and the events will no longer affect me
  • I will realize that everything is just meant as a teaching.

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