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Creation is Love – Part 9

24th Words, 5th Branch (continuation)

“All your loves dispersed through the universe are love given to you to spend on His Names and attributes.”

There is nothing wrong with loving an object. It seems that the author is drawing our attention to the feeling of love we have towards ourselves and other created beings. Let’s say you love a person. This feeling of “love” that you are made to experience by interacting with that person is given to you. Hence, it is totally legit to love a person.

Now that you realize that the feeling is given to you, you question the feeling.

  1. Where is it coming from?
  2. Is the person I love causing this feeling?
  • No. this person is not causing the feeling.
  • The moment this person is out of sight, the feeling still exists. Hence, the person cannot be the source of the existence of the feeling. However, the person plays a role in triggering the feeling of love in me. More so, the person makes me realize that I have this feeling.
  • To extend more on realizing the feeling, if I was not presented with the person, then I would not realize the sense of love in me. Only through interacting with creation will I find out all the senses and thus, I will be able to question the source of existence of these senses/feelings.
  • Now, if I were presented with a twin of that person, I will feel the sense of love towards that twin as well. This makes me realize that objects/people are definitely not the cause of existence of these feelings.

What is the Source of existence of the feelings then?

  • Is the person/object/event causing this feeling to exist?

The sense of love is within me but I do not realize it until the feeling operates in me when I interact with the universe. A Being does not operate on me. We need to avoid making the mistake of starting with conclusions that we have been taught. Not only it is false but it will never help me reflect on my own being/existence. The feelings are existing in me and therefore I need to start reflecting on these feelings that I experience. After questioning the Source of existence of the feelings, I can then come to the conclusion that a Being is Causing the feelings operating in me.

  • I should always start from myself and the universe.
  • I first need to start with what I am given.
  • It would be illogical to start my reflections by claiming that a Being is operating in me.

From the text above, my feelings need to be used in His Names needs explanation. How can I contextualize His Names? For example: Love is in me. A ll the love dispersed in the universe in fact belongs to the One (a Being) in whose name I should be using this love.

I am experiencing love (a feeling) and I am a created being like everyone else (I am not special than anyone else nor worst). The feeling is my real property in my hand. If someone does not use this universe as his base for belief, this person is bound to fall into imagination and imitation.

I may imitate the best man on earth but if it is not my personal conclusion, it is worthless. I may learn from someone but at the end everything that I learn must be my own conclusion.

When I am experiencing that I love an object and I want to have it, it’s my reality. The Source of this feeling must be questioned. Where did it come from? Let me check. Can I have any base for its existence in this universe? Let me check again. Is the object triggering this feeling? Yes, the object is playing some role in making me realize the feeling and in making me question the source of existence of the feeling. Is the object causing this feeling to exist? No, the object does not know me, I just saw it today. Question the Source of existence of the relationship between you and the object?

When I question the Source of existence of the relationship between me and the object, I conclude/understand that nothing in the universe can give existence to the feelings. I am given the feeling (sense of love) within the whole context of the universe. Whoever created the order in the universe, including my sense of love within the order, in His name do I have to use the sense of love.

My conclusions: Nothing in the universe is the Source of existence of this feeling. What is it then? There must be something. Whoever gave existence to the universe and its order, gave existence to my feelings which operates within the universe. Whoever made this universe organized it in this way. Love must be used in the name of the One who creates the sense of love.

  • Who can be the Creator of the sense of love that I experience?
  • Only the One who creates the whole universe.

Question: How are my feelings being operated?

That is how they are created, I am just using it. When I use the computer, I realize some properties of the machine. As I use it, I become more familiar with its qualities. Similarly, whoever created the whole universe created my feelings, adjusted them as He willed. That is the result of His choice + That is how I am created.

Use the sense of loving in the Name of the One who created this feeling: “He gave me this, I am using it that is how I am, I am happy with it, thankful for the existence of this feeling, and so I am grateful to my Creator”.

God consciousness comes with this simple process of thinking”

  1. Feelings are not mine.
  2. Feelings are not result of accidents.
  3. Feelings are given to me.

Who are you? I am made by the Creator of the universe (consciousness). When I realize who I am in this universe as I am created, I become confident in my existence. I need to go through the exercise of belief training, which is what I am lacking in my life in order to come up with my own conclusions about my existence i.e. Belief.

All problems that Prophets struggled with pertain to fighting the traditions of the society i.e. people following ancestors and placing value on tribalism. Prophets came to STOP people from worshipping ancestor’s culture and societal idols. They came to warn people not to imitate ancestors. We claim to follow Prophetic tradition but we never take notice of the message the messenger brought. We never follow Prophetic tradition who asks us not to follow the ancestral tradition. Our reality is such that we are all under tribalism influence i.e. My community is superior. My nation is superior. My profession is superior.

How am I going to get rid of tribalism (or community life in modern day society)?

  • By questioning every single value in me i.e. where did I get it?
  • By being aware that when I graduate from this universe, I leave everything here.
  • By locating my position in existence.

It seems that we are intelligent beings but we never use our intelligence to get meaning from existence, what value does my intelligence bring to me, the created being? THINK ABOUT IT! REFLECT ON THE ABOVE THREE POINTS!!!

If the universe is meaningful, then why is there death which makes the universe seem meaningless? If I am satisfied with this universe and death, then I have surrendered my existence to this universe only. It means that I am not using myself (human qualities + intelligence) effectively. I need to listen to myself deeply. If I am not satisfied with death, then I need to reflect on the meaning of existence: Why am I brought here to experience transience? If the universe is meaningful, then it has to be meaningful in its entirety, including death.

How can I see meaning in death? Now, I am starting to reflect.

  • REFLECTION: How many minutes I spend in my own life sitting alone in my room and questioning who am I?
  1. What am I doing in this universe?
  2. What is the relationship between food and my hunger?
  3. Who is the Owner of the object?
  • Our reality is that when it comes to our feelings and creation around us, we never question who owns it.
  • Did I work for it?

(continuation of the above text) “You have used it wrongly and you are suffering the penalty”.

Wrongly= I used the experience not to search for the Source of existence of this feeling or phenomenon.

Am I suffering the penalty?

  • Since I have not reflected, I will not be aware of my reality.

The author is drawing our attention to the fact that my human side is suffering from the lack of something (i.e. God Consciousness). The more I ignore reality, the more I will not realize anything.

  • Work on developing God consciousness.

Let’s say you desire an object. Getting the object or not getting the object is not the point. The consciousness that you are in is what matters while journeying to get the object. Ask: Have I acknowledged that my sense is being operated and given to me by the One who created the whole universe? He gave me the senses as a means to introduce Itself to me. In other words, It is directing me through the sense to introduce my soul to its Creator.

Please note that in any event, satisfaction comes from realizing the Source which is Absolute= illallah. That is what I conclude through negation or lailaha (nothing has the power to give existence to anything).

(continuation of the above text) “For the penalty for an illicit, mis-spent love is merciless torment.”

Illicit= Love I spent without reflecting i.e. without realizing the Source.

Whatever I enjoyed yesterday is gone, disappeared. Even if I did not steal anything, I need to acknowledge that the sense of not stealing is given to me by the One that creates me and this sense of not wanting to steal is in conformity with my true nature.

After X years of eating good food, I will disappear from existence, can my humanity accept that? My biological (animal) side may accept that but my humanity wants to be satisfied Eternally. We are created in such a way that we desire Eternal Happiness. Everyone wants to be satisfied Eternally. Human expectations do not recognize the end to Happiness. That is how we are made.

  • By using your human qualities and questioning the source of your existence, you would know (or come to the acknowledgment/conclusion) that the moment you are enjoying is not going to end into annihilation or spent wastefully.

How do I get Eternal Pleasure?

  • Only by using human side.
  • Only by attributing existence to an Absolute Source.
  • Only by realizing that this universe is an introductory place where Creator is introducing itself to my human senses.

For example, Creator is introducing Itself to me by putting me in contact with the food. I have to be consciously aware that my existence belongs to It. This universe is deliberately prepared for me by It. As a result, I realize that my Lord is treating me. I get the food and I am happy with the Owner of the food and the food itself is just employed by It to serve me. Similarly, I am happy with the Source that provides the sense of enjoyment in me and then the means of enjoyment itself.

This universe is a training center where I am training to learn who my Lord is. Every moment is an opportunity to get to know the Owner of the things I enjoy. As a result of this training, soul starts realizing who its Lord is.

  • Who are you? I am the one who is created and put here as a trainee to get to know my Source of existence.

If I do not see the universe as a training center, life becomes a big JOKE because I do not see why universe is created. Because we do not reflect on existence, we do not bother about acknowledging our position before the Creator of the universe. We busy ourselves with the next big thing, a promotion, house upgrade, extravagant wedding celebrations… At death, everything (including your ostentatious status) is taken away from you.

Don’t you ever wonder how everything has been perfectly arranged for you? From being a fetus inside the womb of a woman to having parents/guardians and siblings around you during your childhood all employed to take care of you. What can organize such a perfect arrangement? Some babies, though very rare, are put in the dumpsters and end up in foster care. What is taking care of the needs of every being? Does one really need a family setting to be taken care off as far as existence is concerned?

  • What is the Source of existence of such a perfect arrangement that I find myself in?

In conclusion, the universe is perfect in its creation and the end of my life cannot be meaningless. Death cannot be a dead end for me. How can something that is meaningful be meaningless? This existence is nothing but an introduction to my Creator in perfect sense. If I use my human qualities in the right way, I will find meaning in the existence of death i.e. it is the start of a new beginning, an Eternal Life. Therefore, do not attach yourself to this universe only and try to be a human being so you do not fall into denying the reality of this universe.

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