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Creation is Love – Part 2

Words, Pg. 367, 24TH word, 5th Branch (continuation of the first paragraph)-

“…Love is the cause of the universe’s existence, and what binds it; and it is both the light of the universe and its life. Since man is the most comprehensive fruit of the universe, a love that will conquer the universe will have been included in his heart, the seed of that fruit. Thus, only one possessing infinite perfection may be worthy of such infinite love.”

Do I worship anything else besides the Creator of the universe? Do I attribute the source of existence of what I observe to anything else other than the Creator of the universe? Although, I my answer is no but in my practical life, I find myself attributing qualities to objects in the universe. In the language of the scripture, it is called “idol worshipping”. Example: when I feel happy while riding my bike, I attribute the quality of happiness to the event or the bike itself and that event/object becomes the source of existence of happiness for me. Due to this false conception at such instances, I distance myself from the Real Source of Existence of the quality of happiness in my being. As a result, I become neglectful in my search of finding the Eternal Source of happiness.

  • I may not intend to be an idol-worshiper but in my ‘lack of consciousness, “happiness” comes from being around my bike or anything else in the universe and that thing becomes the source for my needs. I am worshiping the “act of biking” because I am attributing it with the quality of happiness, i.e. as the source that gives existence to my happiness. Therefore, I have to train myself not to fall into this trap of worship.

What is LOVE? It is a quality. The sense of love is given to human beings to understand that the existence of the universe shows that the One who gave existence to the universe creates it out of love. If this Existence Giver did not love the universe, do you think It would create the universe?

In my observation of the universe, I find that things are given existence. Therefore, there must be a Conscious agent who prefers the existence of this universe (and everything in it) over non-existence. Do I see any evidence in this universe that the Creator was compelled to create the universe? (Please note that this question is not a speculation from the Creator’s perspective, which would be a logical fallacy, on the contrary, it is more so from our end as a receiver of the messages and investigator of this message in the universe.)

Before answering the above question, let me first look at my own existence. I cannot be the result of randomness; an agent must have preferred to give me existence. Similarly, the objects/events around me cannot not just happen to exist by themselves. Again, an agent must have preferred them to exist. As far as I can see, everything is created in a perfect way. I am the result of a Conscious choice. I did not ask to be given existence but I was preferred to be given existence. It seems that the existence of this universe has been preferred to exist by its Creator. Hence, if we do not find any convincing evidence that the Creator of this universe is compelled to give existence, we can conclude that existence is a result of Its preference/Will/Choice. The answer to the above question is: I do not see any evidence in the universe that the Creator was compelled to create the universe.

In our life, we find ourselves compelled to do actions. For example, we work for money. We get married to dispel loneliness. Think about it: if you are not compelled to do something, would you prefer to do it? No, we would not do it unless it is out of love.

“Act of Creation” means giving existence to things/events/objects without it having any prior existence. The biggest question is: “Is LOVE the cause of existence of this universe?” I answer YES because the reason for the existence of anything is out of a deliberate choice (as per conclusion in the paragraph above). If something is created, I conclude that it is the result of the love of the Creator to create it. Therefore, the Creator must love the universe and everything in it, in order to create it.

Metaphor: Human beings have feelings and we are constantly under the compulsion of our feelings. While using my freewill, I act according to my feelings. We assume that we are able to act without the influence of our feelings. If we do something without compulsion i.e. ‘freely’, it would be reasonable to accept that the action is done because of a preference (i.e. Love as per the text. The preference can be any other quality such as Compassion, Mercy…). If we love to do something, we prefer to do it under the compulsion of our feelings. Our reality is that we are constantly under the influence of our feelings that are beyond our control. Mother’s love for her child is the perfect example. Mother is compelled to provide affection to her child out of feelings of compassion and love. However, within this reality, we know that in our ‘limited’ realm of freedom, we love that which we prefer. The POINT HERE IS: Everything in creation is the result of its Creator’s preferences.

  • I am not the Creator of my actions because I do not create anything including my preferences.
  • I am under the influence of all my given feelings and preferences which are endowed to me by my Creator.

Human beings (unlike a robot) are encoded with certain preferences/inclinations which one understands when exercising one’s freewill. Let’s say that you prefer a weekend getaway in the country side instead of staying in your room all day. Is this your preference? Obviously not, you are made to prefer what is lovable for you as far as your preference is concerned. This preference is given to you. In fact, all your preferences are given to you. Let us take some other examples:

  • I am given preference to help the needy ones instead of the privileged ones.
  • I am made with the preference to be reasonable in my decisions, for instance prepare for an exam/interview ahead of time as opposed to studying the night before.

Having freewill to follow or not the encoded preferences within ourselves is another matter. We do not have to follow (unlike robots) whatever is within us, but the preferences are there for us to follow them or not. Preferences and freewill are not to be confused. They are different qualities, human beings are created with them.

Since our preferences are given to us by the Absolute One, they are loveable by this Absolute. Whatever is given existence in this universe, in its creation, there is LOVE i.e. they are made out of love.

Now you must be wondering: Since the existence of anything is out of love, how can we understand war, poverty, disasters (tsunami, famine…), etc.? Well, a tsunami is given existence as a result of its Creator’s choice. It is I, the human being who may interpret the creation of the event as good or bad. Based on my interpretation, I perceive the Creator of that event accordingly. However, the existence of that event is a result of the preference of the Creator (as discussed earlier). The event is given existence out of a Conscious choice with a wisdom in its existence. It is our duty to think about the wisdom in the existence of the things which are disliked by us through the preferences given to us by the same Creator.

  • The existence of an item is proof that the agent gives it existence, preferred its existence to its non-existence.
  • The existence of an item gives us evidence to conclude that there must be a Conscious agent behind every act of creation.

Please study this with your utmost attention to solve all your problems and tackle negative attitude and traits of unhappiness in your being which ultimately leads to depression. Ready, here we go:

In creation there is no evil. As far as my relationship with the event is concerned, I may choose to interpret the event as evil. That is, I am made not to like the event and hence, I ought to be aware that there must be wisdom in the creation of the event. I have to think about the existence of the event and the Conscious agent behind the creation of this event. That is the only way I will avoid using my freewill in the wrong way. I have to train myself with the awareness that THE EXISTENCE OF ANYTHING IS OUT OF LOVE. It is not a simple task because we are NOT used to perceiving disastrous events as coming into existence out of Love. There are two types of disastrous events where it would be almost impossible to understand the manifestation of love in its existence:

  1. Natural calamities such as tsunami, earthquake…are the choice of the Creator. It is part of Its created order. It is not my choice. My choice lies in how I interpret THE EXISTENCE of this event, i.e.
  2. If I say that an earthquake is “evil”, then I am implying that the One that gives existence to the order of the earthquake is “evil” or did not create it out of love.
  3. The order Giver of the universe has chosen the earth to be turbulent out of love for its creation.
  4. In times of war, it is in human nature to desire that no one should be killed. However, while the event is taking place where people are killed, that act is given existence even though it is a result of the misusage of human freewill. That is, as far as the existence of the event is concerned, it is given existence out of love. Therefore it would be a logical fallacy to say that the Creator has intended an evil act. The “choice” of the people doing certain act is “evil”. For example if I choose to cut my finger willingly then I am harming myself. The act is created according to what I ask for. The act is given existence by the existence giver.

In both 1 and 2, it is difficult to perceive the creation of the event as coming “out of love”. But if one focuses on the “existence” of every event, one is bound to conclude: it is coming “out of love”. The best way to come to that conclusion is to question if the existence of these events is not out of love, then what is it out of? Often asked questions:“Why does not the Creator create an interference for the act to not come into existence, especially when people misuse their freewill to kill others? As being the observer, I am sure He is trying to teach me something. What is He teaching me?”

  • The question is worded wrongly as it is delving into God’s perspective. Endless questions can be raised with: why does God…

I am living in a created world. I experience creation. The Creator cannot be part of the universe. For the most part there is no tsunami/earthquake that I experience in my daily life. Do I thank for those days? Once in a few years, we get a reminder to wake us up from our heedlessness. It tells me my reality and who the Lord of the universe is. Just like sickness is a reminder that shakes my awareness to come to the sense of realization of the name of Healer. “Agreed. However, to see love in creation of war type events, I expect Divine interference so that the act does not come into existence especially when people misuse their freewill to kill others.”

  • This world is a training place for human beings. If they choose the wrong and the Creator interferes and does not create what they have chosen, then no-one will bother about making a mistake because it would not be created anyways. This expectation goes against the freedom of the free choice; it disqualifies the human free choice. And, it also disqualifies the education of human beings. They should see the negative results of their misuse of freewill and learn that they should use the freewill in the right way. This is purpose of creation of this world and letting the human beings see the outcome of their own choices. Accordingly they will learn what is right and what is wrong. During this training there may be some innocent people harmed. Definitely the Creator must be aware of it. Since this universe is transient and a training place, it cannot be the ultimate creation. Human beings are trained to prepare themselves for another realm of creation. That creation is the place where everyone will be rewarded according to what they have acquired in this training place.

How do we understand guidance? What is the Quran? The Speech of my Creator to guide me to understand what is right/wrong and accordingly use my freewill. When I read a verse from the Quran, I ought to understand that it is guidance from my Creator telling me that It is the One who gave me the sense of not wanting to do something. Will a guide tell me to do something that I cannot? Additionally, it is telling me that I have the ability to do something but I should choose not to do it. Thus, I have to use the sense of not doing it in Its name.

  • Quran is a reminder that says: I have created you with qualities. Use these qualities in this way.
  • Without this guidance, I will not know how to use the qualities (my capacity) in the best way. Only after being taught we learn that something was good or bad for us, according to the purpose of my being here on earth. Then, we learn for sure that it is the best choice. When we start our education, we do not know much but after learning we realize what is right or wrong. And then going forward, we make decisions accordingly.

Guidance is set forth by the One who creates the desire in me wanting to be guided rightly. There would be a contradiction if I am made with a need to acquire guidance and there is no guidance in this universe as to the purpose of its existence and how I am expected to utilize the universe to fulfil this purpose. My Creator guides me so that I utilize the wisdom that I am endowed with (i.e. all the qualities which are endowed in my being by my Creator). We have to be aware of this correlation between guidance and wisdom. That is, the Quran does not add anything new to my being; on the contrary, it teaches us what is already in us.

  • Without being taught, we do not discover anything.
  • Quran teaches me that I have the capacity to understand the guidance.
  • Quran guides me to utilize my capacity to the best of my abilities.
  • Quran speaks from God’s perspective and I have to receive it from my perspective.

In order to set the stage for receiving guidance, I first need to understand for myself why am I convinced that the Quran is the true guidance from my Creator. I have to first establish who I am. Why am I a believer and why do I call myself a Believer.

  • Religion needs to be analyzed thoroughly, it is not the culture of a society, neither an inheritance.
  • Only after we are convinced in our identity as a human being can we claim to be followers of a certain religion.
  • If you are partially convinced or not convinced at all, that is good news as it prompts you to keep searching.

Our reality is that we engage in so much research when making purchases (shoes, food, and clothes) but barely spend any effort on the most essential questions: WHO MADE ME AND WHO GAVE ME EXISTENCE AND WHY? We dare not to reflect on matters related to belief because it is not easy.

  • What does it mean to be human?
  • What does it mean to be a believer?

Although, the Quran continuously presents us with seemingly repetitive statements such as: “I have created the heavens, earth and all that is in it…” This should draw our attention on the “created-ness” side of creation. How are things coming into existence? In these types of verses, the Creator of the universe is speaking to us as follows: “O my Reader! You have to look at the mountains, rivers and earth, stars…and you have to see that it has been created by ME, the Absolute One.”

  • Now, ask yourself: “Have I done this reflection?”

Question: Justice is a fundamental concept in the Quran. How should we interpret verses such as “God does not love injustice, He loves justice.”

My Creator has given me the sense of not to love injustice. We need to read the Quran from a perspective of seeking guidance and not from an imitative ideology. Personally, I find that My Creator has imbibed me with the qualities that dislike injustice. It means I have this sense within me and the Quran helps me discover what I am endowed with. I need guidance to help me uncover my capacity but I cannot uncover it by myself.

  • You are inclined to be on the path of justice AND the Creator’s guidance reminds you of the direction you ought to be on.
    • Teaching does not mean gaining NEW information. Rather, it helps you uncover what is within you.
    • A teacher/guide helps you to discover what is within you.

We have to be aware that my creation already includes qualities I need i.e. My Creator has created me with abilities. Therefore, when I read the Quran, I am seeking guidance to discover, that which is already within me. The Quran encourages its reader to question the message within a logical consistency. If you understand this principle, it is easy to understand that the Quran is speaking to you within your capacity. Your capacity increases if you choose to pay heed.

Last class (refer to notes from part 1), we discussed how our perception of an act of creation such as a natural disaster like a hurricane is classified as “bad”. Why do we classify it as bad? Because we see that it destroys lives. However, isn’t this world being destroyed with every passing moment? Each moment passes away and is completely ephemeral. Classifications of events as good/bad, therefore, are a meaningless construct if we do not understand the totality of the matter. Instead, we should first try and understand the existence of the hurricane from the perspective of its created-ness.

  • In every moment, we are experiencing destruction: We lost youth to old age.

Old age is a stark reminder of what we are seeking i.e. eternity, yet nothing in this universe is able to provide it. The passing of time makes us seek the One who can give permanence and eternity.

  • How do I know this universe must have a Creator?
    • By being aware of my own creation
  • How do I know that there must be eternity?
    • I find myself loving permanence and I notice that everything in this world is transient.

What can give permanent existence here? There are no signs that I can find Eternity within this world. I understand the existence of eternity from the transience of this world. We are encoded with the capacity to understand opposites. That is, I understand existence of Eternity from experiencing transience. Within the order, we are reminded that the order is kept in place by a Creator who controls everything. This transient world is a training ground so that we may learn the purpose of our existence.

  • We have to reflect on the transience of this universe and realize that this universe is a temporary place of residence for me although I WANT something permanent. This ‘want’ is an urge to make us seek that which is truly permanent, Eternity.
  • Nothing in the universe should be taken for granted expecting that they will always be there eternally as they are. This awareness triggers me to seek a permanent solution, yearning for Eternity.

Additionally, we understand the order of this universe when we start to lose something or when a calamity strikes. Rather, what we deem as “bad”, these calamities serve as a reminder to us so that we may not get caught up in the routine. Eat // Work // Sleep // Repeat AND Summer // Fall // Winter // Spring // Repeat AND Growth // Death // Repeat. Whenever the ‘routine’ (which we take for granted) gets altered, we are halted in our tracks. It is a call for us to wake up and realize our reality so that we may not get subsumed by our routines. Otherwise we would not realize that we are losing something. What we experience is just a reminder/warning that this world is created and I have to be aware of its existence. We get warned for our own benefit. Just like a white piece of canvas with black spots making us aware of the existence of white/reality. I should admit that the universe (including myself in it) is weak. This universe must have an independent agent that I need to seek.

  • The existence of calamities helps me to realize that this world is not acting on its own but it is controlled by the One who creates everything. Through the calamities I witness, I realize that I have to be aware of His Creatorship. I cannot guarantee anything, the order of the universe is in the Hands of its Creator and He teaches me that this world is transient abode for everything.

In summary, how do I know that the Creator creates everything out of love? My Creator is the One that guides me out of love. Just as when someone is about to fall into a ditch, and we push them to save them (at the expense of hurting), the ‘harm’ is in reality a good act when it fulfills a function i.e. letting one know their reality (i.e. the order of the universe demonstrates that it is according to the Will of its Creator. He is in control of the entire universe and everything exists out of a preference i.e. LOVE). We need to train ourselves to see LOVE in creation, especially when an act goes against our expectations or opposite to our routines. Thus, a sudden break in a routine is out of love to teach me my reality, I am depended on my Creator, I cannot take the order of the universe for granted that it will always be as I want.

Love is the gravitation of the universe. Everything gravitates towards each other through love. The existence of this universe, right down to the formation of atoms is the result of the Creator’s Will. The Creator’s Will is an act of preference. He preferred for the atom to exist. Something that is preferred is loved. An atom is enough evidence that it is created dependently at the Will of Its Creator. Molecules are a combination of atoms, yet another evidence of Its Will. The Creator, through all of Creation, provides us with evidence that love is the light of this universe that binds everything. If we do not see love in existence, the universe becomes lifeless and meaningless for us. However, through a lens of love, we may realize that everything is dispatching a message about its reality; it is an act of creation from its Creator. Everything becomes ‘alive’ and is constantly glorifying its Creator (angelic side). Each atom is composed of a message that says ‘I am perfectly created by my Creator’.

  • If you observe a pen, DO NOT SEE it as a “human made object” INSTEAD SEE ITS EXISTENCE i.e. atomic/molecular structure. Everything is continuously in motion manifesting the perfect qualities of its Maker.

Just classifying and learning about things without establishing its reality is meaningless because it makes everything dead. Everything is an animate being communicating with us.

  • So what if a plant is green?
  • Rather, the plant is being given existence by its Creator who has made it green and has made you able to witness it
      • There is communication between you and the Creator (angelic side)
      • Meaningfulness is established when a message connects you to the Creator.

Love conquers the universe. The existence of even the most undesirable event is the result of love. All the love that is manifested in creation is included in my capacity (to be felt in the human heart). Analogy: Universe is like a tree and human being is the fruit of this tree. Since the fruit has seed(s) and if the seed is sown into soil, it becomes the tree of the universe. All the qualities of the ‘tree’ are included in the seed of the fruit. The human heart is represented by the seed.

  • Similarly, if a’ human’ seed is sowed into the soil of this universe, the tree that grows is capable of understanding the message of the whole universe because a single heart (one seed) is equal to the universe. That is why, a single human being, is so precious. The capacity encompassed within each being is infinite.

The purpose of existence of the universe includes man in it. I am a well-equipped creature to experience and appreciate all the qualities manifested in the universe!

  • The human being is equipped with a list of comprehensive qualities that is able to comprehend and analyze creation
  • Through my observation, I can see that this whole universe has been created so that men may perceive the qualities of the Creator in all of creation.
  • Regardless of what man studies, s/he ought to be able to see the act of creation in it because of the abilities endowed within.

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