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Chapter Tin – Part 3

95:7 “Then what causes you to deny the Day of Resurrection?”

Recap: We studied the speech of the Creator which says that: We create the human beings in the perfect form, at the same time, we reduce him to the lowest of the low.  This reduction of the human being will not be applicable to the one who believes and does righteous deeds for s/he understands what the truth is and lives accordingly.  At the same time, after graduation from this type of existence, everyone will be rewarded or given their degrees according to what they have learned.

This universe is a training institution, like a school where the teachers are here to teach.  Some people learn the lesson well and start helping others with their learning and teach them.  Our human side (soul) is the real criteria for us to make the judgment for what is to be learned and what is to be rejected or wrong as to run away from it.  That is how the setting of this life is established.  

In the school of the universe, the purpose is to educate people, not punish them by reducing their knowledge.  No education institution is out there to punish people.  

  • The purpose of the education system is to teach.  
  • It depends on the individual if they choose to learn, acquire knowledge and benefit from the establishment of the school system. Accordingly, they make progress and improve themselves.  

Everyone regardless of the interest areas of study they choose, have to make progress. Otherwise, the school fails them.  The decision is made by the teacher whether someone passes the class or not.  The teacher does not act arbitrarily, and again, the decision is made by the teacher according to the stance of the students i.e. success/failure from the student. 

  • God in a way says in the Quran: “I will pass the people who are successful in their education and give them a good degree according to the level of learning i.e. their understanding.  Whereas those people who do not pass and make progress in their education, I will fail them”.

This is what the school does, and it is the right judgment.  Yes, everything is decided by God, but we have to be careful about our decisions.  That is, we are responsible for how we use our freewill, establishing/questioning our belief (deciding what is right/wrong) and according to our belief, acting in a certain way.

95:8 “Is not God the most Just of all judges?”

Who are the other judges?  Who will decide about my virtues?  In this world, no one knows what I have in my mind and heart, what type of intentions I am holding or hope for.  The physical actions, as seen by others are only valuable based on my intention, awareness, and purpose of life, which are all hidden from the perception and sight of everyone.  No one in the world can know it.  This pattern in the Quran of mentioning a quality in comparison to what we experience, such as “Just of all judges”, “Best Planner of all planners”, is very common. The Quran by definition is the Verbal Guide revealed by the Owner of the universe (including human beings) and speaking to human beings.  Yes, it may speak to other creatures but as far as I am concerned, I need to take my part of it or the message i.e. “My Creator is speaking to me”.   That is what the Quran claims to be i.e. “The One who claims to be my Creator speaks to me according to my capacity and living experiences in this world. The tools to communicate with Him have been provided to me by Him as well”.  That is to say, the universe has some sort of documents/evidence for me so that as physical materials/tools, I can work on them and try to understand what they mean for me. What is the purpose of their existence, and ultimately understand, what is the purpose of my human side (spirit/soul)?


  • I am using my experiences/tools/qualities to analyze what my Creator is teaching me.  


Some may claim that I am not using my criterium or any other evidence but only “God’s guidance”.  Be wary of such claims!  

How do you follow the Quran?  You understand the text within your own capacity, and you assign the meaning to the text according to your own capacity.  In other words, it is you who decides what the text means.  No one can ever follow what the Quran or any other texts really mean.  You can only follow what you understood from the text of the Quran within your capacity.  We cannot go beyond our capacity!


  • As soon as I present my understanding of the verse, it becomes my understanding within my capacity and according to my area of experiences.


  • My Creator knows my conditions because He creates me with these conditions and He speaks to me according to my capacity and life conditions/experiences, knowing that I cannot get out of my life experiences (capacity).
  • Whatever I see as the good judge within my life, God says: “Be careful!  I am infinitely at a higher degree of a judge than what you think of a judge within your life experiences.”

Another Quranic verse: “Allah is the best of the creators.”  Are there other creators in the universe so that Allah is the best of them? This language puzzled some of the students of the Quran (now known as scholars).  We need to appreciate them, at least they study the Quran and try to understand it within a preliminary level.  That is fine because we need to start from level 1 and make progress.  

  • Are there other creators that I may compare with the Creator of the universe?  In your experience of the world, can you think of something that you see as giving existence to something else without using anything which is already existent in the world?  
  • Example: The earth is created by God and the tree is created by God.  However, one may say that the tree grows the fruit and the fruit is produced by the tree.  Although, we don’t use the word Creator for the tree, but we give deity qualities to the created things.  What am I attributing the fruit to?  To the tree. 
  • Example: In the word “Sunlight” –  is the sun giving existence to the light, or itself is already created with its light? 
    • That shows that we may have a false perception of the Creator.  


  • Rather, the Creator says: “My quality of being a Creator is infinitely beyond your false perception of a creator.”  Otherwise, how do you explain the existence of anything out of nothing (will, power, knowledge)?  Since He must be the Absolute Creator, He brings creation out of His will and planning.


We do not see any hesitation in creation, everything happens and comes into existence all at once.  Only the Absolute One can do that.  He is limitless, infinite and we cannot imagine anything like Him in this world.  The universe is created like a dependent being and everything is dependent on the One who created them.  The Creator cannot be like a created dependent being, otherwise, He cannot be the Creator.  If He was also a limited, dependent being then He would also need to be created.  Regardless, there must be a Creator who gives existence to the universe as we are experiencing here.  

We must understand that the Creator’s qualities must be Absolute (by definition of our perceptions and understanding).  When we use the word “Judge” (Hakim in Arabic) for God, it means the Absolute Judge i.e. within our life experiences, that is the ultimate judge.  That is to say, when I speak about my experiences of life, I have to be careful about what I am assigning any act of my life experiences to.  It is as if I am assigning an act as belonging to something in terms of Creatorship.  For example, I am saying that the tree is the source of existence of its fruit, but the tree is created by God; thus, falsely attributing the creatorship of the fruit to the tree.

These types of verses should be read as asking myself:Is God the Absolute Judge of all judges that I know or can imagine?”  Example: When you go to a court, you see a judge making decisions.  That is correct as far as the human responsibility of “being a judge” in the court is concerned.  However, as a human being, we cannot create, we ask the Creator to create a world according to our choice.  We have to understand that God is the Absolute Creator, Judge.  We are not talking on behalf of God but when I talk about the qualities as belonging to God, I say Judge, Wise, Knower, Seeing…whatever the quality I talk about in terms of God, I have to be aware to put an adjective (Absolute, Infinite….) i.e. all the negating words to what I experience here.  That is to say, I cannot define “Absolute” and “Infinite” because there is no infinite and absolute in the world and I have no knowledge (no words) for something which does not exist in the world.  Hence, I have to say, “not finite”, “not limited”.

How does God decide and pass judgment?  

Do we see that everything receives what they deserve?  Yes, but sometimes we see injustice manifested.  God says: “Human beings can fail in fulfilling the righteous acts”.  Example: I can grow a tree, water it and protect it when it is young.  I want the tree to grow within the conditions of this life i.e. we are acting according to the conditions of the order of this universe and the tree grows.  However, I can kill the tree as well on the spot, still according to the order of the universe.  

  • If the tree grows, it produces fruits, cleanses the air and performs other functions.  
  • If I cut the tree, then it does not grow.  

When human beings cut the tree with no right reason, immediately the judgment is passed.  The permission is given to human beings to benefit from what is created, that is how we are created in need of something from creation and the Creator says that you can benefit from them without going into excess, more than what you need.  That is, you cannot waste things here.  


  • Waste is using the provision given to us more than what we need.  Do we really need it?
  • Example: I need wood to make furniture which is why I may cut some trees.  I do not feel that I am doing something wrong.  In my heart and feelings, I do not feel any pain.  However, if I kill a tree or an animal for no reason, which has no benefit for me and all acts without any purpose, does not satisfy any of my needs (that is doing wrong). That is waste where I lose the benefit from it.


Example: One may say that there are lots of injustices going on in the world.  But when we examine the universe, we see that the universe is in a perfectly balanced, arranged form (order of creation). Whatever qualities manifested are compatible and support each other. Whoever is organizing and setting the stage as such is responsible for such arrangement. This source demonstrates the results are always in the best form with the continuation of existence.  In other words, this whole set-up in the universe is deliberately set to fulfill the purpose in creation for human beings.

Example: We grow young and start declining (getting ready to leave this universe and given our degree accordingly).  This is a temporary place for human feelings which are not satisfied in this world. Since our expectations/feelings go much beyond the limitations of this universe, they seek eternal satisfaction.  That is, I need a life, I am created with this need of everything working for me perfectly that I must enjoy eternally.  

We are struggling here to have better life conditions in this world (house, food…), we know that this world is not to be satisfied from, it’s impossible.  We are explicitly told in our life conditions that this world is not a permanent place for human beings, but we need a permanent, comfortable eternal bliss i.e. an infinite life with no worry at all. This universe is not enough!  That is how the universe is established in order to teach us that this is not a permanent place, you are a tenant here.  Your body is your house for your spirit.  When the spirit receives enough education (according to the time allotted to the soul to be here), then the spirit is set for graduation from this universe.  We are always reminded that this is not a permanent placeEverywhere it teaches us this:  “Spring/Summer is gone i.e. things keep changing and reach their pinnacle, then comes Fall/Winter.  Everything is temporary which means that my life is temporary and the universe keeps changing continuously (which means that it must be temporary as well because the order is established in this world and this order conveys to us that this type of existence is not permanent)”.  The order that we experience here conveys to us that we are being trained and getting ready for another type of creation.  If there was no other type of creation, then the world that I experience here must present perfect implementation of justice here i.e. there should be no injustice here. 

  • My humanity requires this or is made with the need to experience justice.

There must be another type of existence where my human desires must be met.  In the tree example, as soon as I kill the tree, the tree stops being useful to me as a tree. Whereas, it is useful as wood for furniture (its continuation of existence).  Although the tree finishes its functioning as a tree for me, my feeling is in correspondence with this situation because I do not want it to be so.

I must read my inner voice, and everything should start to get clearer.  As a human being, I have an innate criteria in me to say that something is right/wrong and my Creator gives me additional guidance on this as another criterium).  If I do something as much as I know according to the perception of my moral values, then we can say that my Creator works under my freewill.  That is, my freewill may distort the message of my conscience or keep it right.  I am free to decide and misinterpret or ignore it.  However, the conscience still functions, and I may turn deaf to it (i.e. not hear my conscience).  

I may try not to listen to the voice of my conscience (my criteria), but the voice of my conscience comes back.  It is there and I pretend not to hear it.  My Creator knows what is going on in me (because He is my Creator) and must know it and He takes record of it.  These are all symbolic teachings i.e. He does not need to stand there.  Rather, what I do must be known by my Creator and I will be given the degree accordingly, either pass or fail.  I will be given the judgment according to how much I listen to my conscience, but the absolute judgment will be realized in the next creation (there must be a hereafter where justice must be fulfilled).

However, my soul experiences what is right and wrong here and I may try to justify it and introduce some excuses for it.  I can rationalize some acts.  Example: killing people who are physically attacking you is fine within the war conditions.  However, our consciousness teaches us what we are doing is wrong (immediate result/answer is there).  At the same time, the act and the conscience rebelling against it cannot be considered as the ultimate result of our choices, it is just an indication of what I am doing is right/wrong. That is how the universe is established and my soul is equipped and qualified.  People who come back from wars go under stress/depressions.  Can one really kill someone because of the pride of one’s nation or interest in acquiring property/goods for one’s happiness?

  • Conflicts of interest are signs of injustices.
  • False advertisements to exploit human emotions are signs of injustices.

We experience pain/injustice as soon as we execute the act.  Example: you cut yourself or someone, immediately you experience pain/injustice.  That is how God demonstrates His quality of being the most Just by teaching through the order of the universe.  The implementation of full judgment is not taking place in this world.  That is why, if there was no other reason for another type of creation where the full judgment will be performed, the unfulfilled judgment in this world (which is the case), then this life would be meaningless. 

The apparent injustice that we see is obvious to everyone and we don’t really need the scripture to shed light on this. For example, people not having food on the table while others throwing away food, people not having enough basic necessities of life while others accumulating non-essential products/services, just to name a few.  What we need is to question the sense of the need for justice or establishment of a just society (removal of disparity) that I have in me when I experience and observe such. Divine scriptures encourage human beings to use their human qualities realizing that these qualities are given to them by their Creator and must be performed in His name and must thank Him to make ourselves aware of what attitude is right and what wrong.

During the first 13 years of revelation to the prophet Muhammad (phub), the Quran trained people regarding moral values. There was no mention of praying, fasting, pilgrimage and prohibition of certain actions (these are revealed later on).  Rather, what has been emphasized on the earlier revelation is the transient nature of this universe, the need for an eternal life and how God is aware of everything that we are doing.  At the end, everyone will die, the universe will die and be taken away for judgment.  Watch out for the rights of poor, innocent and orphans.  Don’t claim that you have a higher degree of value over other people and that you have the right to rule over slaves…  These were all presented to people as moral values.

After the moral values have been inculcated and trained with the practical experiences of social life, the rules and requirements (known as sharia) were introduced to human beings.  Example: Hajj, no adultery and no drinking/gambling were implemented later after the 20th year of revelation.

We must educate our moral values first and then the other rules come in (ritualistic actions).  These types of subjects can only be instructed to those who have been trained/educated in moral values.  Moral values are innate in everyone.  The rules and requirements were conveyed to regulate the social life and give the opportunity to human beings to turn their daily living into worship.  Example: Prohibition of pork and alcohol.  Why?  It acts as a reminder to who the owner is. For example, any time we drink anything – what comes to our mind?: is it the prohibited drink (alcohol) or not?  Oh, It is water, it is permitted but by whom?  By the One who created the water and gave me the opportunity to drink it.  And so, I drink it in His name.  Normal drinking of water turns into worship owing to the prohibition of one type of drink.  The same applies for meat and pork.  What does halal (permissible) mean?  The Creator of the meat is giving me the permission to eat meat created by Him, and it is an opportunity to remind me that this action of eating the meat is permitted by the Owner of the meat and so, I eat it in His name.  That is, it is an opportunity to recognize the Owner of the meat by using pork as a criterion of remembrance.  


  • Everything is an opportunity for me to turn my ordinary action into an act of worship.  What a beautiful arrangement?!


People may ask why is it that pork or alcohol are prohibited?  It is so simple, to give you the opportunity to turn all your daily activities into worship of the Absolute God, what else do you want.  Otherwise, we will eat and drink whatever comes on the table.  If there is no reminder, then I will be doing anything without questioning the source of existence.  These kinds of prohibitions and commandments are all for our benefit.  I must be honest to acknowledge that I usually forget about my reality!  If there was no permission and prohibition, I will jump into any house anytime.  God says: “Get permission to get into someone’s private place.  You say: “Peace be upon you” i.e. I am here in peace, not to hurt you.  That is, declare peace, get the permission, and then enter.

When the animals get into their stable, do they ask for permission to do anything?  No.  If the door is open, they just settle in.  Human beings should not act as animals.  It is important to understand the wisdom in sharia rules.  Example: Interest is prohibited.  Why?  Because I may exploit the needy who need capital to do something. They may ask me to give but I just take advantage of them and get benefit from them.  This means that the whole universe is given to me to benefit from, but it should not be done in an unjust way or contrary to moral values.  Does the Owner of the earth (food, clothing, opportunities…) ask for interest payment?   

  • Does He say that you have to give me back more?  
  • Rather, He says: “Give Me (acknowledge Me as the real owner) what I have given to you without any interest and I will pay you with endless paradise/happiness (just the opposite of what I see in civilization without Sharia consciousness)”.

In Islamic traditions, when a wealthy person invites a poor person and when they come and benefit from you, the Quran says: “the good things that I present to the needy Ones, I shouldn’t expect any thanks for it from them.  I only expect God’s acceptance; my realization that giving is an act of God i.e. how God gives me and is teaching me through my practice.”  

“Those who though longing for it themselves, bestow their food on the poor and the orphan and the captive. We feed you for God’s sake only; we seek of you no recompense nor thanks.” Quran (76: 8-9).

  • To apply this practically for example, if I look after plants, animals and forests, I need to question the quality of nurturing and attribute it to the Nurturer. 
  • God gives me nourishment, food and shelter and I benefit from them.  Do I give any interest for it?  No, I just say thank you and acknowledge that: “O God, this is a grace from You my Creator, and I am thankful to You. I praise You as my Generous Host”.
  • Rather than expecting respectful thankful words from people after inviting them, I have to honor them, treat them well because they came to me: “O friends, you gave me the opportunity to share what God gave me more than what I need. I share the extra things that God provided me with you. This was an opportunity for me to express my thankfulness to God and you were the means and I have to appreciate it”.  

Again, rather than expecting appreciation from people, you must respect them because they came to you.  These values are so human.  Human moral education needs to be practiced first (that is how the Quran teaches), then at the end, the detailed instructions are presented.  That is the progression of a human being.

First, we must educate ourselves and others morally i.e. get to know what the values within me are and then try to practice them afterwards by employing the sharia rules in order to acknowledge the Owner of the universe.  This should not let us justify our shortcomings/failures that I am waiting to establish my moral values before performing the rituals.  No!  We are talking in principle i.e. how everything is perfectly fitting to human nature.

The One who created us in this condition is the most Just One, He creates everything perfectly fitting to my nature, the way that I am created.  All the things that go beyond the justice of this world, I expect the Just One who created me with this sense of seeking justice must fulfill the ones that are not established or practiced in this world.   If there was no other type of existence where the full judgment will be established, then this existence will be meaningless.

Most of the time, we noticed that some people are not punished for the wrong and others are not treated with justice, lots of innocent people’s rights are transgressed…  Let’s say someone takes John’s wallet and runs away.  John was not powerful enough to run after him.  Now, John is deprived of his right, what should he do?  John cannot do anything, but John is innocent.  So, how can John see the justice happening here?  There is no justice for that here, but John must be given the right back by the One who created John with the desire to fulfill the justice.  He is the Most Just One.  That is how John gets to know about the establisher of Justice.  

Every creature faces different life conditions. Their ability to feed themselves , take care of their life conditions… all are set up exactly as they need.  Example: different kinds of birds are created to fly and are created with eyes that can see from miles away their prey.  Every creature is created with full equipment in order to continue their life conditions.  We are talking in general terms, not to mention any exceptional cases that we label as “disability”.  Those creatures will definitely be treated with justice in the next creation.

  • Nothing is ignored in the universe as we see. We see a conscious will, knowledge, wisdom and power taking care of everything in the universe.
  • If a transgression occurs, it is not ignored, any misuse of free will by me is not ignored. I better seek repentance for my shortcomings.  For any transgression (injustice), if the consequence is not given here,  it would not be fair. There must be another type of existence where the consequence of my actions will be taken into account.  
  • It doesn’t mean that justice never happens here, the human senses are equipped with the quality to feel the results of their misuse and feel the pain for it. Sometimes it does happen in physical existence but we cannot know which creation is in order to punish injustice in this world (depending on the wisdom of the Creator, we don’t know when and how it will happen), and so we have to trust the Creator being the Most Just One where Justice will be applied in another type of creation if not here.

Comment: How can I take the wisdom from my experiences that teaches that justice will be manifested?

We must establish our understanding of existence first: What is this existence?  How is this happening?  Who gave me existence?  Who is responsible for this existence?  Without establishing this, we cannot talk about anything.  If the world does not have any owner, why should I expect that justice should be performed/accomplished?  If existence is seen as accidental, then I have no reason to see that there must be justice because out of accident the sense of justice cannot exist.

However, if I say as a rhetoric that I believe in God, it would be a baseless claim. I need to have reasons for my conclusions.  For that, the universe is a clear evidence for us, we must see the universe and see how it is happening and who/what is responsible for the existence of the universe.  In the universe, how are the things happening so that the universe will be a sign of the qualities of its Creator.  Is there any injustice in the order of the universe?  The calamities that are occurring are subject to an order, a Conscious will.  To call the calamities as injustice is the result of not understanding the purpose of this universe, which is to teach human beings that this universe is a temporary place for you and it is not the universe that is serving you but the One Who creates the universe does serve you. You and the universe cannot guarantee anything for you. When people misuse their freewill, that is also under an order.  That cannot be accidental!

If only we can discover the rules ingrained within the order, then we can save ourselves from what we refer to as “natural calamities” from harming ourselves as much as the order allows us.  Everything is done according to a perfect order. That is how the universe is functioning.

Second, as human beings, we want justice to be established.  Where did I get this idea/sense/quality?  Did I get it from an atom?  Accidentally, every human being have a sense of justice?  Does it make sense?  Who taught me this, I have to question my own creation, the creation of my own senses, where did I get them from?  The One who created me, gave me the sense of this need/desire for justice and struggle for justice (whether you are a believer or not), the need is there and you cannot attribute the sense of justice to matter at all.

  • Matter has no feelings at all.  It is just given existence according to the order of the universe and subject to the order of the universe.

Everything is under the control (will/knowledge/power) of the Creator of the order of the universe.  My being is also designed, arranged by the Creator of the universe.  This is another sign that this is not by accident that I need justice.  I am given the sense of justice to protect the sense of justice, struggle for justice and not to commit injustice.

Where did you get this sense of justice?  Are you the designer of yourself?  You are given this sense.  Why did I get this sense of justice?  What may be the purpose and wisdom in being given this sense of justice?  This is a very wise design because every human being has the same senses, but we may misuse it.  We all have common senses, who designed us like this?


  • When we conclude that the Creator of the universe has a quality of justice, and He introduces Himself to me by creating the sense of Justice within me and need for Justice within me, so that I will understand that the Creator is the Absolute Just One.  This needs to be established.


Also, among human interactions, there are numberless injustices going on everywhere.  Uneducated, innocent people are victimized by many individuals and organizations and deceived by them.  Weak ones are treated badly, and poor ones are exploited because of their poverty.  My human feelings tell me that we must help them.  That is why most people get angry with the notion of God without knowing what they are talking about.

  • Who created this sense of justice in me while I am ignorant of an Owner of the universe? I don’t know who this owner is, let alone Him being the Just One? This is why many wonder where God is when faced with injustices without knowing what they are talking about when they say “God.”


I am using the tools He gave me, which are supposed to be used to get to know Him, against Him and to criticize Him.  By using the sense of justice given to me by my Creator, I am saying: “You are not a Just One.”  How am I saying that?  According to the sense of justice that He gave to me?  What is happening here?  Because we don’t have the consciousness of the creation of myself and the universe, we borrow the concepts of God from society without knowing what it means for me.  If I know that the One who gave me the sense of justice will treat me with justice, and when I am treated in an unjust way, it means that the One who is the Source of Existence of justice, is not going to ignore or forget it. He introduces Himself to me as being the Just one so He must provide justice.  Where?  If not here, this world is a transient place, definitely another kind of creation must be waiting for us.

If someone steals your property, you take them to the court.  Where is justice established?  Not in your house but in the court.  That is how we establish our social lives using our human qualities given to us by our Creator.  Where is the Court of the Creator?  In this world, some justice may be obtained by using the socially established justice system. Not necessarily everyone may get justice. The judge may be misled; someone may falsify the evidential documents.  It means that justice may  not be accomplished here.  What is the Creator of my sense of Justice doing? He says: “don’t worry there will be a day of judgment and I will take care of it”. This is why the Revelations from God keeps reminding human beings that they should never ignore that there will be a new creation for you to establish the Court of the Creator.

Here is only one of the examples of the verses in the Quran mentions that day: We will set up scales of justice for the Day of Resurrection so that no one can be wronged in the least, and if there should be even the weight of a mustard seed, We shall bring it out- We take excellent account.” 21: 47.  

  • That is, all my mistreatments are to be taken into account.  There must be a court of the Creator, if it is not here, it must be somewhere.  

The Quran always speaks in a figurative way: “Don’t worry, don’t get despaired that people are committing wrong and not being punished for them. Don’t worry that the rights of innocent people are not granted….  I will take care of that as every creature gets judged accordingly under my Court.   You try to establish justice as much as you can because I gave you the sense and the desire for justice, that is your duty.”

  • There must be a place where justice will be established.
  • That is why the hereafter is called the day of judgment.

The Quran is full of depictions about the day of judgment.  Everyone’s records are written in the perfect form and nothing is missed.  Everyone will be taken into account for what they have done here.  Not only transgressing the rights of others, but also if I am denying the Creator, I am doing injustice to the whole universe as they are shouting to us witnessing that we are created by an Absolute Being.  Isn’t this an unjust treatment of the universe if I deny the witnessing of the universe?  The people who criticize the Creator will be treated accordingly.  The whole universe will complain about the person who criticizes the Creator as if the Creator does not know how to establish justice since He gave us the need for it.

We must try to establish justice as much as we can but most of the time we cannot.  Now, false advertisements about our reality are so prevalent that we cannot put a stop to this injustice that exploits human weakness.  I must put my trust in the Creator of the sense of justice who is the Creator of the universe called God.  That is why the Quran keeps reminding that: “Those people who believe in God must try to establish justice as much as they can, then lay their trust in God.”  That is, God will take care of them and justice will be established.  There will be a Supreme Court, a Resurrection Day where everyone will be taken into account for what they have done here (accordingly the degrees will be written).

  • While I try to establish/practice justice as much as I can here with my capacity, the remaining gets established in the Divine Court of Justice (resurrection).  That is called trust in God, He will take care of it.  That is why, resurrection must take place since this world is full of injustices with unjust activities.  
  • That is the wisdom to apply: Put your trust in God and establish the belief in the necessity of an eternal life where everyone will be treated according to what they have done here (rewarded/punished).


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