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Chapter Sa’d – Part 17

Part 17

38:53 “This is what you are promised for the Day of Account.”

38:54 “This is indeed our provision that will never end.”

Cultural interpretations of Islam are transforming religion into secular philosophy. We need to start questioning the reality of this existence.  For example, how can I confirm the hereafter now?  What is the Day of Account?  The message of the Quran communicates to me to know about my existential future.  The Speech of God speaks to me now, about the hereafter, and that is what I need.  I need to establish and be in a loving relationship with my Creator now.  Therefore, I need to first know and answer for myself: Which kind of creature am I?

Example: In your grand-parent’s youth, there were very few universities in their town, now there are more than 500 universities.  It means that no one wants to do labor work and farming.  Nowadays, we use technology to keep up with the labor.  We seek education for the betterment of the society at large and to make our lifestyle easier.   Example: Engineers develop applications.  Researchers are working on cures for certain types of illnesses.  This shows that people want to study at an intellectual level.  Without using their reasoning skills to develop algorithms, Engineers cannot make technology catering to our comfort and entertaining us.  People who study social sciences must also reason and question the different doctrines and policies that are presented and prevalent.  Unfortunately, most professions and disciplines make us not use our reasoning skills to its potential. Example: Lawyers and Doctors just follow a set procedure to get the work done.  As human beings, we need reasoning more than learning.  The world is struggling with establishing education systems that teach human beings how to reason because the next generation needs reasoning people.  Information is cheap, overflowing and mostly used to exploit human emotions.  

  • How am I going to organize this information to reason, rather than being carried away with my emotions?  

It is true that we need to use our brains to think and to organize information so that we don’t have to labor.  Very soon all mechanical and technical tasks will be automated.  However, intellectual activities will be left to human beings.  We must prepare ourselves for people who are reasoning and questioning, i.e., the young people of every century. Most of the public will be into intellectual learning and reasoning, very few will be ready for laboring tasks.  We must prepare educated people to explore reasoning about their existence in the way it ought to.  But first, we must start with ourselves.

The human brain develops until the age of 6 to establish reasoning foundations.  We always have free will to workout out with our reasoning. Thinking is difficult for most people and so they take the easy way and just follow a culture without any substantial base.  With this type of decline in reasoning abilities, the number of people who are following religion will get smaller.

When the Quran uses frightening language, it is just to warn the human being to come back to his/her senses and act accordingly.  If I don’t know the danger, I don’t take precautions.

We must communicate with the speech of God bearing in mind that we are not body, but we have senses.  Example: you want poverty to be eradicated.  Human ambitions have no limits as our hopes have no limits.  The more you start giving to charity, to alleviate poverty, the more you can get out of control with this ambition.  That is how the Government and other organizations exploit human emotions.  Example: if a country is at war, people around the world will organize lots of fundraising activities to support the victims.  As a result, some Governments will let the world take care of its people while they will use the money to invest in weapons.  It becomes a vicious cycle with uncontrolled human caprices.  At the same time, your feelings cannot be satisfied, because you want to help people to a certain extent.  

The way the order in this universe is set is that evil and good must fight.  The human senses are drained out in this world in a vicious circle.  However, you have a never-ending unlimited feeling of peace, security and love.  Who gave you these never-ending feelings?  Who is going to satisfy it?  The One who gave me these feelings must mean something in this communication.  

  • If I understand that I need to be created, then these feelings need to be created.

The One who created me is letting me know that these never-ending feelings are signs of promise that the One who creates these feelings must satisfy it and these feelings must be satisfied.  The One who creates the feelings with no end must not be limited with this world, so He must have these qualities in Absolute form.  

  • All the feelings correspond to the qualities of their Creator. The One who created me with these qualities must satisfy it.

The One who gave me infinite needs must be able to satisfy me.  The One who speaks must be accompanied by my feelings.

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