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Chapter Qiyamah – Part 2

Chapter Qiyamah (The Resurrection)- part 2

Recap: How can I save my existence?  How can I secure my life?  How can I secure all the aspirations that I have?  There is no refuge within this universe, and nothing can guarantee our existence here and nothing is able to fulfill our expectations because everything here is subject to the order of the universe as they are created by the Source of Existence of this universe.  They are no different than you as far as their existence is concerned and the qualities that they are endowed with by their Creator.  They can only use them, just like us, we only use what we are given.  We do not create anything!  We just consume what is created out there!

Also, our abilities are gifted by our Creator and we are just using and consuming them.  It means that we may waste all these qualities given to us while using some of them.  As the Quran repeatedly says, those people who waste their existence, their qualities, their potentialities without benefiting from them will be in despair because they are not going to be given what they expect because they have not utilized them.

The only way that we can escape and seek refuge is with our Lord i.e. whoever owns us.  Our journey of life and expectations becomes a struggle because we keep trying to get more and more satisfaction within this life. It becomes an ongoing struggle until death where we end up with our Lord (whoever owns us along with the universe.)  

75:13 “On that day every human being is informed of what he sent ahead, and he put off”

The first layer of meaning to understand this verse is to look at all the procrastination that we do.  The simplest way to get meaning from this verse is by using a student example:  A student in a class knows that the final exam will be at the end of the semester.  The student attends class and takes notes.  However, s/he keeps postponing studying the notes until the end of the semester saying: “I will do it later at the end of the semester when I have time”.  Whatever s/he has learned during class time is for his/her own gain, but what s/he kept postponing and delaying is his/her loss.  

  • Delaying something is a loss and we get used to it: “I still have one month left for the finals; I will study later.”  

When there are only a few days left before the final, the procrastinator stresses out about the materials and the reviewing of notes that need to be studied.  As a result, s/he totally gives up.  (The verse does not really mean this but an example to illustrate our living conditions.)


  • Whatever I learn is “sending ahead” to get ready for the finals, whatever I put off and postpone is against me and that is “what I lose”.  


The Quran addresses our real-life conditions and so we must read the Quran to see what our life conditions are and how can I apply this verse to my real-life conditions?  The purpose of the Quran is to teach me:


  • what is the meaning of this world?
  • what is the meaning of this existence/life?
  • what is the meaning of anything that I am aware of and conscious about?
  • what am I struggling for?


What is the end-result ultimately?  

When we sit down to think about this, it is very frightening, and not many people dare to reflect on this.  No one wants to face their reality because we know that the end result is not pretty.  However, it is very pleasurable when we realize what this existence means and get to know the Source of our existence!  

  • We are here on earth to prepare ourselves for the final result, which is the purpose of existence in this world.  

If I do not see the world as a source of signs and reminders, urging me to read something, I would see my life and this world just as a continuous movement, changes to the material elements of this universe.  My body (and cells) is also continuously changing, at first it seems to get younger and stronger, later we realize that my being is getting closer and closer to death.  Why?  Because we know that the destination of our being in this world, as far as our condition in this world is concerned is the grave as everyone dies. We can see and physically experience that we grow, age and then we die.  That is why when one who is immersed with the material construction of their existence, suffices with the idea (more so shuts themselves up by accepting) that the end result is death.  

While I am reading the Quran, I must be careful about applying the message to myself.  Example: Only those people who deny the truth (which essentially is a “lie”) rebel against God.  This attitude of rejecting the truth and being obstinate in not submitting to the truth is also rejecting the message of the messenger.  With this attitude, I am cheating myself because I am lying to myself that there is no truth.  Clearly, such an attitude denies the meaning of existence and its end-result.  That is to say, the meaning of this existence is the preparation for another world, where the signs of this universe and the human feelings point to (another creation).

The message of the Speech of God (word of God), that we extract from the meaning of the universe and our existence and our feelings can only be denied and rejected after taking a certain attitude which is described in the Quran as a “kafir” or “denier”.  However, if someone is open-minded and questioning, they are not deniers, they are investigators and the Quran welcomes them.  

  • Again, denial is the attitude that is biased i.e. not willing to accept anything but only the material existence of this world, like some scientist’s interpretations of this world. (except the open-minded scientists who are open to extract the meaning of this universe from the research that they are doing about how the universe is working.)

The close-minded scientists always bring up the subject of theology into question saying that theology is not presenting “the facts” that we are dealing with.  They are insinuating that theology cannot be defined within the conditions of matter itself as it is not demonstrable.  Those scientists take the stand as if we need to handle the matter and keep the matter under our control and dominate the order of the universe to get the universe under our control, and just use the universe’s physical existence to serve me.  Isn’t the universe already serving me?!  Nevertheless, that is why if a person takes this attitude and starts to dominate the universe in order to use it as a means to make technological advancements (eg. production of weapons to subjugate people under their power which becomes a political activity, rather than scientific) then they are bound to deviate from what this universe points to.  If they are honest, they would not use the deductions that they extract from the order of the universe to exploit people’s weak points.  Whatever discoveries are made should benefit people rather than one’s personal gain of power and fame.  Due to such an ego-centric attitude, they do not want to see the meaning of this universe: “what is the Source of the existence of the order of the universe, matter, and nature?”  Rather, they go on interpreting everything within the closed circle of the “cause and effect” relationship.  What a disservice to the upcoming generations!?  If we carefully study the order of the universe, we see no cause at all, all of them is an “effect” (the result of a Cause which is the Source of Existence of the whole universe and its order.)

If someone is an open-minded person ready to question without subscribing to any ideology and is looking at the universe; the person should see it as an “effect” and then question: “what is the cause of the existence of this effect?”  There is no “cause” here to give existence to anything!!!  The people who use “nature” in their language, have in their mind that the universe is the result of “natural causes” or “natural laws”.  

  • “cause” means that A comes before B.  


  • If a thing regularly comes just before another thing, that does not mean that A is causing B to exist. 
  • By looking at the qualities of B, we must question if A has the quality to give existence to B?


“Akhkhara” means what I put off.  Why would I do that and postpone something (ask yourself)?  Mostly, because of our understanding and approach to the reality of this universe.  If someone has blocked his/her mind (a denial attitude, kafir), then he has decided that the universe is the Source of Existence (SOE) by itself and the order is working as it is mechanically set.  Who set it up like this mechanically?  Who is the manufacturer? Where is the manufacturer’s manual?  They say that the universe is the manufacturer of itself (that is circular reasoning which keeps begging the question).  

  • How can the universe be the SOE of itself?  

All these approaches are dominant in the education system across the world; everyone is under the influence and tyranny of this approach.  No one has a free mind now.  From the elementary level, innocent children are taught this ideology and our minds become indoctrinated with it, and it becomes really challenging to get out of this box of thinking.  

  • We must free ourselves and be open-minded:Let me ponder on what I see is going on; is there anything in this world that is causing something else to exist including its own existence?  

How can I explain the things that exist?

There is no need of getting lost in measuring this universe from the very beginning by an explosion of an atom in a vacuum universe.  How do we even explain the existence of this atom with energy and the cause of its explosion?  What is the SOE of this energy?  Again, to understand the SOE of this universe, one does not have to go back to its beginning.  Rather, investigate the current momentHow are we all made to change (changing) and made to age (aging)?  

How do you explain the existence of this continuous change?  We are a new creation now, different from a decade ago.  We need to be careful not to let our biases cheat us and stay closed-minded (kafir attitude).  We should not close our curiosity.  

  • Our curiosity goes into questioning: what is the cause of existence to the things that I define as “effect”?  


  • There is no such thing here because everything is the effect here!


We must freely think about this: If everything needs to exist, and comes into existence by a conscious agent (that is logical because human logic reasons for a cause of anything that we experience in this world), then what is the cause of the existence of anything here?  Our minds are blocked under the chanting of this scientific reality (they say we are talking about “the facts” by studying the atom).  That is so simplistic!!  


  • This attitude makes us look at the universe and our life as: “My cells happen to be in this form due to the DNA structure, working by itself, developing by itself, adapting by itself to its environment and selecting the best ones by itself”. 


 If everything is “by itself”, then show me the quality it has which enables it to do what it is doing by itself or is it just given these qualities and just consuming it/using it?

Yes, I am looking at the atom and it needs to exist i.e. it needs a Source/Agent to give it existence.  Free thinking people ask this question: “Can these things have the qualities to do all the actions that we observe, by themselves?  

  • Example: Look at your heart, is your heart working by itself?  
  • Example:  Look at your brain, is your mind working by itself?  
  • The minds have a quality to think and reason, where did it get it?  Can the material structure and elements that constitute the heart be the SOE of themselves and the actions that they are performing?  


  • Or are they “the effect” of “the Causer of the universe”, the One who gave existence to them with the qualities?  
  • Example: I can see.  Do you think that I can see by myself or am I given existence with the quality to see?  
  • Example: I have my free will.  Did I create my free will or do my cells have freewill and are they giving me the ability to choose freely?  Please question it!


If a person blocks his mind and says that I am here in the physical world only in terms of my physical existence and everything is functioning by itself, then that is the most simplistic formulation of explaining the existence of this universe.  Any serious man cannot buy into this!  Unfortunately, we are under the influence of the dictatorship of a heavy scientific approach (“Scientism”)True science is something that gets into realizing the reality of things and becoming aware of them.  (Historically, Science has been hijacked for legitimate reasons i.e. belief approach due to certain institutions which caused problems among people i.e. science vs religion.)

Scientism puts us in a position where we become handicap to think about our existence and we are frightened of thinking about our future and we suffice ourselves with death i.e. “at the end I will die”. It is very frightening to think about death under this view because with this approach, you are going to be annihilated and fall into non-existence (and become meaningless).  

  • Does it occur to think of an existential future, rather with a scientism view, we think of the future only within the limitations of this lifespan in this world (i.e. work for 45 years to get a pension and then retire or become a member of the hospital)?  
  • What will you do with the retirement money, you are to die in a few years anyways?  
  • In other words, you are drained out of your qualities for only temporary pursuits, at least, for the last 10 years of your life, you are just an old man who cannot really enjoy life, cannot see/hear properly, sit in front of your screens/phones and busy yourself from one video to another and then die away.  Or waste time by playing crossword puzzles.

The purpose of the Quran is to teach us the ultimate purpose of existence.  Yes, you must deal with this world to consume it for taking care of the needs of your bodily side.  Our consciousness is coded with the need to eat, have a secure shelter, procreate, and use technology to our advantage.  At the same time, we have our human side which urges us to prepare ourselves for the purpose of our existence. 

  •  That is what the Quran speaks to us all about because the universe itself does not provide an answer to us (in order to answer the questions that the human side asks): “Why am I given all these extraordinary qualities which require to be fully satisfied and fulfilled, then die and perish away with no satisfaction at the end?”
  • Isn’t such an end a complete despair and contradiction of our human nature?!  
  • Now the Quran says: “Yes, I created you with these qualities to ask questions by giving you enormous expectations and qualities which expect full satisfaction and the universe cannot provide if for you because the universe itself is also in need of continuation and perpetuation of its own existence.  Like you, the universe is also subject to the order (under the plan of the Planner, the One who gives existence to it).”  


  • Human beings are also subject to the order, but we have been given the qualities to question what is the meaning of these perfect qualities that I have and I need perfect satisfaction here with no end, and there is nothing here that can satisfy those needs.  


The Creator says: “That is why I gave you these qualities and expectations so that you make an inquiry about the answers and replies to these questions because the universe cannot give it to you.  That is why I created this universe in such a way that you will be frustrated if you try to get the answers from the universe and try to get satisfaction for yourself from the universe.   You cannot get it and you will get frustrated!!  Hence, you have to go on a journey which I set up for you to seek the answers to your existential questions.”

Yes, human beings have these qualities and I cannot attribute it to matter itself because the matter is blind and dumb and does not listen to me or hear me and communicate to me.  The matter is the slave of the order itself and cannot get out of the order, so, how can it (matter and the universe) answer my questions by itself?  

  • The matter is employed and given existence in such a way that it insinuates: “Hey, I have some meanings for you, and I am created in such a way that I am full of meaning.  Read me for I am a book and a speech of my Creator as I am continuously changing and speaking about the qualities of my Creator. Pay attention to this!  Go ask your Creator as He is the One giving you existence right now.  He is the One who is the SOE of this universe and is the One who has given you the ability to ask these questions.”
  • Now I say: “Oh, whoever has created me, please, where are you?  You are my Maker Now and making me Now, why don’t you give me the answers?”
  • The Creator says: “I have already provided the answers for you within yourself, through the meaning of the universe, and I have employed My envoys and Messengers to speak to you with My words and convey My speech to you so that you will get it”.  


  • That is the purpose of the Quran, answering the questions that the universe cannot answer.  But the universe points to the answer and says: “There must be an answer and the answers come from the Source of these qualities that I have been given.  Whoever has given existence to these qualities to me, is reminding you as the observer that I am only exhibiting these qualities which belong to Him and that you have to go and ask Him”.


At this stage, the Prophet (peace be upon him) comes with the message: “I am an uneducated one and for some reason (which I do not know but my Creator must know), He has given this trust to me and I am using it for myself and applying it in my life and also presenting it to you (whether you like it or not, here it is).  It is my duty to present to you the answers to your questions.  “illa-al-balaghul Mubeen”.  

  • The Messenger says: “We cannot force anyone, apart from just conveying the message to you.  Whether you accept it or not, think about it.”

The verse (under discussion) refers to the moment when human beings will realize through their feelings what they have sent for their future.  What is my future?  The future could be “death”, complete annihilation, disaster and I do not see it as a future.  Now, God puts forward the question to my purpose of existence as a human being.  What is the purpose of my existence?  To consume and utilize my qualities and to understand that they are given to me by my Creator in order to get in contact with Him so I will be communicating with Him, and my future will be secure with my Creator.  This means that whatever I have attached through my life to my SOE, my Creator, my Master, my Owner, my deity God i.e. all my actions shall be aimed at reaching that Creator:This is my Creator! That is why He gave me all the capital and means to send Him ahead for my future to realize that the only purpose of my existence is to communicate and be in contact with my Creator.  Now, whatever I do should be with the consciousness that this is a means to communicate with my Creator”.  

  • Example: I am drinking water in order to communicate with my Creator. That is, I should recognize that this water is provided by my Creator. This water is employed for me.  My need for water to quench my thirst, my appreciation with the satiation belongs to my Creator; the SOE of everything is my Creator.  
  • This realization of my SOE is what I have sent ahead in my existence while drinking water.  
  • My existence or my destination is to connect with my Creator. 
  • While I am in this world, I need to realize that my actions (even the action of drinking the water and tasting it) and experiencing this creation is a means of communicating with Him.  
  • That is the purpose of the Quran to teach me i.e. “send ahead and secure your future”.


  • I am living my hereafter right now because I am not defining and handling my life as if I am going to die and disappear from existence.  Not at all, this disappearance idea is strange and this SOE is not estranged to us.  Whoever has given me existence from the beginning is the One sustaining, providing everything that my life requires, and protecting my life Now.  Even the hopes that I find myself with are ingrained in the meaning of creation i.e. everything is provided by Him for me in this world to live my ever-pleasant life in the presence of my Creator.


How about the body?  The body is composed of the elements and particle structure of the universe.  He constructed me out of these particles, and He will return it to the elements of the universe. I must be with Him through my connection.  If I do not connect with Him, what happens?  Total despair!

“Qaddama” means to send something ahead, i.e. to eternal life. Whereas, “Akhkhara” means to leave it here.  Example: I am drinking water to satiate the needs of my body.  The body takes it back to the toilet (but the acknowledgment of my Creator through that water stays with me, i.e. with my conscious soul) and then the body goes in the grave (but the meaning of the purpose of my existence goes with me).  In a way, we leave everything that is of material here.  

  • Let’s take another example: While I am reading a book, I read one page, learn something and get the meaning and turn to the other page.  What am I sending ahead?  


  • The meaning I extracted from that page of the book, that goes with me, but the paper stays here.  
  • The meaning will be with my soul and my feelings, memory, and intelligence will be enlightened with these meanings.  
  • What a completely different perspective of existence!?


The Quran is providing us with a sublime way of life that is very realistic according to our human feelings. The meaning it brings also conforms with what my feelings reveal, inform, tell, and urge me (“you have to seek the SOE to satisfy those human feelings within you!”).  That is what the Quran trains us and prepares us to get ready for.  

What will happen to me in the hereafter?  A very common question, because our minds may be blurred; and we utter that this is a transient universe and we are preparing here for an eternal life which will be created at the end and we will experience it then.  How about now?!

If only you know and realize the existence of your Owner and become a student of the Quran, word of God, then you can live the eternal pleasurable bliss while living now.  “I belong to God; water belongs to God and my thirst belongs to God, my satiety belongs to God.”  They are all means of communicating with Him and when I identify myself with Him, I enjoy my existence as a gift from my Creator who is the Owner of the whole universe (an Absolute Being).  Nothing of this universe can give existence to itself and everything here is in need of being created (lailaha illallah).  My SOE must be the Creator!  

  • That pleasure takes us all the way through our existence (which goes to eternity) because my Creator must be an Eternal One, Infinite One and Absolute One.  
  • Can you imagine that your Owner is an Absolute One!?  
  • Prepare yourself to join Him by acknowledging Him and utilize your life as a gift from Him.  
  • What does it cost?  Nothing.  
  • We just have to be more conscious about our reality.  
  • The reward is an endless blessing because you just get enjoyment while drinking water: “how beautiful you (water) are and carrying a letter/message for me from my Creator Who is your Creator too. You cannot exist like this by yourself, perfectly arranged and employed at my service, how blessed I am!”  

Now, life becomes full of pleasure and delight with no stress.  Whatever happens and even things/events that I don’t like become a messenger to make me realize: “Hey (put your name here), be careful everything is given to you and it does not mean that you are mastering them or using them as a result of your own labor working for so many years, rather these are the results of My work”.  

Then, while you are enjoying life, something happens for example that gets out of your control bringing the message (God forbid!): “Can you control your life/labor now?”  

  • Then you are made to realize again: “these are not mine because I have no control over them and I have no power over my health, it can go anytime”.  
  • An angel comes to us (“angel of death”, which is nowadays called “virus” or referred to in scientific terms as if it has its own reality) created by God as a messenger in order to remind me that my life is fragile and I cannot protect it myself.  
  • So, how do you say that you are the owner of your health or your property?
  • You are going to be defeated by this angel that you cannot really see in material form, even by putting it under a microscope, watch out! Mind your limitations and don’t be an arrogant man!
  • That small thing is reminding you of your reality and so say welcome!  (This does not mean that we should be shaking hands as a result of our own choice with the “angel of death” because our feelings are given to us to protect our life and stay away from harm).  
  • Yes, I will protect my life, but I should not get angry with it when it is time or decreed to the point of calling it “evil”.

Yes, I must protect myself from harm to understand that I am in need of everything and I have to be watchful not to be an arrogant person: “I am going to invent a cure”.  But wait, I cannot create anything; I only discover a cure within the order in creation.  

  • What is “invention”? Is it bringing something into existence or just following and discovering the already established existing order?  You cannot invent even your existence; you just utilize it as a consumer.  
  • You are given the opportunity to utilize all that is provided for you here.  That is the gift to the human being.  However, a dog, for example, cannot investigate the order of the universe and discover what is in it. But I do investigate, and I did not create the qualities by myself, I am just created with these qualities.  

I shall learn my limitations and I am in need of reminders from time to time: “Listen carefully, if you miss this point that I am teaching you, you will fail and not get a passing degree from Me and after graduation (i.e. death) from this school of the universe, you will be sorry.”  

  • Sometimes, the teachers remind us that if we don’t do our duties and take up our responsibilities properly as they should be taken, what happens?  

Good teachers encourage and sometimes warn for the benefit of the student.  That is how the universe is, most of the time it is an encouragement.  Warnings are occasional: “Hey, watch out, you are needy, and you cannot own anything, you cannot claim ownership over anything, you are just needy of My help.  I can send My help through various means, for example, go and investigate the universe, I have created the illness and I have created the cure for it”.  

  • We keep discovering and finding cures in the universe.  
  • We are not wasting time here, but if you are researching only to exploit the universe, then you are wasting your time and your human side. You are becoming a slave of the body, rather than mastering your body. 
  • Use your body to find out and get the necessary materials to satisfy your human side.  

Again, sadly we are under the influence of “Scientism” as expressed earlier, which is an ideology that becomes our base to consider the matter to be the SOE of anything.  That is the wrong side of my reality here.  However, we need to benefit from the order and use it to the advantage of our spiritual side i.e. whenever we are given the opportunities to serve our body, we should jump on them while at the same time, more importantly, we need to satisfy the needs of our soul and find out the source of satisfaction for the needs of our human side. We cannot escape from our own reality and ignore it and get out of our existential reality.  This is the “fact” (not the materialist scientism’s distortion of the fact that attributes the meaning to the book, rather than its author).  The meaning in the universe is coming from its author is very challenging for people who prefer to reject.  

These coming verses below (14 and 15) are a deep psychological guide for us (you may memorize it to keep reminding yourself with the meaning that you understand as much as you can).  

Everything is continuously coming into existence at the same time in a perfect form.  In a way, change in the order is taking place within an order as well i.e. “space-wise” order and “time-wise” order.  In other words, there is no “time” in existence, what I call “time” is just a repetition of creation in a “renewed way”.  We just experience the present moment, the past is gone (it is out of our control) and the future has not come.  Yet, everything is changing, and all this is taking place within an order.  Order within an order, perfectly arranged and nothing contradicting each other.  Isn’t that a sign of a Conscious Source of Existence?  This SOE must be an Absolute Being, not within the universe at all.  This must be the Originator and Creator of the universe.

These verses express and teach us the “exact facts” about our human sides, who we are, and how we are functioning in this world?

75:14 “In fact, the human being is a clear witness against himself.”

Whatever he is doing whether right/wrong is his own reality.  The human being himself is a clear witness, “baseera” in realizing beyond what he sees about his reality.  Example: I saw the face of Charlie.  What did I get out of it?  He seemed disappointed, the stress on his face was obvious.  Here, “baseera” is going on within ourselves.  In other words, we know what is going on within ourselves. When I do something wrong, I realize my mistake whereas when I make the right choice, I know about it as well. I know my abilities and what I am capable of.

What is going on within me? I have been given the ability to realize my own real self in everything I do.  However, we always put forward excuses to justify whatever we do (right or wrong).  Right justifies itself and we don’t need to do anything else.  On the other hand, we put a defense on our arrogant side i.e. when we do wrong, we justify our actions.  We need to be careful with our actions and understandings, we may even invent some excuses for them.


  • Example: Some people say the universe has no Creator.  
  • People are free to choose what they want to think.  
  • Do you have any evidence for your claim?
  • Is the universe working by itself?
  • Do you know how to walk by yourself?
  • Do you know how to chew and swallow your food by yourself?


  • Don’t you see, as I am walking, notice the “I am walking”!  

We always do something in this world, and we are free to say that I am not going to become a member of a religious denomination (thinking that it is useless because I will die anyway and what they say lacks physical evidence).  I choose to enjoy my life until I die.  

  • Do you want to enjoy your life?  Yes.  
  • Where is yesterday? Gone.  In my memory, digital albums, and video recordings. 
  • This attitude becomes a sad experience.  Even in our memory, those pleasurable happy times become painful because it is not our reality now. The very fact that we want to record our happy moments and experiences demonstrates that we want eternity.

I am approaching there too (sad reality), what am I doing?!  Everything that I claimed to have enjoyed here in the past, the side that looks to this world means nothing.  Even a picture of that pleasurable moment carries no meaning for me.  However, if I send it ahead to my Absolute Creator, it is with Him for He gave me the opportunity to interact with this act of creation and He is demonstrating to me that He is the One who has provided that opportunity to me to let me experience that this kind of creation can only be possible by my Creator (only if I am aware of it).

  • I really want to keep that moment of pleasure, relive it and experience it, continuously have this pleasure in my life. He says yes, I can do it!  
  • Now, I understand that my Master and Owner can give me this.  

This desire to live this type of life over again is given to me because I want to even keep the memory of it.  But If I reduce my life to the material body only and see that I end up in the grave, then what should I do with the picture of best moments?  Those pleasurable moments then become a source of sorrow for me, they are gone. I cannot have it, that pleasure is finished, and it carries no meaning anymore, just a saddening experience in memory i.e. those days were beautiful but no point, they all are gone!.  

  • Now realizing all this, one can conclude that nothing of this universe can teach me this reality of my life for I am the real witness of what I am doing.  
  • With these past events captured in memory and photo albums, the Creator is speaking to me through these acts.  
  • He is not speaking in a literal sense or a verse, rather my Creator speaks to me through His acts: “Hey, (Insert your name), with every event that you encounter, you need some reminders (through evidence within and all around you), don’t do the same thing as turning your whole life into waste and meaninglessness”.  


  • That is how I feel, and I am given the ability to realize “my own real fact”.


I am given the ability to realize, understand and experience what the fact of my life is. I shouldn’t be cheated with the “facts” of “scientism”; rather the fact is the experience of the meaning of my life and my feelings.  The ideology of “scientism” is an enemy to me because it hurts my feelings.  How can a human being buy into it? Are you a stone?  Even a stone obeys God’s order, but human beings challenge God and misuse their free will.  These moments have the most influential impact on our lives, like many others such as the death of a loved one such as a mother (a source of compassion for everyone, that is the reality of our world and life).  Now, that is “the fact” (not the liars and slanderers of “scientism” insulting the reality of the universe).  That is why they must suffer the pain of this obstinate attitude towards reality (blocking their minds and feelings and killing themselves as humans).

75:15 “despite all the excuses he may put forward.”

What we say: “Oh, we have to enjoy the moment before we die”.  Keep enjoying the moment until death and you are cheating yourself!  At least, until death, let’s get the pleasure of life!  Sure, that is your choice.  Don’t you know what happened to the previous generations of this universe?  They all got the pleasure of life and the reality of their misunderstanding of the universe. Are they now enjoying the pleasure they tasted while living? Alas! The same goes with the moments we entertained in the past, where are they now? Gone!

  • These events (of previous moments or people) are created for me in order to understand that I have experiences that are pleasurable as well and that is how my God introduces Himself to me.  
  • We need to take the lessons: “What is created for me and how through seeing this experience (of past), I let this reality be a fact of my life?  
  • People who are biased and have blocked their minds say: “we have to enjoy until death and after we die we will disappear from existence and so we would not know what is going on”. But we know life is taken out of our body but our feelings, our soul is not of the kind of matter and therefore is not subject to change and death. If we have not sent forward “Qaddama” the pleasure that we experience to our Creator to preserve it for us then our soul cannot experience them anymore. 
  • Here, the fundamental excuses are twisted!

We need to bring the meaning of these two verses into our daily practical life.  How do I deal with my choices?  How do I twist the reality in order to justify my options and choices and defend myself against the reality by taking the attitude of a rebel against the message of the Creator?  Although we may claim that we are created by God (we believe in God) and perform prayers.  This claim “we are created by God” is a good phrase but if it is not brought into the reality of our everyday living, then it does not mean much.  


  • We must be more realistic towards our human side and utilize it in the best way under the guidance of the Owner of our human side as well as our body.


(Finally, there is more detailed meaning to extract from these verses pertaining to the practical side of our real-life conditions. Literal translation is just good advice, but when we go deep into the purpose of the Speech of God i.e. according to the purpose of the understanding of my existence, then it is a bottomless ocean.  God willing, we should get something out of this bottomless ocean as much as our cup contains 🙂

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