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Chapter Qamar – Part 1

Part 1

What am I doing here?  If a community loses insight into the purpose of the existence of this universe, then Prophets are sent to such people.  Human beings are given the ability to express themselves out and choose from available options (i.e., free will).  If we don’t act according to the purpose of our creation, then we are in great loss, because our existence becomes meaningless.  “We die and nothing is left.”  If we don’t really understand our Creator, the purpose of our existence, then we just understand this universe as short lived.  We are losing everything and at the end we are dragged into the grave.  We know that we are going to die, however, we pretend that we are going to remain here forever.  This is not the reality.  Our Creator sends us the message about our reality through the Prophet to remind us.  


The Prophet PBUH was employed for this mission, and he presented this message to all humanity.  Who was Muhammad?  He was known as a trustworthy man, although professionally, he was just a shepherd and known to be honest in his dealings.  People did not know what was going on in his mind, he was very much concerned about the reality of our life in this world.  He used to go into seclusion, cave (Hira) to reflect on things and life’s happenings.  He was troubled by the meaningless life in this world, he was in his mind full of questions and at the end answers came. He was not a scholar, or a man of knowledge.  He did not have any formal education, rather, he was just an ordinary man in that society.  This person to be assigned as a messenger of the message of God, was full of questions, which required answers.  Wisdom of God requires to give the answer to a one who feels the need for the answers that a human being should ask.  The One who creates human beings with the ability to ask questions, must provide answers.  When you look at the universe as happened to be by itself and ask why I am here, no one answers you.  The things are beautiful, but how come everything is full of interesting relationship?  Galaxies, sea, plants, seasons, relationship between the moon and sun, everything is so interesting.  At night we are given the need to rest, daytime is difficult to rest because we need to do works, we need a small light for night in the form of moon.  This is all prepared for us by a Conscious Agent.


This 5th year of revelation, people started noticing that some innocent, honest people were attracted to the call of the Prophet.  He had very human questions and what he received from the Creator were answers to these questions.  Hence, it was a human oriented message, even if we don’t notice the questions, they are with us.  We may choose not to dig them out.  The people who did not think about their existence and got carried away with daily worldly life chores, when they hear the answer, they agreed with the answers that “these answer are for me as well. I did not think about it seriously, but I can be sure that these are my questions as well, and these answers make sense.  We are in the same position, if no one warns me about the seriousness of the future, it will not occur to me to look for a purpose or meaning for my life.   Example: if someone tells me that tomorrow there will be something important for you, then I get alarmed.  


The message that God sends us functions in this way as well, i.e., it brings out what is in our human nature in the form of questions and provides us answers, warns us or gives us good news about the future.  That is, if we don’t take precautions, then we will be harmed.  This is the news that the Prophet (PBUH) was conveying, and people were not expecting this from a shepherd uneducated man.  When he started speaking out, he started conveying the message to others.  The leaders of that society, the chieftains of the tribe, were alarmed about it. This man is not following our tradition and he is spreading some news which is disturbing and causing discordance in the society.  On one hand, everyone was obeying the chieftains and they were not concerned about the hereafter while he was saying that I am appointed by God and you will be taken into account in the hereafter.  “What is he talking about, a man like us?”  What the Prophet was seeing in his existence was amazing, and content wise, he was completely presenting different perspectives from what they were accustomed with.  The news was striking the mind and hitting the heart.  


Again, they were not expecting this type of rhetoric from Muhammad at all, i.e., how is an illiterate man able to say all these words.  And so, they started spreading rumor about him that this man maybe the source of discordance and the chieftains may lose influence if Muhammad is successful. Tensions started within the followers of the message, who were ready to die and not leave Muhammad alone, while the chieftains felt that Muhammad’s message was threatening their status in the society.  


Revelation started giving news of severe threat for denial, i.e., how can one deny the message that this world is subject of being destroyed, it is completely dependent on its Creator, and whatever the Creator wills, He can do it.  The people who were opposing the message to the point of denying their reality needed severe warnings.  The moon (Qamar) section of the Quran is full of threats, and warning about eternal punishment as well as punishment in this world by giving the examples from previous people.  Before the time of any revelation, human beings were not alarmed about the reality.  But a warner/messenger comes from the Creator of the universe to re-position ourselves within the transience of this universe which we have no control over.


We need to warn each other about how to submit to our reality, i.e., we have a Creator who is compassionate, everything is provided by Him, we should not exploit people, cause dissension in the society, and we should not be arrogant or claim to be self-sufficient.  This life is meaningful, and we must prepare ourselves for the eternal existence, lots of content/message was presented to them through the revelation.  The real threat was that God has destroyed people who rejected the reality of their life.  That is, if they do not submit themselves to the Creator, the Creator will punish them.  That is the period/human attitude that needed threatening.

The universe shows us whoever creates the universe loves us, otherwise we cannot benefit from the universe.  Everything is beautifully created, and the Creator is being generous, everything is provided, but one thing is not given here, we need eternal happiness, and it is not here.  Who can give it to me?  I look at the star, which is matter and it says that “I cannot do anything about it for you”.  The way things are created cannot give me anything, and I am going to die sooner or later.  


Eternal happiness needs to be provided by the One who created the need of Eternal Happiness, the Creator of the universe.  Whoever creates the universe can provide it, no one else can.  To understand the reward and punishment mentioned in the scriptures, we must understand that this universe must have a Mighty and Omnipotent Creator.  The universe is totally dependent on Him.  If I don’t acknowledge that the universe is totally dependent on an Almighty God, the One who has given existence to the universe, then I do not acknowledge God’s power and it does not occur to me that my Creator is the Provider of every detail of my life.  


When we die, our spirit does not die away, rather our body will be re-created in another form of a body as much as it has educated itself here.  The human choice is going to prepare itself.  We must improve the qualities of our spirit here (with the acknowledgement of our Creator) so that a body will be given to me in terms of how I used my tools here.  If I acknowledge my reality, then I say that my Creator is the most Compassionate One and Just Creator.  I get to know Him like this, He is the Most Powerful One.  As I get to know Him, I need to use my consciousness/spirit to recognize Him.  I conclude all this when I am not arrogant.  


I want to introduce myself to Him and get to know Him.  However, here, I cannot have a conversation with Him as my spirit desires it.  My feelings can have some sort of response to my human questions.  If I am given tools to communicate with Him here, then I must be given another form of tools in a different type of creation in the hereafter.  Example: Is the Creator of the universe able to create fruits without waiting 6 years?  Yes, the One who arranges the universe, can do it, what can prevent Him for He is the Owner of the universe, then create it for me please.  In this world, I know it is not possible, but I know that His knowledge is unlimited.  “O Creator you are able to do anything, I want Eternal Happiness”. With this acknowledgement, you improved your spirit to that level.  Just as a student in a school must go through several years of study to graduate, similarly, we are all undergoing this education in our life journeys here. Only after educating ourselves are we given different life conditions after graduation. We are not students anymore but practitioners of what we have learned in school. 


This section heavily concentrates on God’s power and Justice.  “You have nothing other than what I gave you within your limited existence”.  Example: I cannot change the seasons as I want and fly away in this world.  The name of this chapter is important, the sun and moon are the most attractive creatures and representing endless galaxies and celestial bodies. How about the one twinkling up there? It is an example of the infinite power of a Creator.  You cannot ignore God and be unmindful of your reality, rather you get to know your God through knowing your reality.  


54:1 “The Hour has come near, and the moon has split”

We are getting close to the end and trying to squeeze our doings and reality within the time limit.


54:2 “And if they see a sign they turn away and say, another delusion!”

Again, we are coming near to the end and squeezing something.  The time of the Prophet is the last section of the life of the universe.  A Day is the beginning and end of the universe.  Within this day, we are living the last second.  The solar system may take thousands of years to do its functions within this last second.  Within the universe everything has a beginning, and so it must have an end.  The Creator of the universe is not a created being, only the created being must have an end.  The existence of the Creator is a different type of entity, it is subject to the will of something else.  We are living this period of the last second of life.  The moon has split, it means that the moon cannot stand by itself.  


The reminder that even the moon cannot stand and exist by itself is important for us, because at the end of the day, who are you?  Moon is a representative of celestial beings.  What are galaxies?  I only see glimpses of light out there.  These representatives tell me that we cannot stand there by ourselves.  The system of the universe is established in such a way that no one can run away from it.  We are subject to the system and the moon is subject to it as well.  If the Creator wants, he can split and do anything.  Even the moon cannot claim that it must preserve its existence.  Who are you and what is your position here?  This message is a reminder to awaken me about my reality.


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