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Chapter Qaf- Part 9

Qaf part 9

50:21 “Every soul comes, each with a driver [inner urge] and a witness [conscious mind].”

Inner urge= human feelings/human spirit reminding us about our freewill and consciousness of our Source of Existence.

The spirit is given to us from the Spirit of God.  That is, there is a correspondence between me and the Creator.  The Creator manifests His qualities and presents it to human consciousness in the form of tools.  The spirit is given the tools to acknowledge its source.  Example: Beauty is manifested in creation.  We have something to acknowledge the existence of the quality of beauty.  Our spirit acknowledges the existence of beauty.  That is our driver/inner urge. This is one side of us.  We have free will, one option is right (acknowledge) and the other is wrong (deny); this wrong side is the opposite side of us.

The human spirit is made in a way that drives us to acknowledge the truth.  My conscious mind tries to make sense of my existence and reality.  Being aware of one’s reality presented in these verses is the psychological analysis of the human being.  We must get to know how our human qualities function.  Example: I may want something; I may try to escape from the danger of something, I may not like something, I like something… These are all human feelings/qualities manifested in the universe and we acknowledge them.  However, satisfying these feelings is not enough for me because my human feelings want more of myself here, like eternal happiness.  I must decide what to do with these feelings, should I listen to them and look for a solution to satisfy them?  Yes, otherwise there is no way out here.

Whatever conclusion we come up with within this universe is not enough.  These qualities in the universe demonstrate that we need to do something with them, and not acknowledging that is not a complete action.  We all know there are things that are useful for us and things that are not.  We escape from the dangerous situation, and try to get what is useful, but for what?  What is the point of all my endeavors?  We entertain our life here, but at the end what happens?  We all lose our existence, and a time will come that we will disappear from existence.

Example: Animals eat, and the farmers slaughter them and benefit from their parts (nourishment, textile…), there is a purpose for the farmer in the creation of animals.  How about me?  What is my purpose here?  

  • Am I like an animal growing and none of my body is useful when I die?  The conscious mind questions what is the point for all this?!

Animals serve human beings.  How about me, what am I serving for?  The most humanitarian person will say, we are serving the next generation, that is the most optimistic interpretation for human beings.  However, what is the human being functioning for?  The conscious mind asks this question, and it must present to me the answer that there is a purpose to my being given existence here and I am expected to fulfill a mission.   This mission may be partially understood here with humanitarian interpretations, that is why people feel depressed if they think that they are not doing anything useful.  Example: if a person serves other people, they say that I am being useful to other people.  It means that we are created with a need to not only take care of our bodily needs but also to serve something.  My human feelings inform me that I must be useful to others to satisfy some of my expectations.  That endeavor is not bad where I am helping others but at the end, I want to be eternally happy. This partial and temporary satisfaction is so depressing for human beings.  That is why the conscious mind is given to look for a solution, so that my human feelings will feel satisfied.  The human conscious mind looks for an answer to its deep human condition.  Sometimes, the conscious mind can find some answer (like in the case of humanitarian work), but that is not fully satisfactory.

I cannot find any answers to satisfy my full human expectations that will be totally satisfactory for my human capacity.  My human expectations that want to be fully satisfied force me to look for a solution that fits my capacity to be satisfied.  This universe offers me a transient solution and that is why we must look for other solutions.  My conscious mind reminds me that you must have the answers to your expectations which cannot be satisfied here.  The universe reminds me that we all are transient, and nothing of this universe can satisfy human expectations.  My inner urge says that transience cannot satisfy me and whoever created me must give me the answers. That is what the human conscious mind searches for completely.  


  • “I must look for the guiding information and knowledge of my Creator because my inner knowledge necessitates it.”


50:22 “You paid no attention to this [Day}; but today We have removed your veil and your sight is sharp.”

Your life on Earth is transient and you need to be resurrected into another creation, where all your inner urge will face its reality and the conscious mind will say, that is what I expect.  This news is sent to the human beings through not only your inner urge contradicting the universe, but also God’s guiding speech through the Prophets.  Whatever the Prophets say and the news that they bring, must fit my expectations.  This news must tell me that my expectations of eternal satisfaction must be fulfilled.  In the universe, the manifested qualities that are reflected must come from an Absolute Source.  This Absolute Creator who created you, has given you this desire which reminds you that the same Creator must fulfill it to get your inner urge and consciousness satisfied.  As a result, your conscious mind must become sharp living with your inner reality.  If you follow suit, your conscious mind will say that this is what you have received.  If you do not follow suit and reject your reality, then you will be treated accordingly.  That is, if I do not choose the option that I am created for eternal existence, then I will always be experiencing non-existence.  

We are dying every moment and we need to look for a solution to satisfy my need for eternal happiness.  If I deny this, then I will be left with the understanding that I am continuously losing my existence.  In this world, I may hide myself behind the veil of negligence i.e., forget about yesterday and just be hopeful for tomorrow.  So, you satisfied your bodily needs today and you are expecting to satisfy them tomorrow as well,  and thus you will be satisfied again.  If you have not satisfied your human feelings, then after your spirit leaves your body at death, then for the needs of your spirits in the next creation, there will be no hope of satisfaction for you. Your spirit requires permanent satisfaction. When your spirit leaves your body is called death.

Negligence= not listening to my inner urge.

That is why we need reminders (inner urge and consciousness) from our Creator to take serious notice of our reality.  The One who creates me today can create me again.  We can hear this news only from the revelation of God.

50:23 “And one part of him says: This it is that has been ever-present with me.”

While we are here, one part of us reminds us that transience is always present with us.  With every passing moment, we are losing all our enjoyments, entertainment, and qualities all the time, but my inner urge says that I should not lose it but have it.  If I choose not to listen to my inner urge, then in this world, I will always be feeling that I am going to disappear from existence and there will be no permanent solution for my existence.  This lack of satisfaction is called Hell because my choice was not based on listening to my reality and acting accordingly.  Even before I die I experience this lack of satisfaction if I have not listened to my conscious inner urge and search for the answer to what it requires. When I act according to my human nature, it means that all my actions have an awareness that nothing belongs to me (lailaha).

What revelation presents to me is confirmed by my reality in this world.  Even if we deny that a conscious being (the Creator) has given us this type of perfect existence, our inner urge never dies away.  It always reminds us that my reality in this world is on a transient basis, and there must be another type of creation, that is called the next creation, and it must be permanent.

50:24 “Throw into Hell every stubborn enemy of the truth.”

Kufr means to deny and Kaffar is a form that continuously denies.  Rather, think: “Look I am contradicting my reality but let me think about it”.  You may not be happy with the people in religious institutions, but you should be realistic with your inner capacity and admit that what God’s message tells us must be true.  We must be open minded people.  We should not be stubborn and keep denying our reality, because that makes me experience in my feelings  continuous Hell fire in this world. After being taken away from this type of existence, my Creator promises through creating my feelings with a need of eternal happiness that in the next creation which fits the requirements of my feeling, I will be given an existence according to my experience here on earth.

Comment: How does awareness bring salvation?

I need endless pleasure and security in my expectations that my human expectations can be fulfilled.  How can they be fulfilled?  Nothing of this universe can give me satisfaction (lailaha).  That is beautiful because I cannot attach my expectations to anything of this universe because everything here is subject to change.  That forces me to look for a solution that faces my reality.  If I realize that the One who created this universe through my observation must have Absolute qualities, and He is continuously manifesting His qualities with no break, then I am taking the steps to listening to my inner urge.  Things are created in a contradictory fashion in this type of existence on earth, but in a complementary way.  The order of the universe has never been corrupted.  

My Creator can create me in a way that I will experience eternal happiness.  He will do it and the promise in me informs me that he will do it. If I listen to my inner urge I will confirm this promise.  Nothing can be difficult for Him, He is Absolute, that is the way the universe is created.  I can see that the Prophetic message is true.  

Example: you lost something extremely precious for you  in a place far away from you now. You experience great pain from this loss. But if you receive a call from someone telling you that s/he has found it and is going to mail it to you and you will definitely receive it in a week. How do you feel after receiving this call? Don’t you feel happy and excited to receive it in a week?   Just as your human expectations of eternal satisfaction and happiness, feels at a loss when you do not believe that you will be resurrected.  Every time that you see that there is no way to hide from negligence anymore, you receive a call saying that your thing or what you lost will be given back to you, and you must listen to this inner urge.  Did you get it now?  No, but you are certain that you will get it.  This emotion in your mind makes you feel comfortable about everything that you experience.  You will be in excitement to receive it.  That is how those people who are sure and certain about the reality of what this universe points to, by witnessing the universe and hearing the message of the Prophets, scriptural news, are excited about dying. Surely they do not kill themselves but rather than feeling the fear of death they experience a continuous excitement of the moment they are going to be given death. 

  • Death is the time that you receive your precious property.  Your feelings completely change in the excitement that you will receive it if you do not deny what your feelings tell you. The message of the prophets confirms these human feelings. 

We are fearful of death because we do not know what will happen to us in the next creation.  Although my feelings confirm the Prophetic message, I may not have studied creation and confirmed the necessity of the existence of the Absolute qualities of the Creator.  I may be weak in my training here.  The other fear of that is that I am convinced about resurrection, but I am not sure that I will deserve Paradise or not.  I must be hopeful from my Creator who promised me, and I will deserve it.  The message of the Prophet reminds us that we will never lose our hope and despair of God’s Mercy.  I do not deserve it because most of my time is occupied with negligence, but I am hopeful of my Creator’s Mercy.  The way that I am created forces me to be hopeful.  The message from the Creator says that the one who is hopeful for God, will get it.  We need to try our best and never lose hope from the Mercy of our Creator.

If this understanding relieves me from falling into despair, then I should share it with others and not be selfish, this attitude is presented to us by the Prophets.  People who reject the Prophets and prosecute them never give up their selfishness. On the other hand, although the prophets are always rejected by the people they are sent to, they never give up their efforts to convey  the message to everyone including those who reject and persecute them. They are never selfish.   Sharing is within you and you should not be proud of doing a good act, rather point this act to the Owner of the universe.  The inner urge is always with us, it urges us that what we enjoy for ourselves we should share it with those who need it. Therefore, we must listen to our inner urges.

50:28 “He God says. Do not dispute in My presence since I had already given you a warning.”

With the news of eternal paradise, my life becomes excited because I am waiting for the present given to me, it is my lost property in this world which I need to regain.  The inner drive gives me the message, no need to dispute it.

50:29 “and My judgment cannot be changed, I am not unjust to any creature.”

Punishment (denial) is equal to our crime and reward (acknowledgment) is multiplied by infinity.  We must seek refuge with God to be in this position of not wasting time here.  After the school of the universe is closed, God will fulfill his full judgment.  Denying has no hope but confirming has a hope.  Whatever I do will be multiplied by God.  This Mercy will accompany me.  Finally, we must be doing lots of wrong things, but we should never lose hope from the Mercy of our Creator and repent for our shortcomings and ask Him to forgive us and treat us with His Mercy.


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