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Chapter Nas – Part 2

114:4 “from the evil of the sneaking whisperer”

Everything around us display some meaning and message and certain feelings within us get triggered.  As a result of the feelings imparted to my being, I am obliged to express it.  Example: A beautiful scenery, we all admire, are grateful and love it.  Because of this happiness, human beings feel that they must express this happiness, but to what?  Would you thank the sky or the moon?  What is needed in order to compare the things that I am experiencing?

  • I need to see where it is coming from i.e. who is preparing it for me.
  • I need to have connection with the Source of existence of these qualities. That is, the One to be worshipped must be the result of direct interaction with the Source.

Belief means certainty.  It means that I am sure that there is a conscious living being manifesting his work to me and entertaining me.

When I feel served, then I must express my sense of gratefulness.  As soon as I feel the need to express my need for gratefulness, then I go for it.  We must be positive and express ourselves.  While we express ourselves, that is “worship” i.e. acknowledgment.

Example: If you see something beneficial for you, then you go beyond its presentation.  We cannot worship the manifestation, rather the One who is manifesting this quality to me.  That is why without belief, people do not worship.

  • Without belief, people appreciate beauty, but they do not worship the One that is displaying it.

I need to seek out the One who is serving me.  Example: Is it the food?

Stage 1: I am appreciative for the food.
Stage 2:  Can the food be the Source of Existence of the pleasure that I experience.  The food is just a means to connect with the Source of Existence of pleasure.

If we do not go through the second stage of reflection and thinking, then we may respect nature, but we cannot fulfill our human responsibility.  Human responsibility necessitates for me to find out how I can express my gratefulness.  “Thank you I am happy with the service that I am receiving.”  That is ilahinnas i.e. God of humanity.

  • Humanity consciously worship and humanity is required to go through belief process. “You have to worship” is empathized in the Quran.  It means that I must go through the stages of acknowledgment.

Humanitarian approach is to appreciate the service and the person who brings it to us rather than the Service Provider.  If we are not going through the belief process, then I cannot find the Source of existence of what is served and express my gratefulness.  “I acknowledge you”.  “Who is the host, I have to thank him?”  Without thanking the host, no one can worship the host of the universe including every benefit we receive in it.

God is a personality, an essence that cannot be seen or imagined within the conditions of this universe.  So how am I going to find this personality?  We have to go through belief process.  How am I going to find this Absolute Being, as a result of my conviction that there must be a living conscious being who is doing this service for me?  Afterwards, you can communicate with this Being through belief.  “Thank you very much, I do not see you, but you know me”.

“If I do not see you but you see me.”  What does this mean for me in practical terms?

  • When you are convinced that there is an Absolute Being who is preparing everything for you consciously.

Belief process always puts us in contact with the Source of Existence: “Even I do not see Him, but I am sure that He sees me”How? Through the second stage of reflection.

Deliberate presentation of my feelings is called ihsan which is the highest level of practicing belief.  That is easy to understand, nothing complicated.

“I am grateful that I am given gravity.  I should not be thankful to my legs when I am walking”.  Whoever gives existence to the whole universe is the One that I thank.  Even walking is a priceless service to me.  Worshipping brings another dimension to our life.  When we need something, we express our needs and human needs are infinite in nature.  I am temporarily satisfied by provided with service here, but my human needs extend to eternity.

What I want is slowly taken away from me i.e. I am being prepared for departure slowly.  I am reminded to get my body ready as soon the airplane will come and take me.

This relationship between me and the one who provides service must be established in a way where I feel that connection right now.

  • I cannot get everything I want in this world. If I look for the service provider in this world, then there must be a conscious being who has prepared this for me, so how can I thank him/communicate with him and present my special requirement?

All philosophical model of thinking cannot establish belief.  When you realize that there is a source that is in contact with you and provides you with service at every level of your need, then you get in tune with your human nature.  Consciousness is a must and then expressing your gratitude through your body is called “prayer”.

Whatever you need, this need is given to you by your Creator.  I am always with the One who provides all the service to me.

Belief stage= Acknowledging the one who provides for meàneed to express your conclusion àworship

Human feelings necessitate that we have to acknowledge the Host and express our happiness.  Responding back to the Host that I am happy with you (subhanallah and alhamdolillah).

“I do not want to be criticized about my mistakes, rather I seek for help to fix it.”  My Creator knows my nature, and, in His treatment, He knows that He created a mukarram (honored) and He does not want to hurt my honor.

Present your mistakes with acknowledgment to be forgiven.  Without hurting my feelings, He says to be careful with satan: “I know that you do not mean it but I am just reminding you kindly to take notice of this”.  This something is part of you but has no real substantial data to present to you. What satan does is he benefits from vacuum.  Analogy: When you put something in the glass, air goes out and when you empty the glass, air comes back.

Evil is described as non-existence.  When you have no belief conviction, denial comes in. Does denial have any reality?  No.  When truth comes, falsehood disappears.  When you are aware of the truth falsehood disappears.  When you are not aware of vacuum, falsehood comes in.  I may believe but may be negligent of my belief i.e. I am in the possession of satan at that time i.e. in the sea of evil.

Can human beings be left to their own devices?  “Of course, there is an owner of this life which looks like having a party on earth” Lie and truth cannot happen together and be present at the same time.

We should seek to not have vacuum in our life, always God consciousness.  Aim at the negligence and lower it. First concentrate on belief matters more and more.  Belief matters require reasoning.  We do not reason all the time, think about it and come to a conclusion so that the equation is set.  We do not always THINK ABOUT our reality. Rather we have to remind ourselves i.e. zikr. That is, I have to remind myself that I have a host who is always serving me.  I am always receiving the service in this world.

  • Just remember the host (through mind, feeling and tongue). What do I see in this party/life?  I am aware of that the beautiful side of this party belongs to the host. He provided it for me.    What He provided for me is just matching for my need and He is doing all this job tirelessly and perfectly and the whole universe is His work.
  • He is perfect in his manifestation. “Zikr” (remembrance of the Host) fills the gap in your life i.e. the vacuum.

114:5 who whispers into the chest of humankind.

In the chest is not the heart that represent all human feelings and senses. False ideas come to human chest next to the heart when the heart is not consciously aware of its real function, then the “whisperer” makes suggestions to the heart coming closer to it in the chest. Human feelings can only be satisfied with owner of the universe.  We have to trust our creation; we are created perfectly. We usually do not benefit from our creation and we let others decide for us.  Human beings represent the prefect creation of universe. The human heart directly acknowledges the Creator if the person listens to it, i.e.   “I am qualified with acknowledging the Absolute Being.”

  • Without questioning meaning of existence, I cannot make right or wrong distinction.
  • If you really decipher yourself and what you have in your heart, then you will see that whatever Quran tells is in tune with your human disposition.

114:6 “from all [whisperings of] collective personality of forces as well as humankind.”

Personality of civilization comes to you.   Does anyone impose fashion on you?  No one.  Who is this one? Non-Physical personality which is in the air.   I exist and but jinn do not exist like me.  There is no need to talk about reality of something.  What does creation represent?  Manifestation of the qualities of its Creator.  What does Satan represent?  The alternate option to make me realize my reality.


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