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Chapter Lay’l – Part 2

Pre-halaqa: Do I own my feelings or someone has given those to me to acknowledge It? I have to train myself to strive to be in acknowledgment of this reality. When I am rich, I am in prostration. When I am poor, I am in prostration. We are training our human sense which needs training and we are given endless human senses. Looking for justice? Ask for justice in the name of the Just. My Owner is the forgiving One. I have to reflect this name in my attitude. If I do not perfect myself, I am being ungrateful to the Creator. We have to live in the presence of God. “Bismillah Ghanee,” “Bismillah Ghaffar.”

92:4 “Surely, your striving is to diverse ends.”

We experience the qualities along with their opposites. Example: If there was no darkness, I would not know light. Similarly, if there were no plants, there would be no animals. It is amazing how things are perfectly complementing each other in their creation. Even within the laws of Physics, we hear about the negative and positive charge. In the essence of creation, everything has its counterpart. When you ask for help, aid is there as a counterpart. Transient experience here points to a need for Permanence.

This universe is an introduction to the Permanent World. Although, we all have different aims here, striving for the Permanent World should be taken at every moment. The one purpose of existence is realized at the end i.e. to get to know the Creator according to my capacity from a different perspective. That is, one person gets in contact with the Creator from one manifestation of a Name, and another one, from another manifestation of a Name. At the end, all names are manifested. Potentially, we are able to do that, but in practice not much.

Potentially, every human being is a caliph. How much am I developing my potentiality and practicing it? When we do not let God’s qualities manifested in us, we are in darkness, then, for example at the particle level we may see the universe as chaotic. Anything is known to human mind through its opposite. Always acknowledge the existence of the negative in relation to the other INSTEAD of getting angry with the negative.

  • Never criticize the Creator of Injustice. Everything is given existence in balance.

Thanks to the reality of this universe, we are able to understand the Creator.

Example: after experiencing tyranny, I see purpose in its existence. Similarly, if there was no option to deny, we would not be able to confirm the truth. Additionally, I would never be able to acknowledge what obedience means if there was no sinning.

Sinning= Being negligent of the Creator.

Practically, we need to remind ourselves: “Forgive me for what I have forgotten.” Understanding the notion of God is essential but not sufficient. We need constant reminders. Instead of gossiping about political subjects, we have to remind each other: “Are you aware that we are expected to live in the presence of God because He is present everywhere at every time?”

All reminders must have to do with our connection of believing in God. Most people believe in God but believe in God alone does not means much. We have to remember the manifestations of God’s names (qualities) while interacting with the universe. When you remember something, it is a reminder that God does not forget anything.

We should not feel as hypocrite while reminding others. Although, if you do not practice something and tell others to practice it, that may sound as hypocrisy. However, if you know that you should practice it as well, then share it out with others that we should be practicing xyz for example. Also, if you want for yourself to perfect it, then know that that paves the way to perfectionism and understand that there is no perfect person in creation. We all need to learn and be on the path of improving. Another point to keep in mind, never share your shortcomings with others. The Prophet (PBUH) advised people to always speak and share the positive; otherwise sharing negativity can be used as a way to justify oneself. That is what modern psychology does, it encourages people to say out their shortcoming so they may feel relieved from the burden. When people do that, it provides them a sense of justifying their mistakes. External factors always take the blame.

Also, avoid using negative language that asks others to: “Be careful!” For example: “Be careful! You will fall off the bike.” Then, I wait for the person to fall off the bike. It means that in my heart I pray to prove to be right and that becomes my hidden prayer. Everyone knows that they have to be careful but when you use a negative language it creates psychological effects on the receiver. Instead say: “May God be with you.” Then the receiver carries these positive words with them which reminds them of the Mercy of the Creator and that brings them encouragement. Everything we say from our mouth is a prayer, because it reflects what is in our heart.

92:5 “As for him who gives [in charity] and is conscious of God.

Giving charity and God consciousness go hand in hand.

First Stage: What I am giving is God’s property.
Second Stage: The sense of giving is created by God.
Third Stage: Giving is a quality of the Creator. Hence, while giving, understand who God is: He is the Giver.

When you practice the above stages, you understand God as the Giver. If you do not practice for yourself, then how would you know that the Creator has this quality?

Opportunity→Sense is given to you from God→God is the Source of all Merciful activity.

Analogy: Water flows into an orchard. The farmer is free to block the water. When the farmer blocks the water, s/he is not letting water flow into the orchard. Similarly, when you experience a good quality from someone, it is the result of their using their freewill appropriately. That is, they are letting Mercy or whatever quality to flow in. If plants were talkative beings like humans, they would say: “Thank you farmer for not blocking water and Thank you the Creator of the water.”

In order to experience Mercy or another quality, you can either be the receiver or the means to give. When you are “the means” to give, just acknowledge the Creator using the above mentioned stages. When you are the receiver, acknowledge “the means” and the Creator of the quality. Example: Your parents have been the source of Mercy around your upbringing. In that regards, they let Mercy and Compassion flow freely through them. By thanking them, you can get to acknowledge the Source of Mercy.

Treat people in a Merciful way, then you will understand that God is Merciful. Similarly, give freely to others, only then can you be conscious of God, Who gives freely. Everything in creation is created without any expectation from it’s Creator.


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