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Chapter Hashr – Part 8

It is God, the Creator, the Originator, the Giver of Form,
To Him belong the most beautiful Names (Attributes of Perfection)
Everything in the Heavens and Earth glorifies Him
He is the Almighty, the All-Wise.” (59:24)

The universe needs to be created.  What creates the universe?

  • Common answers: “God”.
  • God is just a proper name. We need to define it with adjectives.  Example:  I see beauty manifested in creation.  The Creator of beauty is called “God”.
  • Without describing a proper noun, it would mean nothing for my humanity. Just some name out there that I repeat.  The Creator of the universe, the beauteous One that I conclude is called “God”.

What is more important, knowing “who is It (huwa)” or knowing God (the Creator of the universe)?

  • Focusing on the question, who is the Creator of the universe is more significant than focusing on the word “God”.

Is there anything here on earth that can sustain its own existence?

  • We must always concentrate on whether the things can exist by themselves.

What is an Existence Giver (or al-Khaliq)?

  • A one that brings things into existence and is the Source of Existence of things.

What is an Originator (al-Bari’)?

  • An Originator (al-Bari’) is a further elaboration of an Existence Giver. In other words, the One that brings things into existence is not only the Source of Existence of things, but also is a “constant” Existence Giver.
  • Someone that is not an Originator cannot be Existence Giver.
  • Originator means constantly giving existence to a new creation.

The universe needs to be constantly renewed in its existence because every time we see a new act of creation, not a static act of creation.

What is a Designer (al-Muthawwir)?

  • After Originating things, the One bringing things into existence is creating things with a perfect form.
  • A one that fits everything perfectly in their existence.

Our human qualities are appropriate to the form for human beings.  Example: you are given eyes to let the power of sight operate over you.  Also, can you assign a shape to your power of reasoning?  No.  The principles operating over the universe are physically shapeless because they are appropriate according to the order of the universe demonstrating their qualities through material physicality/objects in the universe.

Analogy:  When you read a sentence in a book, you are looking into the material side of the book and you get a meaning from it.  We cannot give a shape to the meaning, but the meaning must have a shape/form as well, though not physically observable, because our human side fits the conditions of the universe.

  • We do not see anything without design. In other words, if there are meanings, then they must have an appropriate form fitting the general conditions of the universe.  This is my logical conclusion.

The Creator of the universe is not an ordinary Creator but is an Originator i.e. it does not design anything without purpose.  My mind goes through a journey as a result of this reasoning.  Just as everything in the laptop is designed in the way that it is supposed to the whole body of the laptop.  Similarly, my creation is also designed the way it ought to be constructed.

What is beauty (al-husna)?

If something looks beautiful but is not good for anything, then, is that something good for anything?  No.  The Originator is beautiful in every aspect.

Existence vs perception.

Human perception is influenced by outside society.  That is why human conclusions as a result of human feelings/perceptions are disputed because they are open to external factors.  Logical conclusion is not a human perception.  Human perceptions are not pure in their essence as they are influenced by societal norms.  When stuck within your human perceptions and you recognize it, then question the SOE of this state of being.  What is giving existence to these human perceptions?  Hence, try to look into existence aspect of anything.  What can give existence to it?

  • Never argue about human perception towards something because it is relative.

Example: Because of disappointments of not having what you aspire for (expectations not met), one may cheat themselves for not wanting it to exist. These are personal attitudes which are relative and are not true to our reality.  Rather, talk about the existence of anything to get out of this situation.

Example: I do not like this.  What is the Source of Existence (SOE) of disliking?  Always take an argument to an existential level.  That is what the Speech of God (Quran) does i.e. take matter into existential level.  We mostly read the scripture to solve problems for our personal experience which may miss the point if I do not concentrate on the existential side of the matter (that takes you to concluding the qualities of the SOE).

  • Quran provides guidance towards existential aspect of any matter/experience.

What is the SOE of guidance?  Always question, who can create guidance and who can create misguidance?  Whatever position you are in is your choice, but the SOE of the result is the Creator of the whole universe.

  • Example: I am thirsty, and I need water. When I find water, I drink it.  If I do not find water, then I may die.  What is the SOE of the sense of feeling thirsty?  What is the SOE of the brain process that lets me fetch water?
  • Water satiates my thirst. What is the SOE of this satisfaction?  What is the SOE of water distributing molecules in your body?  What kind of mechanism is that? What is the SOE of this mechanism?

When we concentrate on the SOE, we say that everything is created with beauty/perfection (al-husna).

Example: when someone is born, this event is created by a SOE.  The SOE must be perfect.  If the SOE was not perfect, then existence of birth would not point to a Perfect Absolute Source of Existence.

Are the qualities of the Creator limited?

  • Similarly, the quantities where qualities are manifested is also endless within our capacity to comprehend.

“Husna” means fitting to the purpose of existence.  What is the purpose of giving existence?

  • To know which kind of SOE the qualities manifested in the universe belong to. Ultimate purpose of existence is to introduce the Creator to human consciousness.  The purpose of existence for human being is to get to know His SOE, the Originator, the Lord.
  • I just must get to know who my Owner is.

As a result of this reasoning, all disappointments and everything that you go through become a vehicle to get to know your Creator better.

Is this the only purpose of existence, to get to know your SOE?  Yes.  Because if the purpose of the Creator was not to disclose Itself to conscious beings so that they will know their Source of Existence and connect their existence to It, then this temporary existence would be aimless.  Although this type of existence that we experience here on earth is a transient one it points to its SOE to be an Absolute one. We can conclude that the existence is going to continue in another form, otherwise what is the point in having an Absolute SOE?  Then, it would be a contradiction in existence.  Also, human feelings which yearn for eternal existence would have contradictions in their existence.

  • I am created to get to know Him and attach my existence to it.
  • Without interacting with the created world, you cannot get to know your qualities which are given to get to know your SOE. Just connect yourself to the SOE.

I must negate in order to conclude about Absolute Creator.  My being in need of something lets me understand that my SOE is not like me because I am needy of being created and my Creator cannot be like me, needy.  Therefore, It must be Absolute is our logical conclusion.

What is the purpose of the purpose of my existence?

  • To gain Eternal security in my existence. You belong to an Eternal Being and you become free of any worries.

I understand that the SOE must be Absolute, otherwise concluding/stating at the end of our experience of the universe the SOE is Absolute must be just speculation.  Try to understand an Absolute One from your perspective.  The Quran speaks to conscious beings in order to guide them to investigate all the claims: “I am Absolute.”  Now, from my side, I need to investigate and conclude that the Creator of the universe must be an Absolute One. That is an invitation for me to investigate and only then will I understand that this statement of the Qur’an is true.

  • Quran guides me on how to utilize the universe and then conclude a SOE that presents all this universe to me.


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