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Chapter Fajr – Part 4

The universe and I are in constant communication which enables me to realize that meaning has no space-time limitations.  Meaning is so abstract but real.  Where is meaning coming from?  I cannot make sense of it.  Why is it so?  How come I exist in this position?  How come I exist within this connection?  Creation needs an explanation by its own Source of Existence: Who has put me in this position?  I cannot claim that I brought myself into existence within this condition and I cannot claim that something in the universe is functioning and putting me in this position and being the Source of Existence of the meaning in the universe and the Source of Existence of my consciousness.

  • I am fully aware of the existence of creation. My body relationship is not that real with the universe, rather my conscious relation with the meaning of the universe is real.  I find myself wanting Eternal Existence, yet my body is limited here.

What does being in the world mean? I am fully aware that I exist in this position.  Consciousness keep questioning what is happening in my existence?  Mind cannot go beyond the limit of the material being and what it extracts from it to realize the Source of Existence, consciousness uses that meaning and start communicating with the Source of Existence.  Human mind by itself cannot communicate with the Creator of human beings and the universe in this position.  The domain of mind is only within the universe although it perceives that there must be something beyond the universe, but it cannot comprehend what the universe is really referring to, unless it is explicitly explained to it. Now I am perplexed, what is going on here?  Now, the Creator reveals Itself through employees or teachers and let us know that there must be a One who is letting human beings know what has created the universe, the purpose in the creation of the universe and explain it.

The Creator of the universe explains the purpose of existence this way.  Why does the Creator reveal Itself like this?  To introduce Itself to conscious human beings: “Look I am here.”  But if one does not realize that Eternal Truth exists in this world in the form of meaning in creation and in the form of consciousness, then human beings cannot understand and comprehend Eternity of Creator because all these qualities are nothing but explanation of revelation that: “I am the Source of the reality that you realize in creation.  This is the reflection of My qualities introducing Myself to you.”  Can you imagine the Eternal Creator is introducing Itself not within the terms of Eternity but reflection of Its qualities?  If reflection of Its qualities did not infer the Eternity in its existence or if I did not have traces of Eternity in the meaning of the existence of things, then I would never be able to comprehend that the Source of this creation is an Eternal Being.  The concept of Eternity, though not the essence of it, we can get with our relationship with the universe.  Creator reveals this reality to us and it is required that we check ourselves, so we can easily conclude that they are from Its qualities reflected to us to function as signs of Its reality.

Why should I believe in God?  What does believing in God mean for me?  What does it bring to me?

Eternal reality becomes meaningless if it does not bring you anywhere.  Some doctrines/ideologies require us/teach us that we must get this reality in the universe and that we are experiencing this truth in the universe.  What is the purpose?  According to them, there must be Eternity within the universe only because human consciousness says that when human consciousness dies, everything comes to a dead end.

Monotheistic religion introduces Eternal life in another kind of existence and introducing the Creator to human beings: “Here I am, I reveal my qualities to you.  When you were in the world, you got acquainted with the qualities and you clearly acknowledge Me”.  Human beings will confirm: “That is what You are, now I understand”.

Quran describes the above scene of those who are aware of what this Eternal Truth in the universe refers to in a vivid way: “Day will come, and every believer will look at His Creator.”  (Qur’an, 75: 22-23.) Here, we cannot see the manifestation of the Creator in an Eternal way because the Source is Absolute.  You cannot put beginning/end, space-time limitations in this world.  That is why you say that I cannot put an end, there is no beginning/end (awwal/akhir), alpha/omega, apparent/intrinsic (zahir/batin).  The Creator says: “It’s all me.  This is me.”   That is how It reveals Itself to us through some means that human beings can communicate/understand i.e. revelation.

Revelation is to tell you the reality, true nature of what you are experiencing here and what it refers to.  It means the Source of Eternity/Absolute Being introducing itself to you within the conditions of the universe that when you are here, the meaning you see is in abstract sense.  You must work on it.  When you realize this, then the universe can easily be referred to an Eternal Truth.  That is, when you hear the Source of this reality is Absolute Being introducing Itself to you, then your consciousness is aware of the Eternal Truth.  Otherwise, human capacity/consciousness which realizes Eternal reality, at the moment of death becomes worthless.  In other words, by itself, creation means nothing, and the end product is that you will be happy only at the moment.

God’s speech comes to you to answer for what purpose things exist and what purpose human beings are given this consciousness you realize: to connect yourself/your awareness to the reality of the Creator and you belong to It.  I am in this world to acknowledge this.  Understanding the reality of existence has three venues:

  1. The universe.
  2. Human Consciousness.
  3. God introducing Itself to human consciousness (revelation via Prophet)

People that were destroyed are they mentioned in the Quran to threaten me?  Now I am scared, what should I do?  Apart from fear, what do I have?  Those people did not approve the message of the Prophet of their time or did not acknowledge the message in a certain way.  That is why they denied the message of God.  God introducing Itself to human beings and giving purpose in their existence.

Reality in the universe is Eternal (that is something we are made to experience transience and we do not desire transience.  There must be a Conscious Being behind this act) but practically it means nothing.  I realize the reality here but when I die, it becomes nothing.  Why are these people destroyed?  They denied their Prophets (narrations).  They did not accept the message and lived their lives.  They wanted to kill them/expel them.  Rejection of Prophet means rejection of message of God which means NOT to attribute your existence to its Source.  If I do not attribute the meanings/qualities in the universe to its Creator, I either claim that things happen by itself or through various causes within the universe.  When something happens by itself then everything becomes meaningless and human beings are left to utilize their lives with no purpose according to their egoistic desires and satisfies themselves with moment by moment existence.

  • It is not human if you do not know the ultimate result/Eternal Truth and what will happen to you in your Eternal Existence since you desire to live eternally.

Everything here is for the purpose of acknowledging the Source of Existence.  Prophets are not sent to teach you how to organize your material life, rather you abstain from prohibited things to acknowledge the Real Owner of your Existence and the universe.  Who owns me?  Because I cannot give existence to myself.  I found myself being given existence.  Where did I get it from?  For what purpose am I given existence?  The One who gives existence explains it.  Until the Prophets come with a message making me realize that I have a Source and I have to attribute the universe and my consciousness to It.  All realities become meaningful if I attribute everything to the Eternal Absolute Being. 

  • If human beings by themselves alone cannot comprehend the purpose of the meaningful creation, then people will not be destroyed.
  • Creator knows the capacity of human beings and treat them accordingly.

Again, why does the Quran mention all horrible events?  Is it to frighten me?  If it is to frighten me then it is meaningless.  Can that be the purpose of the Speech of God?  What should I do?  I will be dead anyways.  I will argue with the Creator that whether you destroy me in a disaster or in a peaceful way, at the end, I will disappear from Existence as those who are not introduced to the Message of the Creator through Messengers think.

  • If I will be killed, then what is the purpose in threatening me?
  • This purpose of threatening of the Creator is to make people aware that they are destroyed internally when they reject the third venue (revelation via Prophets) and become openly obstinate and do not want to see the reality and just live according to their egoistic expectations by giving importance to day to day life and trying to enjoy it as they prefer but never think of what is the purpose in their existence.

Everything eventually becomes meaningless when there is no introduction to the Prophetic message.  That is why the Quran openly declares that we never punish anyone unless we send a messenger from among themselves.  People were destroyed because of their attitude towards the Messengers.  If a person has not been introduced to the Prophetic message, then s/he is not subject to destruction.  When the Prophetic message becomes clear to that person and if s/he takes an arrogant attitude and rejection towards the revelation, then s/he is destroyed.

Few people are resisting the Prophetic message knowingly.  These people have to suffer in their nature and they cannot have a free comfortable life.  Hearing the name of religion brings no value to anyone.  One must encounter the message of the Prophet.  If someone denies the truth (excluding being ignorant of the truth), they would stone the Prophet.  The Prophet would pray: “please God, forgive them as they do not know.”  People who do not confirm the truth because they do not know, are not destroyed.  Bedouin Arabs were not destroyed, they were ignorant also known as the age of ignorance (Jahaliya).  After knowing the truth, if an ignorant person would resist accepting it, then such a one is destroyed.  It is like the feeling of discomfort when you tell a lie.  People who do not know should try to inquire and understand what the reality is, otherwise they are deprived of the 2 names:

  1. Rahman (Merciful): everyone is take care of and enjoys life temporarily.
  2. Raheem (Ever-Merciful): the realization of temporariness is an encouragement for human beings whose capacity is open to Eternity: “Yes, I am happy now but my human consciousness says and wants to be happy eternally.”

Most people do not search and take it for granted that there is no way to find the truth, we will die and finish.  These people are satisfied with how they are treated by God i.e. momentary satisfaction.

  • Human nature urges everyone that we have to look for Eternal Happiness.
  • Believer is someone who acknowledges the Prophetic message i.e. the Prophet with his message.

Analogy: Farmer A and B plant a seed that yields crop.  Farmer A is satisfied with what is yielded and so s/he sees Mercy manifested in the produce.  Farmer B on the other hand use the crop to seek constant meaning i.e. Eternal Mercy/Happiness.  Constant meaning cannot be limited by time-space.  The one who pays attention to the message of the Prophet introducing the Source of this kind of existence as an Eternal Being, a real constant One, not like the meaning which I deduct from creation to satisfy my body/hunger which becomes nothing when I die, should feel secure in his/her existence.  The Eternal Creator is a constant real Eternal Being and I belong to Him.  When I receive the produce/crop, I do not receive the material stuff, rather the treatment of my Creator introducing Himself as the Source of Eternal Happiness.  “I feel and understand that I am His product and I belong to Him.”  The crop is just a signpost to His Eternal Mercy.

There is Raheem (Ever-Merciful) introducing His Mercy on an Eternal base everywhere around us.  Just make sure to read the signpost and see what it is pointing to beyond what seems apparent under the guidance of the message the Prophets bring to them. 

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