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Arguments for Resurrection – Part 6

The Seedbed of Light, The Third Treatise

Arguments for the Resurrection (page 53 continuation)

“Is infinitely meticulous in His sovereign duties. He records and wants to have recorded everything that occurs in His kingdom. This means that one day he will call His subjects, especially the leading ones, to account. He will manifest fully His Mercy, Compassion, Forgiveness, Power, Justice, and Dignity”.

How can I conclude that everything is recorded?

Everything that we experience here is a sign pointing to the reality of things. That is, think about the power of your memory. How do you have the ability to recall past memories? The One that gives existence to your memory makes you realize that It is the One that records everything. Since It records everything which it makes me experience in the form of memory, can It not give existence to it in another type of creation? Of course, It can as I experience here in this creation that It must be the All-Powerful One.

Who are the leading subjects?

Especially human beings who are given intellect and human qualities.

What will I be accountable for?

How well did you use your given intellect to get meaning from existence? We cannot just be given existence without any purpose. What is the point of living in this universe where we are made to experience transient qualities and then given death? There must be a purpose in the existence of things. It must be pointing to something.

We experience signs of resurrection in creation. Example: the trees shed leaves and then it is given life again. This means that we will get resurrected as well.

Question: what is the point of being given death if at the end we will be resurrected?

Resurrection is a transformation from one stage to another. What seems to us as death is just a transformation from one station to another appropriate station, referred to as Eternity. This makes one realize that they will be given an existence by the Eternal One based on their experiences here. Thus, their existence will have no end.

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