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Arguments for Resurrection – Part 32

Seedbed of the Light (continuation on page 62-63)

“Arguments for the Resurrection are not limited to those given above. The Quran points to innumerable indications of it; states that our Creator will transfer us from this ephemeral place of exhibition to the seat of His Everlasting Lordship; and gives countless signs that He will change this fleeting, transitory realm for the perpetual one. Also, the Divine Names requiring the Resurrection and the next life are not restricted to the All-Wise, All-Munificent, All-Compassionate, All-Just, and All-Preserving, for all Names manifested in the universe’s administration demands it.

In sum: The fact of the Resurrection is openly and decisively declared by the All-Glorified One, and agreed on by His Grace, Beauty, Majesty, and all other Names; it is also agreed on by the Quran, which contains all books of the Prophets; by Prophet Muhammad, upon him be peace and blessings, the most perfect member of creation and the one who bears the meaning of the consensus of the Messengers, Prophets, discoverers of hidden realities behind things and events, by the saints and purified, exacting scholars, and truthful ones, who all have purified, exalted, and illuminating spirits; and by the universe.”

Recap: Thus far, we have concluded how the evidence that we observe in the universe brings about the certainty within oneself that existence must be eternal. Otherwise, one’s existence here becomes meaningless with the transient nature of this universe where there is no satisfaction as far as fulfilling one’s human qualities and expectations is concerned. The universe tells me that there must be another realm of existence, at least that is the evidence that I gather from the universe i.e. evidence for the resurrection of the universe.


In these concluding paragraphs, the author introduces the concept of the verbal speech of the One that makes Itself known to conscious human beings in the universe. This verbal speech is referred to as the Quran or it could be any other scripture as long as the speech is in conformity with one’s human expectations. That is to say, the Quran claims to be the word of the Creator of the universe and your Creator. You have to check and see if what the text claims to be is true. Only after you are convinced within yourself that this is indeed the word from the Creator of the universe can you approve its parallelism to the Speech that you observed in the universe.

  • If someone is satisfied that the Maker of the universe must speak, then s/he can perceive any action as conveying meaning to him/her. “This action has a Creator who is consciously making the world in such a way that this universe conveys message to conscious beings.”

Now, the mere presence of the Speech of this Creator of the universe in verbal form (The Quran) makes the case for “Arguments for the Resurrection” solid. In other words, the Quran itself is an evidence for the Resurrection. The content of the Quran is another aspect adding to one’s belief in Resurrection. Don’t you think if someone makes an effort to communicate with you in person in regards to what the universe points to, that makes the case stronger and solid for you? If the artist of the universe speaks to Its audience, what does it mean for you? I deserve to know what this universe points to.

  • The presence of the speech is another evidence of the necessity of Resurrection.

Analogy: You are invited at a banquet and you are having a good time with your friends finding out what the banquet points to. Then the Host of the banquet comes in person to tell you what the banquet points to. That makes you realize the “seriousness” of this banquet. Similarly, the Speech of God present in verbal form is a sign of how serious our existence is. After all, we cannot be given existence without purpose here. When the Host interferes into my relationship with the universe with its verbal speech, doesn’t that depict the importance of this creation?

  • If the Creator of the universe is speaking to me, doesn’t that make the presence of the universe and your existence more serious?

Misconceptions: Scriptures introduce us only the parallelism between the universe and its content.

In and of itself, the presence of the scripture is a sign that the Speaker speaking to you wants to let you know that It values your existence. In other words, your existence is extremely important.

Without scriptures, any logical rational mind can realize and conclude that there must be Something out there. The presence of the scriptures is just an add-on to understanding and comprehending this reality. The presence of the Quran helps human beings how to communicate with the universe in the shortest and most beneficial manner. (what an excellent guide!)

  • Have I ever thought that if the Quran is the Speech of the Creator of the universe, then my existence is important?

Similarly, the presence of the messengers is another add-on to understanding the reality that this universe must have a Creator and existence must be Eternal. If you were to extend the analogy given above, let’s say the Host employs someone to convey the message to you in a way that makes it clearer to you what the reality of this universe points to, then the messengers and its followers or disciples (saints, luminous scholars…) are teachers continuing to fulfill the purpose of the message.

A teacher just shares with you what they know and how they apply that knowledge to their experiences. We all have the grain to help others and share our mistakes and experiences about what we think is the truth with others.

If you are having a hard time grasping the reality as mentioned above, then reflect on your human qualities as they are the innermost evidence to the Arguments for the Resurrection. Additionally, if death was the end to existence here, then what is the point to proceed with anything here? Furthermore, why would the Host of this universe address me? Can you enjoy the banquet or the universe (per analogy above) if you know that at the end you will be executed? Rather than loving the host, wouldn’t you hate the Host?

I love existence and I experience existence, so this existence cannot be without any purpose since my human feelings recognizes no end at all. Here are the signs to Resurrection:

  1. Existence of the universe.
  2. Existence of the Speech in verbal form.
  3. Existence of the Instruction (Messengers).

Without the existence of the Speech and Messengers, the existence of the universe becomes less important. In conclusion, existence in this universe is of importance and needs to be valued as it is a serious matter.

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