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Arguments for Resurrection – Part 31

Arguments for the Resurrection (page 62 continuation)

“If His kingdom contained no permanent lofty mansions with everlasting inhabitants, His Wisdom, Favor, Mercy, and Justice would have to be denied.  This also would require us to accept that the One Who does all these things originating in His Wisdom, Mercy, Favor, and Justice is –God forbid such a thought! – a capricious trickster and a heartless tyrant.  We would have to turn truths into their opposites, an act that with sound reasoning (excluding those, like the sophists, who deny the existence of everything, including themselves) say is impossible.”

Arguments for the Resurrection is mostly a neglected subject.  We do not take it into consideration and analyze it.

As far as we are concerned, what do we understand from the Names of God?

Comment: The qualities that I observe in the universe which are not the source of their own existence but I can observe and feel them or acknowledge them.

Whatever qualities that I see in creation refer to its Creator’s qualities.  We cannot refer these qualities to lifeless matter itself.  As far as we are concerned, these qualities tell us that whoever gave existence to this universe, must have the origins of these qualities so that the qualities manifested here point to their Maker.  The qualities reflected on art is by the artist.  That is so obvious and it is the reality that we are made to observe here.  It does not require any religious understanding.

We do not have to see the artist.  Similarly, we do not have to see God.  JUST LOOK at the universe, it is an obvious demonstration of an art.  This universe is an art and everything is working meaningfully with wisdom.  By looking at the art, human beings understand that something else is manifesting Its qualities on these events.  Something else besides matter is reflecting qualities of the artist.  Can matter be the source of existence of the qualities manifested in them?  Unless you deny the existence of the matter, then you have to accept that matter is reflecting some amazing qualities.  Example:  Just by looking at a chair, you can conclude that the chair has a Maker.  Do you have to see the Maker to conclude that the chair has a Maker?  No.  It is a well-known saying by Ali (one of the students of the Prophet PBUH): “Even if the veils were to be lifted, my belief will not increase.”  The qualities of the chair belong to its Maker not the chair.  The qualities that make up a chair as it is does not belong to itself but its Maker.  You conclude about the qualities of the Maker from the chair.  “I am definitely sure that the chair is made by a conscious being.”  The qualities are not observable at all unless they are manifested.  ‘I see the qualities manifested in the Artist’s work in the universe.”

Belief must be established on one’s physical experiences.  When you look at your own creation, don’t you experience that it is the work of an artist?  You do not have to see the actor.  You just experience its art which is demonstrated to you.  Things keep passing by from moment to moment. That means the Artist of the universe keeps manifesting its qualities again and again.  What does this tell you?  The Source must be a Permanent One.  Is there any sign that the Actor is exhausted and losing Its qualities?  No. Our problem is that we do not study the art in order to come to a conclusion about the artist!

Can you know the qualities of a person unless He performs it? No. When we hear religion we think it is an imaginary world.  Since the religion says something and most people believe in it, then we just go with the flow without physically experiencing anything to make it our own conclusion.  That is how our belief is totally baseless.  You have to come up with a conclusion by looking at the qualities manifested in the chair.

There must be a Maker who makes the chair with material.  Material does not make the chair.  The chair just manifests the qualities of its maker.

Can death be the end to our lives here?

Life yes, but not existence.  For in my existence I am given certain desires, wishes and hopes.  The main wish is to experience all the qualities eternally with no cessation.  If the wish is there, then, the one who has given it to me is letting me know that it must fulfill it.  It is not a consolation but my reality.  Example: I have the desire to stay young forever.  I have the desire to experience Absolute Mercy which means Mercy in an unceasing form.

We need to revise any assumptions such as death is the end to my existence.  Our human qualities are not satisfied with this universe.  Human qualities can only be satisfied by belonging to an Absolute Source of Existence.  The change of seasons, night and day is a continuous demonstration that when something dies, it is not the end of existence.  All my human qualities witness that resurrection must take place.  The universe keeps continuing existence telling that my source is endless.  We need to always ask this question: What is the Source of Existence of the universe?

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