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Arguments for Resurrection – Part 16

Seedbed of Light (continuation page 56):

  • There must be permanent castles, everlasting mansions, and open treasuries filled with the originals of the samples seen here, where the eternal Sovereignty’s full Magnificence is shown.

What we experience in this universe is like appetizers before a main course of meal. Because of the transient nature of this universe we desire something Permanent. While encountering the universe here, we keep questioning the following:

  1. How come the things exist?
  2. How come I am aware of their existence?
  3. What am I going to do with being in such a condition?

Life is given to us to put 1, 2, and 3 into practice. If we are not used to questioning then every moment is an opportunity to question what we experience. When we question any event in our lives, we use our freewill to turn on our consciousness. It is as if our consciousness has a switch that needs to be turned on and off at every moment except when we are sleeping or if someone has a mental illness. Every moment we are given the opportunity to live in this world to question and seek answers. The ability is there, it just needs to be cultivated.

Its summer time right now and you may encounter various insects. Question the existence of the fly for example by applying 1, 2 and 3. As soon as you question, you will find out the answer within the existence of the fly. Every part of the fly says that “I am made.”

Alas, our current reality is such that we do not use our consciousness to question events around us. Only when something which we deem unpleasant happens does our consciousness awaken. Otherwise, we may be living our lives in total heedlessness or with a frozen mindset. The universe must have a Creator and I am created is the most acceptable human conclusion (Absoluteness or Oneness of God). For some, it fits their capacity and human nature. They have given in on jumping directly into this conclusion and then following a religious text to accept it on a general base without investigating what the text really teaches. For others, the ones who reason and use their intellect to question everything, following a religious tradition without establishing a firm base does not fit their capacity and human nature. Such deep thinkers need to subscribe to a belief system that satisfies their overall being.

Now, they are some who are intellects and using their abilities to reason but fall short with fitting their capacity and human nature. It is as if they try to fit the part of a missing puzzle forcefully without ensuring that the part is the right fitting parts. Such individuals (often referred to as atheists) claim that the particles exist by themselves. They unfortunately keep distorting their human nature with such claims. The thought of referring to a religious scripture never occurs to them because they do not find it rational to follow a certain religious institution by jumping into conclusions that this institution does not make sense. If one makes up their mind with a certain thought process, then it becomes a way of life. But the catch is to make sure that it fits your human nature and capacity.

Without investigating the universe at a deeper level fitting one’s human disposition, no one can believe in God in a comprehensive way, let alone belief in the hereafter. If an idea fits human nature, we have to work on it. We need to train our human feelings according to the belief system as presented in the Quran. The Quran seems to be the only scripture that encourages its readers to investigate the universe in order to confirm their belief. It is like a two way communication. The Quran in its written form which proposes you something and then the Quran of the universe which enables you to check what has been proposed in it and then apply it to your life. If it makes sense, then you go back to the written Quran (scripture) to confirm its truthfulness. Only through this process can the people of intellect come to a conclusion about what they believe in with certainty. “I confirmed what you said is the truth (sada qallahul azeem).

Think of how this world’s Owner, as may be concluded from His control of it as well as His subjugation of suns and moons, trees and rivers, and so on, enjoys a magnificent sovereignty in His awesome Lordship. However, as this abode is continually transformed and headed for destruction, it resembles a guest-house filled and emptied daily, an incessantly changing arena of trial, a place to exhibit models of its Owner’s marvels and samples of His bounties. Its temporary inhabitants are on a continuous journey, and thus can stay only as long as they receive answers to their questions. As they may be told to depart at any time, there must be permanent castles, everlasting mansions, and open treasuries filled with the originals, where the eternal sovereignty’s full magnificence is displayed.

We need to apply our belief in our lives right now. That is, how can I live with the belief in the hereafter? How do I know what I am experiencing here is a sample? Because of the transient nature of the universe, I see that everything is perfectly made but in a transient form. Now, to answer the first question, start with what you are eating right now. Let’s take a grape for example. The moment you bite into the grape, with the proper belief training (starting with 1,2,3 on page one), you should be able to conclude easily that the One that is the Maker of this grape is the One that gives existence to the whole universe. The One that gives existence to the whole universe is what we conclude as the Almighty.


This realization must have an impact in our lives. Let us train ourselves that we are in a guest-house by asking: “DO I FEEL THAT I AM THE CANDIDATE FOR DEATH?”

Finally, every moment we can conclude from the wing of a fly the Munificent One. Just keep asking: Can this come into existence by itself? Is it really created by God?…

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